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  1. scattley

    VISA Advice for medics

    You will need first to see if your gp qualifications allow for you to work as a VR GP first. I have only worked with GPs going from Aus to UK and they need to provide all their assessments during their training program with the royal college of GPs all signed by the director of the training organisation. I would assume something similar will be needed going the other way. Secondly are you affected by the morotorium? As that will affect where you can work as a GP. You will need a medicare provider number and the restrictions on yours will depend on your qualifications as determined by RACGP and the morotorium.
  2. scattley

    Non-award student on a masters degree - 457 visa

    You will need to check with the uni to see if the time limit has expired for the units you completed. You usually have only 5 -8 years to either complete the masters or convert the units to a new degree. I just went through this. Started a degree in 2009 and converted the units in 2004 and had to double up to complete the degree before the 2009 units expired
  3. scattley

    Studying Plumbing in Melbourne

    The practical side of things for plumbing us undertaken as an apprenticeship...that is what makes you qualified. However as apprenticeships are funded by the government you have to be an Australian citizen to do them. a 2 year course sounds a bit off...the courses are usually one day a week whilst you work four days a week which is more than an international student is permitted to. Have you checked with the college that they accept international students for this course?
  4. scattley

    175 permanent residency and new zealand?

    The problem is that ...sure you can work in NZ with only Australian PR but once the 5 year period or your PR expires...if you ever leave NZ for any reason, holiday etc, you can no longer return to NZ as you will need a RRV and if you have not lived in Australia during those five years you cannot get one.
  5. scattley

    Can you define a "Certified Copy"

    Probably not. A Certified Copy is where someone of authority e.g. a JP, Police Officer has sighted the original document and the copy at the same time and certifies in writing on the document that this is a true copy. If you have made a photocopy of something by itself - then this is not acceptable as with technology the way it is you could have manipulated the document prior to photocopying and you could not tell.
  6. scattley

    parents visa Australia

    They are considered your parents family. So unless one moves to Australia and gains PR your parents are not eligible for visas which use a BOF test.
  7. scattley

    Marriage issues

    Not all of these are relevant to the OP as there are separate laws associated with British citizens resident here before 198X...they can vote, hold office, get HECS fees, federal jobs..they have equal rights to citizens. Yes some of these points they do not have Rights to but many of the more usual ones we talk about in this forum HECS, Voting, Benefits, the OPs partner has.
  8. scattley

    Teaching reg and visa

    The cert IV is in addition. It is a specific qualification to teach over 18 s that is not covered in courses that centre on primary or high school students. If you teach adults in the workplace, TAFE courses you need this qualification. Some universities require this or a Grad Cert in Higher Education to teach in universities now.
  9. scattley

    Marriage issues

    He should be fine...he has substantial ties to Australia. Regarding why he has not applied for citizenship...if he is British born and been here for 40 plus years the only thing that citizenship gives him is a passport, he has the right to vote, stand for office , get the pension, all government support options and all the other things that migrants today have to wait u til they are citizens to get. These British people often have no reason to go through citizenship unless they want a passport.
  10. scattley

    Teaching reg and visa

    If you did not have 45 days of supervised teaching during your education degree then it matters not how many years experience you have teaching you are not considered qualified for Australian education. This is very common for degrees from India..none of their degrees count. If you wish to teach in Australia you will need to do another degree with an addition 20 days supervised teaching to be eligible for immigration. Unfortunately this is a non starter.
  11. scattley

    Sydney Opal Card

    This does not make sense. The opal fare to and from the airport is cheaper than buying a ticket on the day. Only by a smidgen but it is cheaper. The levy is not on the opal card...its on getting on or off at the airport stations.
  12. scattley

    Which Visa is best for ....

    If you did not include them as your dependants on your PR application they must now qualify in their own right through marriage/partnership or career. So a WHV visa is the only option and IF they have qualifications and experience in an area of need and they can find a sponsor..they might be able to stay longer.
  13. Until you are recognised as the child's father which is appears you will need a court order to do so, the mother can move where ever she wishes to without you being able to stop her. You need to also consult a family lawyer as well to get recognition as a father ....this is going to cost more than a MARA agent so you need to factor in those costs as well into your plan
  14. Depending on when the 12 months and two weeks appear in your time in Australia it could make a two week difference or a three year difference....either use the calculator or give us the exact dates you were in and out of the country and we can help
  15. scattley

    Loan for starting a new business

    What you are essentially buying is the fit out of the shop. A popular region the cost will be higher than a less popular region but the big difference will be on the weekly rent. There will still be weekly rent which could be as much as 2-4K a week, council rates and more.