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  1. areque

    Electronics Engineer working in IT

    Yes, they did join the accord after i had graduated and i'm eager to know what to do to get my degree assessed? Having no experience working in the related field, i'm in need of help!
  2. areque

    Electronics Engineer working in IT

    If it's not back-datable, how is it possible to get your degree assessed (because of you have had graduated before your degree had the Washington Accord)? An answer of someone else who had the same way before or an expert advise would be appreciated!
  3. areque

    TRA Assessment Cook/Chief

    Hi, yes, that's right
  4. areque

    TRA Assessment Cook/Chief

    What i know is that before you receive an invitation, you must have had your skills assessed as suitable for your occupation by an assessing authority for your nominated occupation. So even if you can claim 15 points for a degree and have 60 points, will you be able to get invited to apply for 189,190 visa without claiming points for the years of work experience?
  5. areque

    Advice needed on Skill Assessment Criteria

    Thanks wrussell! Appreciate your taking time to reply.
  6. Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone have the similar situation and might help me out. I have a metallurgy and material engineer bachelor degree in my home country. Having work experience as a valuer, i would love to have master degree in valuation to know more about my profession as well as to push my luck about finding a valuation related job after my graduation. I need to work for a qualified valuer for 2 years working experience and after than i can apply to Api to gain registration, what i am confused about is vetassess skills assessment criteria which is: Qualification/s assessed at Australian Bachelor Degree or higher degree with a highly relevent field of study and at least one year of post-qualification highly relevent employment at an appropriate skill level completed in the last five years. Let's say that i worked for a qualified valuer for 2 years on 485 visa and then how i will be able to gain "at least one year of post-qualification highly relevent employment at an appropriate skill level completed" when 485 visa would have been expired(during 2 years), to get positive skill assessment from vetassess and then claim for points Master degree for skilled migration? Any expert advice would also be appreciated!
  7. areque

    Software Engineer in Melbourne

    Thank you all.
  8. areque

    Would I be right in thinking??

    Thanks for your warning.