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    457 Visa & Redundancy

    Thanks guys for your swift responses. In brief, I can't apply for a skill assessment as an HR Advisor in Victoria (only senior HR professionals/managers qualify to apply for this) but I'll definitely investigate a direct 186 entry though. I've never heard of this, and keen to keep an open mind and explore all avenues. I've spoken to a couple of agents, but will try them again re: my options. Also, fingers crossed on the Aussie boyfriend front eh?! Naomi
  2. Naomi Starmer

    457 Visa & Redundancy

    Hi there I'm after some advice - I may be being a little paranoid, but I want to try and be as organised as possible! I live in Melbourne and work in HR. I've been sponsored by my large global company since July 2013, and my intention has always been to apply for PR after spending 2 years with the company (I have 16 months to go before I can start to apply....) Prior to this job, I spent a year in Melbourne on a WHV working in HR contracts for 3 large organisations. This week however, I have been told that my company is restructuring and as a result we are going to be loosing head count. I think I should be ok (I work in a team of 2 in HR) but you can never definitively tell with these things or what the future holds with my role. I know that if I was to be made redundant I'd have 90 days to face alternative employment - I think this will just prove impossible though. I've also considered State sponsorship, but unfortunately Victoria doesn't sponsor HR professionals. I've also looked into skills assessment (to obtain PR) however you need to be a very senior HR professional/Manager to be considered for skills assessment and I don't fall into this category as I'm an HR Advisor/HR Generalist. I suppose my long winded question is what would you advise me to do if I wanted to stay in Melbourne? I can't consider any other type of visa (such as defacto) as I don't have a boyfriend, and don't have any Aussie relatives (my brother is married to an Aussie though). Do you think it's worth hanging on for the next 16 months and then trying as soon as I can for PR? Thanks so much in advance and I appreciate any advice. Naomi
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    Second Working Holiday Visa - quick question!

    Thank you, I'll take a look at this too!
  4. Naomi Starmer

    Second Working Holiday Visa - quick question!

    That's a great idea, thank you!
  5. Hi there I've not used this forum before, so I was hoping somebody could offer me some advice! I moved from London to Melbourne in August, and on a working holiday visa. I've already made up my mind that I want to apply for my 2nd working holiday visa as I love Melbourne so much, however aware that I need to do my 88 days of regional work. I rent an apartment with friends, and ideally want to stay in Melbourne to carry out this regional work so I can at least return to the apartment at the weekends. I've tried looking for local farms/regional work online for the Melbourne area, but finding contacts/farms doesn't seem to be very easy. Unless I'm being really blonde. I have been told that most people just 'rock up' to a farm and they secure regional work straightaway, but I was hoping to be a little more organsied than that. I was wondering if anybody could recommend anywhere in the Melbourne area that they have worked at, or know of, that recruits people to do their regional work? I'm 29 so time is of the essence! I work in HR and was hoping to get sponsored in my current job, however my entire department has been through a restructure and redundancies have been made. Applying for a second working holiday visa seem the only way I can hopefully get to stay in Melbourne for another 12 months. Thanks, any advice is massively appreciated! Naomi