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    Direct Entry Midwives

    Hi Jenpen87, Thanks for the info, i will apply to APHRA as soon as i get my pin in October time. Ill have a look at the other thread too! Thanks x
  2. midwifey

    Direct Entry Midwives

    Hi, Thank you so much for the information, it has given me a bit of hope that it won’t take me 4 years to get out there! I am also considering coming out there on a trial basis on a working holiday visa which would be a lot simpler. Does anyone know if I would have to register with anyone else other than ANMAC (aside from an agency)? Thanks
  3. midwifey

    Direct Entry Midwives

    Hello! I am just about to qualify as a midwife, i was not a nurse first so i have done the 3 year course. I just wondered if there is any midwives out there that know about the acceptance of direct entry midwives in Oz and how much experience is generally required. I already have a job secured in the UK which i want to work in for a year but i am desperate to move to Australia so dont want to leave it much longer than this. Also, my partner does not hold a job on the skilled occupation list, would he be eligible to come over on my visa? We are living together but are not married. I would be really grateful for any help. I have looked in so many places for information and i keep getting different answers! Thanks :cool: