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  1. Thanks, knew there was someone on here who knew about this sort of thing, but couldn't remember who it was.
  2. Hi We are a family of 4 looking for a short term furnished rental in Brisbane. We need somewhere to stay until we can find a longer term rental property, so hopefully for 3/4 weeks. As it is short term, we can be quite flexible with the location. I've searched a few website, without much luck, anyone got any suggestions?
  3. clonesred

    Credit Rating

    Hi there, hope someone can answer this for me. does your UK credit rating have any affect in Oz, would Aussie banks or finance companies, check your British rating, it would be nice to be able to bring a decent credit history with me when I go.
  4. clonesred

    Redirection Post

    Hi This question has possibly been asked before, but I have had no luck searching the forum. I need help in redirecting my post to Oz. I know that I can set up a redirection service with Royal mail, that is the easy bit. My issue is that I don't have an address in Oz to forward to. I'll be staying in temporary accommodation for the first month, and hopefully will move into a longer term rental after that. I've been told by Oz post office that I can't set up a PO Box from over here, you need to do it in person in an Australian post office. Using relatives over here to receive the mail and send it to me in Oz, is not a viable option unfortunately. Any one out there faced a similar problem and managed to find a solution?
  5. clonesred

    Mobile Phone Contracts

    Are there any of the providers that are easier to deal with, and quicker to get a phone from. We'll arrive in Brisbane early December, and I'm hoping to be able to get a new phone within a few days. Gonna need it, as I want to use the phone as my Sat Nav. gonna have a temporary address for the first month or so, is this going to casue a issue?
  6. I'm very pleased to read SRP's reply, I spent a year in America quite a while ago, and I really resented the way ex-pats were treated regarding credit. Good to know that I'm heading to a country with a more reasonable way of dealing with new arrivals,.
  7. clonesred

    457 processing times

    congrats Jay,
  8. clonesred

    Reciprocal Health Care Agreements (RHCA)

    The drug is on the PBS list, so it is sounding like good news for us. Thanks for the replies so far.
  9. clonesred

    Reciprocal Health Care Agreements (RHCA)

    My employer has made medical insurance a condition of my employement. But I'm expecting the insurance company not to cover this prescription as it is for a known condition at the time of taking out the insurance, so hoping to be able to use PBS to get the medication.
  10. clonesred

    457 processing times

    can't believe your mood says "Happy" with all that stress going on. Good luck, hope everything work out ok,
  11. Does anyone have any real world experience of how this works? I've read a few websites, and on the face of it, it looks great, and than coming from the UK me and my family should be very well covered (travelling under my 457 visa). But what I'd like to know is, what are the limitations of it when you come to use it. My wife has a prescription for a drug that is very expensive, and reading the websites it appears that PBS under RHCA should cover us. The difference in price between the PBS cost and the actual cost is huge. Has anyone on here had positive experience of getting prescriptions under the scheme?
  12. clonesred

    457 processing times

    don't fly until December, then a few (ok 5) weeks holiday time, before starting work mid Jan next year, which ties in well with getting the kids into school. Going to Brisbane, Can't wait. will be so happy to fly out early December and leave the Scottish winter behind.
  13. clonesred

    457 processing times

    There was no way that I was handing in notice until I had the visa in my hand, too much uincertainty involved to risk takig drastic action. I also have a 3 month notice period, so I was worried that a long visa process would delay by start date in Oz, but fortunately that hasn't happened
  14. clonesred

    457 processing times

    I didn't get an email from DIAC, but received confirmation from my migration agent, and have seen it on the tracking website myself. I was informed by the migration agent that we don't need our passports stamped, that the visa is checked online at the point of entry, but it is worth getting stamped once in Australia, as it makes thing s a lot easier for proving residency for setting up bank aco****s, medicare etc, if the passport is stamped.
  15. clonesred

    457 processing times

    :jiggy::biggrin: I've got my visa, and without wanting to rub other people's noses in it, I simply can not believe how fast the process was, or to phrase it differently, I simply can't believe how lucky I've been. My employer paid for Ernst & Young to act as my migration agents.They sent me all the forms on June 9th, I gathered everything together and sent scanned copies back to them by June 16th, they lodged the application on June 17th, and much to my amazement DIAC approved the visa on June 28th. I'm stunned, amazed and delighted, I was expecting all sorts of medicals and things, but there was nothing. I'm assuming that I've been lucky, and the fact that my employer probably paid E&Y and big wedge has helped dramatically. Anyway, best of luck to all of you who are still waiting.