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  1. pandlee

    Got my visa!!!!

    Hi there absolutely over the moon as I have my visa,start date and am booking my flights for in 2 weeks time! Just wanted to ask what happens with my passport at the airport is the visa automatically attached it electronically? Years ago I went on a working holiday visa and I'm sure I sent my passport off to get my visa attached! Dont wanna turn up to the airport and be told I cant fly! Cheers P X
  2. Hi there, My name is Pauline I am over the moon to be finally filling in my application for my 457 visa. I am unsure of what to do about insurance wondered if anyone could help. I know once I arrive in Oz I can apply for medicare but in the mean time is it possible to just take out a months insurance with a company to enable me to be accepted for my visa or do I have to sign up to a long term health insurance provider like Bupa for the duration of my 4 years? Is holiday TRAVEL insurance acceptable for 30 days or does it need to be HEALTH insurance Really unsure of what is best to do and have been waiting so long nearly 6 months to get this far dont want anything to hold me up now! Any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks P X
  3. pandlee

    Hi there!!

    Hey there my name is Pauline, I am moving to Sydney late march early April and will be working at westmeads children's. Really excited and scared at the same time would love to meet others in the same boat. Where have you decided to live I really wanted to live in manly but have decided its too far to travel, so have been looking at balmain, leichardt and a few others. I'm comin over with my bf were from Manchester and wanna live somewhere where there are some decent pubs and restaurants want to make the most of working mon - fri seeing as I've bin doin shifts for years.What is it like at Westmeads? Cheers Pauline
  4. pandlee

    Continue uk pension or not???

    Thanks for the info guess freezing it would be the best idea.
  5. Hi there my name is Pauline I've accepted a job in Sydney as a children's nurse havin a nightmare with AHPRA but guess thats the same for everyone! Just wanted some advice I've got an NHS pension which I've been paying into for the last 5 years. I've got a 4 year sponsorship and am hoping to become a resident after that but I guess if things dont work out then maybe I should continue my pension payments from Oz. Any input would be great Pauline
  6. pandlee

    Update on APHRA.... anyone help?

    Hey there I sent my application in sept too and am still waiting they lost some of paperwork and told me I hadnt paid my fee and that there must of been insufficient funds in my account even though the payment had come out of my account 3 weeks before!!! I have since re sent the stuff they lost as they did not seem to bother to look for it. I'm supposed to be starting my new job in Sydney by the 8th March but guess it will be later than that now. Cant believe how long it is taking really just want to get there now!! Hope you all get sorted soon!P X
  7. Hi Chris, Hope you are well have you managed to make it out to Australia yet? I am in a similar situation, My name is Lee I'm 38 and also have 8 years experience in industrial roof cladding although it was a few years ago. M y girlfriend has a 4 year sponsorship visa am I'm hoping to be a defacto on this. Did you manage to get any info about your experience I do not have any qualifications in roofing as I trained on the job years ago. Thanks
  8. Hi my names lee i'm 38, my girlfriend is in the process of getting a 457 visa as a childrens nurse in syndey to start in march i will be coming over as a defacto on her visa. really need some advice/help about work. I have 8 years experience roofing cladding although this was a few years back. what evidence/paperwork do i need ive got a cv an can easily get references. Or what would i need to do to get work? THANKS
  9. pandlee

    Official nurses thread!

    hey there I applied through an agency called vital international had a face to face interview a couple of weeks ago maybe if you contact them they could help you, hope it works out! good luck p
  10. pandlee

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi all I'm Pauline and have just recently been offered a job at Westmeads Children's hospital Sydney, I've agreed to start work in March I am unsure how long the visa process may take is this possible or might it take longer than 5-6 months? Myself and my fella Lee are really excited and nervous about moving I've been rabbiting on about doing it for 10 years and finally pulled me finger out and got organised its seems very scary now as everything seems to be going very fast! Great idea to meet other nurses in same boat! P X
  11. pandlee

    where to live in Sydney??

    That's what we want too not to be right in the thick of it but easily accessible, have you looked at places to live yet are you going to be buying or renting?
  12. pandlee

    where to live in Sydney??

    Hi there myself and my bf will be moving to Sydney in march I have been looking into renting in Manly really want to be near the beach but not sure if were just going for the obvious choice would really appreciate some input. Gonna be working at Westmeads children's don't mind travelling for work as it wont be as bad as it is here! Any input into nice areas close to beaches that are not too touristy! if that's possible would be great.
  13. pandlee

    Would love to hear from Midwives

    Hey there Clare I sent my application to AHPRA about a month ago but am still waiting to hear anything back from them hope this is normal and that it takes a while for them to respond. Myself and my boyfriend are saving like crazy now ready to hopefully move in March I'vee been talking about mmoving to oz for 10 years n now that its finally happens its sems crazy do you feel the same? x
  14. pandlee

    how much to save???

    Hey there me and my boyfriend are hoping to move to Sydney on a sponsorship visa in March and are saving like crazy we are unsure of how much is a good amount to aim for for the move. Obviously there is flights visa's, rent, bond, new car, bills, food shopping etc. We were thinking about £10 000 to start out new life over there is this too little or too much? Any advice would be much appreciated cheers P and Lee x
  15. pandlee

    Would love to hear from Midwives

    Hi my name is Pauline Im a not a midwife but I am a childrens nurse and have also just been offered the same visa and will be making the move early March just wanted to join the site to speak to other people in same situation as its very exciting but really scary!!