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  1. The Scientist

    Residency 856 de facto removal

    lowest of the low, her best friend from home who came here with her to oz told me as she couldnt not tell me as she was living with the guilt. then her best friend from oz out of nowhere rang me before xmas telling me all. statements and email corresspondance between both over the 2 year period were also forwarded on along with facebook chats etc. took it to aussie politicans and irish ones. both still working on it until its confirmed. law in this country need to change big time and resources of the public sector!
  2. The Scientist

    Residency 856 de facto removal

    This case got better, found out she was with someone else for over 12 months when she was my 457 de facto and during the residency application. 3 witness have not given statements to immigration in the past few weeks. Decision is pending and looking like she will be removed from oz. nearly 16 months or so of waiting. Only 70 people I believe working in the cancelation department. Amazing really! My visa is safe, had to go in and meet immi and show all original documents again. Be careful folks!
  3. The Scientist

    Residency 856 de facto removal

    I won't go down without a fight even if it does cost a few grand to do it! Worth every penny Still be under 30 when that's up so have loads of time on my side!
  4. The Scientist

    Residency 856 de facto removal

    Meeting a lawyer today if I can't do f all about it Im going to withdraw my residency and the company I'm with at the moment can bring me back in through a 457. There is always means and ways
  5. The Scientist

    Residency 856 de facto removal

    Been honest if it means that I also have to give up my residency I will prob go through with it. No way am I going to leave this person get the benifit of residency for using someone. My lease on my house is up in December and I'm finished in my workplace also in December. I'm after been offered a job in the middle east so it's not all doom and gloom and my side! Need to visit a legal expert this week so it's probably a case of going through the application with every detail so I don't get effected! Lucky I have kept all the documents on my side
  6. The Scientist

    Residency 856 de facto removal

    cut a long story short, with my partner for over 3 years, came to oz in 2009 and we got residency in september of this year through my company. soon as we got it she left me. how do i go about removing her from the residency. basically she has admitted that she used me for the residency and moved out straight away. any advice would be good before i go down the legal route.