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  1. Good point on the shipping point. They do not have the "no further stay" clause in their visa. Well right now we are just looking at many options. one of them is coming to australia the other is going back to their home country and another is going off to another country where other family is located. Thank you for your help i really apreciate it
  2. Well right now that is still up the air. There are three possible outcomes they could go back to their native country or go and stay with my sister or stay in Australia
  3. Here is a tricky one for the group. Really appreciate your time in reading it We want our parents to come live with us . They meet all the balance of family tests etc so no issue there. Here is the situation Parents have a visitors Visa that expires in June '16 My Father is turning 65 years old in March '16 (3 months before the visa is expiring) Given that my Father is turning Penioner age and from what i understand 65 is the golden age from switching to a "Aged" contributor visa and from everything I read, an application for "Aged" can be submitted on Shore (In Australia) and a Bridging Visa can be setup between the visitors visa and the Aged Contributors visa while we wait for the decision on the Visa. Also I understand that you only need the main applicant to be 65 and a secondary application (Aka my mother who is not 65) doesn't have to be penioner age. So do i understand everything correctly or am i totaly out to lunch ?
  4. What we are worried about is the kinds of questions the Ausstralian Immigration agent is going to ask when my parent's in Law come to the border. See even though they are on an Australian visitors visa they are effectively quitting their job and stopping rent on their existing place. If they were on an electronic visa would the questions by the immigration officer be any different or less intrusive ?
  5. My parents-in-law are awaiting for their Canadian citizenship right now in Canada. They have Australian Multi entry visitor’s visa attached to their Russian passports. They are planning to arrive to Australia in 1 month time. They are going to lose majority of their “ties” with Canada. Would that be a problem on arrival to Australia? Would it raise questions from immigration officer? As an option they could apply for the electronic visa once they receive their Canadian passport. Would that be better option?
  6. I know this is forums name is based on UK immigration but I'm hoping there are Canadaians out there that are working through or have worked through the challlenges with Canadian RRSPs/RESPs and what to do when moving to Australia. Anyone can DM me some Tax accountants that have alot of experience with Canadian taxes and Australian taxes and how they match. I would really like to chat with you.. I'm about to move and I need to get this sorted out ASAP>... Thanks everyone !
  7. Alan H

    Need input into Parental Immigration Plan

    yes I checked but as far as I was concerned for an Aged Contributory Parent visa it would be AUD 5,280.00 total.. Used the http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/Pricing-Estimator.aspx Website
  8. Alan H

    Need input into Parental Immigration Plan

    Well they currently have a visa. Here are the details Applicant Type Main Applicant Visa Class Visitor (class FA) Visa Subclass Visitor (subclass 600) Visa Subclass Stream Tourist Client Name XXXX XXX Date of Birth XXX Client ID XXXXX Visa Grant Number XXXXX Visa Grant Date 13 December 2013 Passport Number XXXXXXXX Must Not Arrive After 13 December 2014 Stay Period 3 month(s) from the date of each arrival Travel Facility Multiple Visa Conditions 8101 - NO WORK 8201 - MAXIMUM 3 MONTHS STUDY
  9. Alan H

    Need input into Parental Immigration Plan

    I'm not sure where the $100,000 comes from ? 2 people are not going to cost that much money.. Am I missing something ?
  10. Alan H

