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  1. Thanks everyone. Sorry to hear the same happened to you Kapti. Insurers are moving my dad home they have been great. Loads to sort out. Just want him home. Your messages mean a lot. Thanks x
  2. Thanks everyone for the kind words.
  3. Absolutely gutted. We should be moving to Brisbane in 2 weeks. My Dad has been away in Thailand and fell ill with double pneumonia. He died earlier today. I don't know where I am. He should have been home tomorrow and we were celebrating Christmas a few days later than normal. Now I don't know when I'm going to get him home. Miss you already dad.
  4. Hi people. 22 days for us. Good luck with your moves
  5. TV aerial installer
  6. Thanks. I'm liking the positivity.
  7. I'd best get her applying for jobs fast then:biggrin:
  8. My wife is a deputy head at a school in the UK so hopefully could get a job in teaching
  9. There is me and my wife emigrating. I get a vehicle and phone with the job but nothing else. It looks like I need to keep searching then. Thanks for the replies.
  10. Yes it is before tax. Is that a poor wage?
  11. Hi Iv been talking to a company who have offered me a job. The wage is $800 a week. This sounds good to me while I'm still in the UK. Is this a decent or average or below average wage. Will I be comfortable living on this in the Brisbane area. Thanks
  12. Thanks. Cleared up a few of our thoughts.
  13. No way. Us too. Where you flying from and what time. We fly from heathrow with Singapore on the 10th
  14. Hi everyone. How are you finding the coomera area. We are moving on January 10th, and we are looking at moving there. Hope your moves went well and your enjoying your new lives.
  15. Hi thanks for the replies. Aussieinengland you've made it sound like a good choice. I thought it may not have been a very nice area as the house prices seem to be less than other there any reason for the cheap house prices? Wiganlad. Ill try that roller coaster