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  1. Hi guys, I havent logged in for a while! So two weeks ago my partner and I got our PR granted : ) I cannot describe how happy we are. We applied shortly after the new system with Skillselect was introduced in July 2012. I though it was going to be a nightmare to get an invitation to start with. Luckily, my partner is an engineer and the ceiling for his profession is quite high. In November we got an email with the invitation to apply and the $3000 fee to pay. One week after submitting the online form and paying the fee our case officer emailed us with the documentation required, which I had most ready to submit. The only documents we had to apply for were the police checks and the health exams, which took quite a while since we have been to a number of different countries. The problem is that we were not aware that we would be moved from our temporary visas to a bridging visa A, meaning we could not leave the country till a decision for the visa was made. This was a little nightmare cos we already had our holidays planned and booked. However, applying for a permission to travel (bridging visa B) was quite easy and at the end we were allowed to go abroad. To sum up the whole story, the final docs were submitted at the end of February (after one o the police checks getting lost in the mail and wasting a long precious time in dealing with public departments, etc) and our residency was granted 8/03/2013. This forum has been of great help for me during the application process, so I would like to thank everyone for sharing their stories and opinions. Whilst I have no legal background or formal qualification to offer advice I like to say that if you need any lets say 'tips' or questions I would be happy to answer you within my knowledge and experience. Good luck to everyone!

    Bupa or Medibank?

    which health insurance is better , medibank or bupa? im looking to get basic cover and both companies are asking about the same price for similar cover xx

    shops (sheets/ furniture/household goods)

    Thank you everybody. Went to good guys this weekend and sales were on. And got a good discount. It was great! Got a vacuum cleaner , juicer and coffee machine. just have to go after sheets and towels this week. Loving brisbane so far. Have a great week everyone!
  4. what are the best shops to buy sheets? vacuum cleaner? furniture? not cheap ones like from kmart(nothing wrong with kmart, we actually have stuff from there) but just looking for something nicer at the mo xxx cheers

    internet provider

    hi guys its been only 5 days in brisbane, but so far very good! we are trying to work out who is the best internet provider? ideally one that offers unlimited data... any recommendations?

    Belmonte Villas

    has anyone ever heard of of Belmonte area in brisbane? is it good? or bad? our accommodation will be at belmont villas for the first month


    Hey guys, my partner and i will be moving to brisbane in feb 2012. We are in our 20's and we'll have an income of 90k-100k year after tax will that be enough for us to have a confortable lifestyle?

    moving to Brisbane feb 2012

    thank you! good luck with everything, im sure it will all be fine we had a look at properties at north and they seem lovely, a lot of space, quiet place very family like... might get a house there as we are planning to stay in brisbane for the next couple of years and start our family. but guess we'll decide when we get there and have the chance to drive around places and talk to people. kisses

    moving to Brisbane feb 2012

    yes there is a qld uni facility there I'll be going there just for my first year for a foundation program and the other 3 years at st lucia campus havent had time to search properly here as i only found the forum yesterday afternoon and have been quite busy organising things but im sure i'll get very useful info here, people also seem very friendly :wink:

    moving to Brisbane feb 2012

    Hey, how exciting?! what is taking you and your family to Brisbane?:wink: My partner's job is between Murarrie and Hemmant. The company is giving us an apartment to live for a year rent free close to the office which is great financially but the location is not amazing I imagine. We are looking to buy a house around Spring Hill, New Farm ... but only for 2013. As I said I'll be going to uni so will have to drive everyday from Murarrie to Spring Hill which is fine. Right now we are organising our moving, all the paperwork, closing accounts etc.:wacko: Then we are off for 6 weeks on holiday (visit our family in Guam, New Zealand and Brazil) and will have to be in Brisbane beginning of Feb. I've been researching about cost of living but the figures Ive found are old dated and others dont seem very reliable. hope someone here can help us out hehehe:hug:

    moving to Brisbane feb 2012

    Hi guys, My partner and I are moving to Brisbane in February 2012. He is an engineer and got a great job in Oz and I'll be going to Queenland University. Recently we have been trying to work out the cost of life for a young couple in Brisbane. Can anyone please give us an idea of the cost of petrol, rent, internet, phone, tv cable, groceries, night out, gym, car insurance...etc? Thanks a lot : ):hug: