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  1. so have been in WA sine 2012 and have PR and have reached the point of do I comit and stay or do I head home in time for high school. We have 3 kids, 11,9,4. Hubby works FIFO 3/1 and whilst we enjoy Australia there isnt a day that passes without me thinking of home. We went back last Xmas and loved it very much and cried all the way back to WA. What I don't want to happen is leave it any longer and not be able to leave as kids will be settled into high school. I'm not looking at UK via rose tinted glasses, I know why we left in th first place, an adventure and we've had that but I have this longing for UK all the time. Australia is so expensive and even though hubby does FIFO we still just get by. The opportunity for the kids here regards outdoors is amazing whilst in scotland it would be less of an appeal. Has anyone made the move with kids back after a few years and what is your experiences? Hubby not really wanting to but will for me.
  2. Well we returned May 2016 and plan moving back Jan 2018 in time for Year 9 for my eldest, year 7 middle and year 3 youngest. As much as we love Scotland the weather dictates your lifestyle. No more daily bike rides, no more walks along sunny beaches with toes in water, no more after school plays at the park. The school is ok but my kids just don't fit in and miss Australia terribly. I came back alone as hubby went to ME to work plus my parents were struggling health wise, my father passed away in August after a year of illness so I am so pleased that I was here to spend precious time with him. Hubby will be away another 18 months and then back to Australia to continue our family adventure. Kids can't wait, eldest slightly more apprehensive as she has made massive effort and made a few lovely friends but overall we were all happier back in Australia. There is no right or wrong decision but the fact that I think about Australia every day doesn't help matters and I was finally settled after my initial post. We have never cried as hard as we did when we left Australia 18 months ago. I don't want to wait any longer and have regrets. Financial ruin but hopefully mental stability!
  3. We shipped car from Aus to UK last year and we were told unless the ship sinks or blows up there is no point in insuring it. If it is inside a container the worst that could happen is a scratch or dent that would be cheaper to repair than it would be to insure the car.
  4. wetnwindy

    We finally made it!

    Not been on for ages as been settling nicely. Just wanted to share my moving experience. So we shopped around and haggled to death with about 5 companies. We finally settled on simply ship from Aberdeen, even tho we are nowhere near Aberdeen! They were not as cheap as the bigger competitors, maybe 150 more but boy are they professional and I would rather pay a little extra and be sure that my goods were in excellent hands. We used crown a few years ago and when I got them out or a quote they were so impersonal and the lady hardly made eye contact. To me I needed to feel totally comfortable with the company and confident and these guys done that. The boss of their partner firm came out before hand and showed me box sizes and went round the house giving me an idea of what would fit where and he knew his stuff, way more than other companies who sat on iPods and calculators saying no that can't go and that can't go. So 2 days prior to the container going the guys turned up and started packing, they were fantastic, felt totally comfortable with them. Container arrived and in it all went, according to crown I would have needed a 40ft but these guys packed the container like nothing I have ever seen! It was a jigsaw ppuzzle but they managed just about everything, I had a couple of items that they sent separate for me but didn't cost the earth. It was in storage for 2 months this end then the day of moving arrived and they worked all day and at end of day my house from Scotland was sitting in house in Perth. They unpacked everything so we sat down for dinner with ease! So there we go, simply ship aberdeen!
  5. wetnwindy

    Good suburbs near Joondalup

    Mullaloo, Ocean Reef, Iluka, Mindarie, Currambime, Connolly, Duncraig. schools, Lake joondalup baptist college is excellent high, st marks excellent high but expensive and waiting lists. Would stay away from clarkson, butler, banksia grove. Ocean reef high ok, greenwood ok also
  6. So I have been in Perth since April and have settled sort of ok. No doubt it's hard, especially with 3 kids and hubby doing FIFO! I have meet some lovely people who appreciate what you are going through and have met some new comers that just aren't settling due to the lack friends, knowledge of local area, lack of enthusiam as they are so homesick. So, an aussie friend, together with myself have thought about setting up a voluntary welcome get together on a regular basis. Just so when you land in Perth you can come along once a fortnight to meet new people, regardless of age, children etc and get welcomed to Australia from locals and expats alike. Info will be given on essentials like hospitals, shops, etc. I know when I arrived I had no clue where the hospital was or how to contact doctor or what the procedure was and it was only after hours of trawling the net that I found this out. So how many of you would come along to such a gathering, totally voluntary, friendly and supportive to new comers? I look forward to your replies.
  7. wetnwindy

    Is there a need for this ...?

    Great. Will keep you all posted! Watch his space.
  8. wetnwindy

    Aqis form??

    We cleaned everything, declared nothing, shipped stuff that wasn't clean that was meant to stay! They only opened 1 box that was named Dog Kennel! We don't have a dog, it was a folding metal camping table that the packer thought was a kennel??? Chainsaw and pressure washer got through without inspection. All Xmas boxes were untouched i even managed to slip 2 bottles of malt into the kitchen boxes, not recommending this by the way! It's pot luck if they open it up and how well your packers label the shipping list. Ours were great and mentioned no wood etc. Good luck!
  9. wetnwindy

    Is there a need for this ...?

    Excellent, feedback is superb. So what sort of info would be interesting? Schools, hospitals, shopping centres, beaches, cafes, baring in mind it would all be our personal opinions! Plus a chance to meet some new people over a coffee/tea. I know exactly what it's like to hit a new place and know NOTHING and a friendly face is more than welcome. It would be very informal.
  10. wetnwindy

    Is there a need for this ...?

    Yeh that's the problem, distance. We are NOR so would probably hold it in Joondalup with volunteers from several suburbs round about. Once established we could venture SOR.
  11. wetnwindy

    Is there a need for this ...?

    Thanks fish, that has me thinking!
  12. wetnwindy

    Is there a need for this ...?

    Thanks Cal, we hope to make it an ongoing thing and know once people settle they will stop coming. There seems to be loads of newcomers to WA just now and i hate to see people struggling. Was hoping to post it here and other places, even local schools so the school can hand out a flyer to new arrivals. Would the board make it a sticky do you think? QUOTE=calNgary;1935924488]Hi we used to have a lot of meet ups at one time, across all states. I think as people settle and move on they get less and less. Try and organise one and feel free to post in our socialising section so other members are aware. We found the beach front child friendly parks a good place when doing them in QLD.. Good Luck Cal x
  13. The countdown is truly in, flights booked for week on Sunday and 2 kids have chicken pox. 18mth old is the worst, all over body and face and spots still appearing! Currently in bath of bicarb soda. DD1 has started to dry up thankfully, DD2 all gone but the wee fella is awful. Do I phone airline now or wait till see how he is next week and maybe get doc cert?? :arghh:
  14. wetnwindy

    Very emotional 8 year old

    Have just told grandparents no airport run, they accepted it and agreed it is right decision! I can't get them to agree to the Saturday evening goodbye so they will be over on the Sunday morning before we leave. Still won't be easy but think it will help.
  15. wetnwindy

    Very emotional 8 year old

    Flights booked for 5 weeks time but 8 year old daughter having emotional breakdown. Daddy already in Perth and flying back for us but she cannot get over the fact that we are leaving family, friends, school. Now I consider myself a strong person and mum (3 kids) but I cannot make her understand! I can only cuddle her and tell her it's ok to be upset and that daddy will be here in 5 weeks (been gone 9 weeks now). I know some of you will have been thru similar so looking for words of wisdom? How did you deal with it and once you got there how did they settle, what helped and what didn't help? I don't want anyone to come to airport as think this will be awful but can't pluck up the courage to tell parents and sister etc this.:frown: Apart from this I have been fine and am dealing with the emotional debris daily, wobble one day, elation next day. The usual when leaving family, friends.
  16. wetnwindy

    Very emotional 8 year old

    Exactly! I keep telling my daughters that they will thank us in 20 years and it isn't apparent at the moment. I tried to explain that in 10 years when they are leaving school there may not be an jobs here in uk for them and that we are doing this for their future. Don't think an 8 and 6 year old quite get this! I have told them we are the parents and we make the decisions for the whole family. There can be too much pussy footing about its time to be strong!
  17. wetnwindy

    Flying with Emirates in March

    I am flying from Scotland to Perth in 5weeks and am going via heathrow. The reason for this is the flight times. The emirates leaves at just after lunch, arrive Dubai 8ish uk time then you have a few hours to hang about Dubai before another 10 hour flight to Perth. I am taking 3 kids and I would rather break the back of the journey on a 12 hour flight over night to Singapore when hopefully they should all sleep. I have flown to dubai many times and the thought of getting off an 8 hour flight knackered with kids then facing at least another 10 hours is a no brainier for me IMO. I know LHR is a nightmare but once u have changed terminals and passes thru security it is ok and it adds to the excitement!!!!!!! (check back here in 6 weeks to laugh at my moaning). Emirates are good with kids as are BA and qantas, you can't tell the difference when flying with kids, it isn't an easy task regardless of airline. I live 20 mins from Glasgow airport and it would be easier to take the emirates but when I add 3kids to the flight I would rather have the 12 hour overnight with a bit of hassle via LHR.
  18. wetnwindy

    Very emotional 8 year old

    Thanks for replies, much appreciated. I do try to keep my emotions from her so she isn't feeding of mine. I know its fear of the unknown. She says she is not interested in the sunshine or beaches as non of that matters! Oh lord, she can be too knowledgeable sometimes! It certainly tough, my other 2, 6 and 18mths aren't phased, well obviously the 18 mth old has no opinion, but 6 yr old is excited and will embrace it.
  19. We are moving in April with 2 daughters that are currently in P2 and P4 in Scotland. I don't want them to go back a year. I know that they start at 6 years of age, so is there a way I can work out if they are on the same educational level?
  20. wetnwindy

    bringing toiletries

    can I load my container with boxes of toiletries, deoderants, shampoos that we like or will we be charged duty?
  21. wetnwindy

    cheap places to eat CBD

    Hubby staying in marque hotel for a fortnight and needs cheap places to eat out in this area. Can anyone recommend some places. Was hoping to get apartment but all full so company putting him up in hotel so no cooking facilites.
  22. wetnwindy

    cheap places to eat CBD

    Hi Julie I am ok now, he left Tuesday and it was awful at airport, kids were distraught. We are good now tho. The little one 15 myths gets upset on Skype! Only 90 sleeps to go. Has your hubby found work yet? What line is he in? Glad he likes chilliz, just sent hubby the details as he forked out 48 dollars on a curry for himself and no beer! Don't think we will be eating out when I arrive! Have you decided on area yet? Are you excited?
  23. Hi all, does anyone know offhand the suburbs that have train links to CBD?:biggrin:
  24. wetnwindy

    help with emotions !!!!

    I am the same with my parents, have explained to them that I am not a hard faced person but if I think about what I am doing and leaving then I wont do it and will only regret it in the future. I have to block it out, when I am with hubby and kids its all positive obviously but its terrible for the family being left behind, they are gutted and they dont have the excitement that you have. Imagine your mum or sister telling you they were moving 12,000 miles away, it would be devastating. Like Quoll said you need to be selfish to be a successfull immigrant or it just wont work. Think of the life you are offering you kids. You cant sell your dream to them as its your dream, not theirs. It is hard love but who said it would be easy. I feel like I am ripping my parents hearts out, I cant even make eye contact when they leave my house after visiting just for a cuppa (daily!) Chin up, positive thinking, you will get through it.
  25. Oh and DH not packed yet and says not to worry it will be fine :arghh: