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  1. Hi Everyone, We will be looking for a serviced apartment in Perth when we arrive in September but are struggling to find something. Can anyone recommend a company or website that you've used previously? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Bushwhacker
  2. Bushwhacker

    UK - AU - UK and Back to AU

    Thank you so much for all of the replies so far. Its been great to hear your stories. Each post makes a good point and gives us something to consider. When we came back to the UK we moved to a location that was about 2.5 - 3 hours from where we were from originally. We found that our friends stayed in touch less or make less of an effort. We hear from our friends in Australia more than we do than some of our friends in the UK. We formed some good friendships whilst we were over there, being an expat immediately gives you common ground with others there and it felt like an extended family. We also met some awesome aussies, I find the people there very friendly. We have been back in the UK for nearly 2 years and for most of the two we've been longing to go back and planning. There were short periods of time when we lived there that I wasn't FIFOing and it was great. Towards the end, when we'd handed in our notice at work, we were walking home from work in the sunshine and said to each other "are we doing the right thing going back?" and we decided that we were because the UK was home, we were only in Aus to work and that working and living in Perth wasn't the regular working week as I would be FIFOing. If I go back I would only consider a role in the city, otherwise there'd be no point. I think we also didn't allow ourselves to settle or try to settle as we knew we were going back. I think you're right Booma, it took coming back here to realise what we wanted. For those who came back to the UK and stayed, other than family, are there other things about the UK that you think make it a better place to be?
  3. Bushwhacker

    UK - AU - UK and Back to AU

    Thank you both for your replies. My wife's parents are in the UK, so is my dad. My mum is in Australia. I want to move back to AU for good but wonder how this will all work when parents get more elderly. I am concerned that the longing to go back is the result of us remembering the place through rose tinted spectacles. Not sure how we work that out though.
  4. Bushwhacker

    UK - AU - UK and Back to AU

    Hi everyone, My wife and I spent a year and a half in Perth, we came for work on a 457. We missed the UK and wanted to return home. We've been back in the UK for just over 2 years and for most of the 2 we have yearned to return to Perth. I'm worried that we remember life to be better in Perth than it actually was. Our reasons for returning are the weather and work life balance. We didn't have the work life balance previously as I was fly in fly out. We also have a network of friends and some family there too. We would love to hear from those who have gone back to the UK only to return to Australia for good. It'd be great to hear your stories and the reasons why you made the choice. Thanks Bushwhacker
  5. Heya, We arrived in Perth last Saturday and are keen to meet new friends! I am not a Paul though, does that go against us? Are you guys planning a meet or get together? My name is Rich (28) and my wife is Katy (30). :smile:
  6. Bushwhacker

    Which bank to go with?

    I'm not sure if this will help the OP but if you are in the UK and your Australia salary equates to more than £100k HSBC will open a Australian Premier Bank account for free from the UK. I know this wont apply to everyone but there will be people going to positions that have this level of salary. Its a great service as its all set up and ready to go when you arrive. Hope this helps someone
  7. Bushwhacker

    457 processing times

    Thank you all for the congrats asadns, my timeline is literally as my signature: 24/06/11 Application Submitted 24/06/11 Payment Received 25/07/11 Applicant Approved There were no other stages to speak of really. I've got everything crossed for fattony and everyone else still waiting. Notice goes in to employer tomorrow then I start crapping myself as it will all become very real ! The countdown will begin.
  8. Bushwhacker

    457 processing times

    My online 457 processing status says applicant approved !! My migration agent says I should hold off til tomorrow to hand in my notice as we'll have had the confirmation email by then? Online it says its already in effect. I'm going to hold off tomorrow anyway just in case. Its beginning to feel real now !!!
  9. Bushwhacker

    Wives to Husbands working FIFO

    Hi susie, I did find your post in the search but I may have misunderstood what it was getting at. I'll have another look I did do a search for this topic first as I didn't want to duplicate something that had already been covered. My apologies
  10. Bushwhacker

    Wives to Husbands working FIFO

    I have accepted a job in WA working FIFO. My wife and I both know that working FIFO will be difficult but we are certainly not the first couple to choose to do it. Our biggest concerns are its moving to a new country, she'll be alone a lot and wont initially have many friends. I think that if she were to get casual work, we could attend expat meets so she can get to make friends in similar situations. It would be great to hear from the wives that have already done it and learn how they coped/are coping. Maybe there's other issues we hadn't considered? We are a 20 something couple with no kids. I understand that there guys who are husbands to wives working FIFO but I would like to hear it from a woman's perspective. It would be great to hear from you
  11. Bushwhacker

    457 processing times

    Poet? :biglaugh: I wish i was going there to do something as artistic as that but no. I will be working in horrendous temperatures on a dusty mine :smile: So you're about 4 weeks too? Who is currently waiting the longest?
  12. Bushwhacker

    457 processing times

    Definition of Frustration frus·tra·tion    [fruh-strey-shuhn] –noun 1. waiting for your 457 to be processed, seeing it's online status remaining unchanged for weeks on end, reading about others' applications being approved even though they submitted after yours. 2. act of frustrating; state of being frustrated: the frustration of the president's efforts. 3. an instance of being frustrated: to experience a series of frustrations before completing a project. 4. something that frustrates, as an unresolved problem. 5. a feeling of dissatisfaction, often accompanied by anxiety or depression, resulting from unfulfilled needs or unresolved problems. I jest ! :wink: Congratulations to those who've had their applications approved. Exciting times ahead. We've pretty much sorted out everything we can prior to the visa being approved. As you can see from the date below, we've been waiting 4 weeks to the day (I know this is still a lot less than some wait :smile:) Chin-up to those who are still waiting
  13. Bushwhacker

    457 Processing Times

    Hi Natnats, There is a substantial thread on this very subject that already exists. For that reason I would imagine you wont get too many replies to this question as its a duplication albeit an unknowing one. Do a quick search for '457 processing times' and you'll find it, it has over 2000 replies. Hope that helps :smile:
  14. Bushwhacker

    USA Default on debt - How it will affect Oz

    Hey fleabo, Thanks for contributing. Can you expand on that at all?
  15. In the event that the US defaults on its debt on 2nd August, US may consume less chinese goods, chinese may import less from oz etc.... Anyone know anything about this? I'm concerned on how it will affect the resources industry in australia It would be great to hear your view