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  1. Hi Lee Similar to a passport photo, just grab someone equal to CPO or above. They need to sign it beneath a line which states ' A true copy of the original' or something similar. Hope this helps.
  2. Congratulations!!! Another tip is to check your vaccinations with the scablifters - it was only during my release medical (when I asked) that it was found I was out of date for Yellow Fever and Hepatitis, having to go back in on terminal leave to get them sorted.
  3. You prob wont hear anything back, assume no news = good news. I had a long-ish wait for the visa so in the end I rang them (around 0600 our time) and managed to speak to a Manager who said she would ask my Case Officer to contact me as it wasn't clear the medical information was complete. (at this time I didnt know I had a Case Manager, there was no contact at all). 24 hours later the visa was granted! As someone else has stated, you need bucket-fulls of patience. Good luck!
  4. Same here, no houses available in my rent band, when I widened the search for places below my rent band two very small townhouses appeared which are too small for my possessions. Ive been checking daily for around two weeks, no change.
  5. Hot off the press, looks like the August laterals are enlisting in Portsmouth (dog sh*t city), and then be driven to Heathrow, presumably because of the Olympics, makes sense I guess.
  6. From reading previous posts you have to email the help desk(s), I sent off a couple of emails this afternoon. If nothing heard I'll contact Wendy.
  7. Chris Have just had the medicals, easy peasy, quite basic really. Have edited my signature to show the costs so far. Regards Paul
  8. Hi Jen Thats surprising news, as I've sent all that info with the visa application (nothing heard as yet), did you submit forms 80 and 1221 with your application? regards Paul
  9. Wow, finally received my LA, sent the visa application off by Parcelforce this afternoon....
  10. Congratulations but take it from me nothing moves at light speed with this process; you have plenty of time before you do the police checks then eventually apply for the visa.
  11. Jock I would advise you research the Aussie Navy website re pensions. All the 2 year seniority means is that you'll be 2 years ahead of an AB who joined their Navy at the same time. This will probably count towards promotion though, as usually in the RN you need at least 3 years in the rate before being considered for promotion. The TOS specifies (amongst other things) the amount of time you have to serve (usually 6 years), and the courses you have to do. After the TOS you need to obtain a Labour Agreement then finally a visa...these take months, its a long process. Personally I would wait for the visa before submitting my notice, as receiving a TOS does not guarantee a visa. Hope this helps.
  12. oops belay my last.......There was an administrative error so Im back to the waiting for a LA stage....
  13. from my email: Please find attached your Labour Agreement approval, this will allow you to apply for your Australian Permanent Residency Visa (Sub-Class 120, Form 47ES - website http://www.immi.gov.au). The completed forms should be sent directly to the DIAC Office in Parramatta. Always use this address as couriers have trouble locating the office at the street address. Department of Immigration and citizenship GPO Box 9984 Sydney NSW 2001 AUSTRALIA although reading through the forum other people have also submitted forms 1221 and 80 - they're all on the Australian visa website.
  14. Wow, thats my Labour Agreement through, now for the Visa paperwork........
  15. Hi Jen Yes I guess we'll be on the same flight if it all comes to fruition! I'm waiting for my labour agreement but in the meantime I've started filling out the visa form, need to get a colleague (CPO) to certify the copies of documents required - hope this should be ok. Ive also sent off for my police checks, and starting to empty the loft/cupboards of junk, in fact I gave away an old bed (Plymouth Freecycle) last night. Also researching on renting my house out, will put it totally in the hands of an agent, trying to decide which are the best rental agents in Plymouth. Must admit the waiting kills me.....