    Need input into Parental Immigration Plan

    yes correct I meant Dec 2013... built this nice scheduled and messed up from the begining :-) Thanks for the tips on the exact visa. I will review it again.. Yes lots of research but still lots of questions as you can see.. Hoping someone has gone through parts or all of this before. Thanks for your comments appreciate it. Alan.
  11. Hi Everyone It's been awhile since I have been on here and when I was on here evaluating Australia this was very helpful and I loved the community. Fast forward a couple years and I have got Permanent residence in Australia now and i'm looking to bring my parents out. I have put together a detailed plan on what I want to do and now I want to run it by the experts here to get your input. Below is the details of my situation, the plan and then questions I have. Thanks everyone for taking the time to review this.. I really REALLY appreciate it. Details: Parents have a Multiple Entry Tourist Visa that Expires Dec 15, 2014 (They used it to visit Australia from Dec 26 to Jan 14th) Parents age is 60 (Sept 1953) and 62 (March 1951) (By the time we qualify for Sponsorship there is a good chance they qualify for “Aged Contributor Parents”) They have one daughter in Italy and me in Australia (Meaning they meet the Balance of Family Requirements I believe) We will be making enough money between my wife and I so we are confident we will be able to demonstrate we can support them Plan: Dec 26th, 2014-- Our Family landed and became permanent residents Dec 26th, 2014 -- Parents also arrived on their Multiple Entry tourist visa Oct/Nov 2014 -- Parents come to Australia on their current Multiple Entry Visa Dec 1st, 2014 -- Parents submit an application to extend their Tourist Visa for another 12 months Dec 1st, 2015 -- Parents leave the country to go back to Canada (Because I assume you can’t extend again or you can’t ask for a new tourist visa while on your old one?) Dec 16th 2015 -- Parents submit an application for Visitor Visa Dec 30th 2015 -- Visa Granted Jan 15th 2015 -- Parents come back to Australia Dec 27 2016 -- We submit a Aged Temporary or Contributory Parent visa (subclass 884) for them (Because as of December 27th, 2016 we meet the 2 year requirement and they will be 65 (Father) and 62.5 (Mother) by then) Dec 29 2016 -- We submit a Bridging visa B – BVB – (subclass 020) (This is so they can leave the country to visit their daughter, when necessary) Dec 27 2017 or 2018 -- Parents get Aged Temporary/Contributor Visa (12 – 24 months Later) Questions: Any holes in this plan ?, Anything we can do to improve this plan so we don’t have to be apart ? Can anything be done about steps 4,5 & 6 to reduce or eliminate that step (Can they request a new visitor Visa while living in Australia even though they extended their old visa) Do we really need to wait 2 years or can we do steps 8 & 9 after step 3 My wife read somewhere that while you’re on a Tourist visa you can only stay in Australia for a maximum of 3 months at a time is this correct ?, I haven’t been able to find evidence on that myself but you would know. I read somewhere, where I can apply earlier than the 2 year waiting period and then appeal to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and they can possibly reverse the decision. Have you or any of your colleagues had any experience with this process and what was the out come ? Does applying for Temporary Contributor Visa take the same (12-24 month) period as the non-temporary Contributor visa ? Reading through the temporary Contributor and it states “You can apply for this visa only if you are outside Australia. If you are in Australia, you can only apply if your temporary visa allows you to apply for another visa while you are in Australia. You must be outside Australia when the visa is decided.” I don’t see anything on their visitor visa that says they can or cannot apply for visas. What are your thoughts on a standard visitor visa and what it can and cannot do ? and what is this part about they must be outside the country when the visa is decided, how would they know when to leave the country ? Are there any negatives or positives to applying as an “Aged Parent Contributory” versus “Non Aged Parent Contributory”. Does it cost more or less ? Does it take more or less time ? Thanks everyone for taking the time to read through my plan.. We are really trying to be as through as possible.. We have already gone through a sponsorship process with bringing my Parents to Canada and with our permanent residence visas in Australia so we are definitely very familiar with government immigration processes. Regards, Alan.
  12. Thanks Tinaisrar for the quick response. I like your idea of checking out the place during the day and during the night. No amount of research can tell you what it looks like at night or how it feels. Thanks for that. Really appreciate it. Anyone else have any interesting ways of checking out a place to see if it is right for them ? All ideas and feedback welcome !
  13. Hi Everyone Here is my question, below that is my main post, if You can help me I would be much appreciated it My main question is there any other factors I should be looking into when i'm doing my review of which area I should be looking at ? I did a search for this PDF document (Comparatives_2010_11.pdf) on this forum and I found no one had mentioned it. I have been on this forum before and really liked it and found it very helpful when we had decided to start the process for Visas etc.. now that I have the visa now it's time to get back into the forum find out the information I need as well as help some other peole ! I'm moving to Oz / NSW in May-Aug 2014 and i'm doing a review of all the areas in NSW for Commute to City Drive time to Beach # of Good Primary and Secondary schools Average House / Unit Price Amount of Crime (Still in progress) Amount of Tax paid (Still in progress) Speed and Types of Internet Property/Land Taxes Council Website / Council Phone number / Council Email Address This women from the NSW government was kind enough to send me this document which I have started looking through. http://www.dlg.nsw.gov.au/dlg/dlghome/documents/Comparatives/Comparatives_2010_11.pdf Apparently the next years version will be available in a few weeks so will have even more data.
  14. Alan H

    121/856 Visa Walk Through

    Well i don't really know where to start so to see how someone did theirs will give me a good idea on how to do it. I'm not trying to short cut the work in anyway. Just want to make sure i do it right and I do it well enough so no interview or follow up item is required. I want it to go as smoothly as possible. I'm worried if I do it wrong things will get denied and I will lose my chance to go to AU.
  15. Alan H

    121/856 Visa Walk Through

    Wow.... Thanks for the detailed response this is helpful. Do you think you could send me the training plan you used for your sponsorship. I promise I won't use it in it's entirety. It would be very helpful and save me a lot unknowns.