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    Please Urgent Help Needed :(

    My husbands WHV ran out this month and my and the childrens visa went on bridging visa A after 3 months of being here. So we were all on BVA,we have migration agents now involved and have put in an appeal as they think its an unlawful error. As to your questions about my husband being in breech on his WHV because of dependants we made sure that i myself had enough money in my account to more than enough support myself and the kids. Our situation has been put into an appeal and we have been now put onto BVC but have also apllied for working rights,its seems to be sorting it self out now,sorry im not the best at explaining things well......
  2. clara111

    Please Urgent Help Needed :(

    Hello, I will try to get straight to the point but include all key factors to our problem. 6 months ago me,hubby and 3 kids came over to perth,my hubby on a whv and me and the kids on tourists. Our aim was to find a nomination for a 186,we found this and applied.Me and the kids went straight onto a bridging visa A and my husband went onto his on the 25th of this month so just! On the employers side the wrong stream was clicked,they ticked transistional we ticked direct entry,it was refused,of course! So now we have 10 days on our bridging visa left but the employer put in for a 457,the problem is he will have no work rights left after the 10 days is up. migration agent has said we can try and prove the mistake was out of our hands and fill in our part of the 457 and also apply for working rights but this could take a good while,which means no money coming in! Is there another way,another visa so we dont have to leave,please help if you can were desperate?????
  3. clara111

    10 Pound Poms Wanna come back,HELP!

    Im not sure what visas they have been coming over on actually,i will ask this but im guessing its a holiday visa. So you think that because new visas such as the holiday visas have been issued that there PR would have been cancelled? This doesnt sound good does it!?
  4. Hello Everyone, Im not sure how common this question is but here you go…. A friend of mines parents come over to Western Australia around 38 years ago and had their PR visas,After a few years they returned back to the UK without being made citizens. They are still there in the UK but my friend their son has lived here for over 8 years and has been a citizen for a good few years too. His parents are getting older and come over at least twice a year and they are desperate to come back and live near to their son. With them already having PR in the past is there a way they can return without putting in thousands and thousands and thousands. Ive done a bit of research and thought the 155 visa maybe an avenue they could go down but im not sure? Can anyone advise me? Thank You
  5. clara111

    186 Visa Question

    Hello Guys,Our visa was lodged 20th July 2013 we had our aknowledament email and now we are on bridging visas,Just wondered how soon do you hear something back,as from this day weve had no email or contact about a case worker or anything. Is this normal,were in no rush just wondered if its normal? Thanks Guys x
  6. We didn't have a skilled assessment and was looking to go for the 457 but its worked out ok as it's permanent
  7. After many many months we finally found an employer happy to sponsor us for a 186!!!! We got the confirmation email today,so the ball is rolling. were already in mandurah as finding a sponsor from the UK was not working,I suppose we're lucky but we ad a goal and my husband has worked so hard being australian retrained but its paid off. does anyone know 186 time frames?
  8. clara111

    Jamie Oliver's in Perth

    Where is it?
  9. clara111

    Supermarket Smack

    This is very rude, as I have stated I have a baby also which was in her pram with me holding it while talking to the woman, would you like to know my conversation too! ​It was about salmon as I was looking for salmon to cook!
  10. clara111

    Supermarket Smack

    Just to be clear my third child was in her pram with me holding it!
  11. clara111

    Supermarket Smack

    In the UK this isn't acceptable behaviour, I was politely asking it was common procedure here. I feel this is not right in any country but feel I should know just so I'm aware. Thanks guys well most of you that is!
  12. clara111

    Supermarket Smack

    At the end if the isle both my son And daughter where holding up stuffed Teddys to one another, she didn't cry no I didn't see this because I was facing a woman talking to her as i have only one set of eyes and dudnt realise i had to chain them up like dogs to save them from being assulted ,nothing dangerous and they respect shops and aren't stupid to think shops are playgrounds. Cheers really cheered me up!
  13. clara111

    Supermarket Smack

    We have been in Mandurah for just 2 weeks and today me and my 3 children went to the supermarket woolworths. i was chatting to a woman while my children were happily playing but as we walked away my son informed me that his sister was smacked by another woman while I was chatting. it was a smack to her hand. now for an English person I found this extremely out of line and I feel quite upset, it was a lady aged around 65. can someone tell me if this is normal as for me it isn't ,I fully understand about being in another country and them having there cultures ect so if this is normal for here please let me know,my daughter who was smacked us 4 and my so. Who witnessed is is 8 and now wants to go home!
  14. clara111

    Newbie to Mandurah

    Yes Cheryl sounds good! I drove around secret harbour earlier nice little area!
  15. Hello Guys, literally only just moved here but want to get into life here straight away,hubby starts work on Monday so getting out and about is on my list to find new friends basically. i have 3 children a son of 8 daughter of 4 and another daughter who is 18 months. im living in meadow springs and if you may fancy either meeting up or giving me a mother and baby group it would be appreciated. ​clara