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    Ive just come off the phone from immigration and want to pull my hair out....Im on a 457 visa at current. Im in the process of applying for a 857 RSMS visa. What im wanting to find out if I would need to do TRA, Im trade qualified Boilermaker/welder. I didnt have to do one for my 457. I know for ENS or 856 visa you need to submit a TR, but going through the paperwork for RSMS it looks like you dont need to do one...Can anyone clarify on this, please Secondly, for my 457 visa My wife and I had to do TB X-Rays and my kids full medicals. Ive been told we have to redo all medicals and X-Rays does anybody know if there is expiry an on validation as we have been on our visa for less than a year and its not cheap to do all of these and everything else that goes with it. Any help would be great:hug: