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  1. insizer

    Subclass 175, 176, 475 new discussion thread

    It mean nobody should ask for defination of justice from lawboady against any govt rules regulations only because they have group of wise people to fight in opposition.
  2. insizer

    Subclass 175, 176, 475 new discussion thread

    Latest information coming is a top barrister Chirstopher Levingston is asking all effected applicants to join for class action against the govt decision. So lets hope for good.
  3. insizer

    Subclass 175, 176, 475 new discussion thread

    Is that true that there is a legal challenge pending
  4. insizer

    Subclass 175, 176, 475 new discussion thread

    Dear kwazi cat Ur link has not been working.was there something invalid.
  5. insizer

    Subclass 175, 176, 475 new discussion thread

    No sense to assume this.now EOI is opreational, so DIBP could process these sipping morning stuff
  6. insizer

    Subclass 175, 176, 475 new discussion thread

    Drowning man catches at a straw
  7. insizer

    Subclass 175, 176, 475 new discussion thread

    You r the true soul.for himself is everyone but good people always ready to do for cumminty whatever they can
  8. insizer

    Subclass 175, 176, 475 new discussion thread

    keep it up GAGAN, nothing comes easily.count me ,i m also a severe victim of s39 but have difference of 5 years.it was june 2010 when i was deeply sorrowed by this action taken by prev labor's dictator immi minister chris evans.he used it only because they doesnt want more immigrants to be selected under liberal policies.so they choose a non-humanitarian and cheap way to get rid of all pre sept applicants and now LIBERAL has only revoke this instrument again to remind of labor;s injustice .in fact ,by this they also want this instrument to b vanished now.that is possible only if people challenge instrument 39 in any way .fact behind to me is LIBERAL'S support of anti asylum policy coz they always encouraged skilled people over asylum .but opposition have halted their efforts toward stopping boat migration in court .so now they are using labor's own weapon of cap and cease against them through igniting the buried agenda.but my point of view in reality they r defending ours through back door to stand against . fight for right is nature of brave hearted.
  9. insizer

    Subclass 175, 176, 475 new discussion thread

    This situation never arise like in past 2007 ,if all RMA strobgly opposed the ministerial action of instrument S39.coz in empty immi pond whar u will fishing for .
  10. but mate do u still reward labor policies spl on immigration and asylum when even high court reject their reform shttp://www.2ue.com.au/blogs/2ue-blog/malaysian-solution-failure-for-labor/20110831-1jlcr.html .its only becoz labor has used it as their political benefits and not for Australian economy wants more skilled migrants shortly.
  11. it was illogical to use a rare weapon for clearing minor backlog of 4k applicants when alternatives are more reasonable and why they are now defensive to use s39 on present massive backlog.dirty politics is always a s--t over humanity.
  12. EVAN failed again all imaginative reforms of c. evan to skill the oz labour force are evaporated .now he should be realized his capabilities and short sighting .now he should be questioned about his past regulations and act as a immigration minister and worse impact of his diplomatic attitude towards clearing gsm backlog by introducing unlawful instrument. julia have to pay hard for his sinister ministers:elvis: like evan:jimlad: and thomson:jimlad: her is the story......http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/bn-government-skills-program-failed-to-address-key-shortages/story-fn59niix-1226124865101
  13. here the true finding of why they create massive backlog to go for cap and cease valid gsm applicants .it was neither over flow of trade workers and nor unemployment but only becoz of pleasing green's asylum policy and let to be their side. no doubt after reading this :realmad: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/immigration/surge-in-visa-success-rates-luring-boatpeople/story-fn9hm1gu-1226124895416
  14. insizer

    Why so much emphasis on skilled migration ?

    but mate ,the reason of restricting number of places for particular occupations by minister was fill up of places in a that trade to set a cap and kick off the left.so all who got their visa in that situation and never want to work in nominated occupation after they will got p.r have grabbed others rights who r totally reliable was completely cunning .isn't.
  15. insizer

    Today is chris evan day

    :cry:http://community.embraceaustralia.com/forum/topics/chris-evans-day:cry: :Randy-git:HERE IS JUST A REASON TO BE REMEBER A GREAT PERSON LIKE C.E.:Randy-git: