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  1. Hippychick

    Vacuum Storage Bags- Flying & Shipping

    Our daughter is the same
  2. Hippychick

    Vacuum Storage Bags- Flying & Shipping

    We are flying to NZ soon with our one year old with SA and she gets 10kg plus stroller and car seat. I'd double check if I were you.
  3. Hippychick

    If you didnt ship very much...

    We haven't even got visas yet but we are just starting to sort through everything. If you start ebay auctions at £0.99 then you now get 100 free listings a month. So we are making use of that feature tbh I want to avoid car boots if I can I'd rather sell from my armchair. We are planning to get a skip hen we know if we are going to Aus any absolute junk will go in there. Clothes that I can't sell will go in charity bins. I think small stuff like kettles we will buy in Aus but we will need them to the end so they will have to be junked or given away right before we leave. If we don't get to Aus at least we will have had a good old declutter!
  4. Hippychick

    Its here - 457 Granted

  5. Hippychick

    Am I eligible to be a Management Consultant?

    How long have you worked on the 457 visa? My understanding is if you have worked for 2 years in Australia and your employer will sponsor you for pr then you do not need a skills assessment. Edit just seen you've been in Aus 3.5 years. I'd talk to a migration agent but I don't think you should need an assessment at all.
  6. Hippychick

    A long excited wait in Melbourne airport!

    Have a safe trip home.... But I don't know of any magazines here for £1.50, decent magazines are usually £3.99 and full of adverts lol!!!
  7. Hippychick

    American fridge freezers

    Fab thanks we will ship it then
  8. Hippychick

    American fridge freezers

    This may be daft but if we make the move we are looking to ship our belongings over. Looking at the pictures of most new build rental properties kitchens a designated space seems to be made for the fridge. Would an American fridge freezer fit or is it a size for a standard fridge freezer? It's pointless shipping it if it won't fit I'd rather sell it!
  9. We hope to move to Point Cook next year if all goes to plan. Myself, hubby and a 1 year old so we'd definitely be up for meeting people once settled
  10. Hippychick

    Visa possibility?

    You could do, an agent will probably charge you for that information but one of the free consultations might give you the info you need. The problem is also finding a job and an eligible employer to sponsor you.... You also need to make sure that any offer of employment will not leave you open to being shafted later on, check whether the employer will sponsor you for PR later on etc...
  11. Hippychick

    Visa possibility?

    We are applying for a 457 too and i'm afraid your job has to be on SOL or CSOL. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/skilled-workers/sbs/ If you ran a business have you considered a business visa? http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/visas/subclass-188/
  12. Hippychick

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    We are very early in the process but my husbands potential employer is flying here next week to meet/interview him so we bought a suit. Also started listing a few redundant items on eBay.
  13. Hippychick

    Decoration in a rental

    Thanks. We are looking at 2 years in Melbourne then a permanent relocation by the company to NSW so definitely a long lease. I will pack the tv stand into the container to avoid wall mounting it
  14. Hippychick

    Decoration in a rental

    Ok thanks, not planning on renovating! But a few pictures up to avoid living in a blank box would be good if allowed. Obviously we would get permission in writing first. Might just have to get used to the rental world again until we get PR and could buy. I presume they would do landlord inspections? Do they have to give 24 hrs notice? Obviously we wouldn't refuse access but equally I don't want a stranger walking in when they want. I'm not planning on trashing anyone's home, far from it I just want to get a feel as to how living in a rental works. It sounds v similar to the UK.
  15. Hippychick

    Decoration in a rental

    Thanks for your response. I was hoping they'd be more laid back, but at least we can be prepared I guess.