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  1. Kathie

    Clothes shopping

    New Look are doing free delivery to Oz
  2. Kathie

    Clothes shopping

    Brilliant, thanks!
  3. Kathie

    Clothes shopping

    Thank you everyone, it's a real help to have some local names to research. And as for the fast delivery times from home, that's brilliant news!
  4. Kathie

    Clothes shopping

    Please can anyone offer advice? I have just arrived, and feel a complete scruff in the city sunshine. Plus My job interview is next week. Can anyone recommend somewhere to shop for the over 30 market, which is neither Prada nor Paddy's market? A branch of Next would be what I am looking for! Thanks all, Kathy x
  5. Kathie

    Mobile phones....query

    Hi, I am in a similar situation. I arrived in Sydney this weekend and am halfway though my £25 per month mobile phone contract in the UK with Virgin mobile. Customer services were unhelpful, the bottom line being I am stuck with paying for the next 12 months under the terms of my contract. Although there is Virgin mobile in Sydney there is no option for transferring. So I have bought an Optus sim card here and using it in my htc wildfire, which by chance is already unlocked. Before I knew it was unlocked I researched having it done in the UK, there were plenty of places to get it done, or you can obtain your unlocking code online.
  6. Kathie

    Australian credit card

    Thank you so much for the info, I will look into in straight away x
  7. Kathie

    Australian credit card

    Thank you - will get him on to that now!
  8. Kathie

    Australian credit card

    Hello, can anyone recommend a particular credit card, or would it be best to keep using our UK ones, with their 2.5 surcharge? My husband arrived in Sydney two weeks ago and now wants to book a flight back home for Christmas. The NAB have authorised him a card, but the credit limit will only just cover his ticket costs. Thanks, Kathy
  9. Kathie


    Thank you - I'd never heard of booko before. Just had a quick look and liked what I saw so cheers fro that x
  10. Kathie


    Thank you!!!!!
  11. Kathie


    Hi, I am just recovering from the shock of finding out there is no Amazon in Oz... Apparently amazon uk will deliver to Australia, has anyone any experience of this - what are the costs and delivery times like? And is there a cheaper alternative such as amazon.com? I'm an online shopahoilc, and this is not good news! Thanks, Kathy x
  12. Thank you for the info - I have passed it on to OH in Sydney - will keep you posted! Kathy x
  13. Hello all, after reading some of the problems people are experiencing renting a home in Sydney I am wondering if a relocation company would be helpful? Has anyone any experience or recommendations, and how expensive would it be? My husband is in a serviced apartment at present - he has 15 days remaining in it, and has not viewed any properties as yet. We are looking at the domain website, but with him starting his new job and me not arriving until mid January it's not looking as easy as I had expected, thinking that it would be like renting in the UK. Any suggestions welcomed! Thanks x
  14. Tania I feel for you - having similar dilemmas myself, with two daughters of 23 and 21. You are absolutely not being selfish! Go out and give it a try (or regret not doing for evermore). Things always have a way of working themselves out, if you love it, great. If, after a while you come home all the richer for the experience then that will be great as well. Let's not join those people who complain about the state of this country but never actually do anything about it! Good luck, Kathy x
  15. Kathie

    Multiple Sclerosis

    Can anyone help please? I was diagnosed with MS 6 years ago, have no symptoms/treatment (still questioning the diagnosis), work full-time. We are currently filling in the bupa insurance form, and a 457 visa application. Does anyone have any experience of how the MS might affect our application? Thanks x