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  1. <p><p>The cost of living is not so bad for us, but I do shop around! Loads of cheap household stuff - our kettle was $7 in Big W! Yeah it might not last forever, but nor did the expensive Kenwood one I bought! Also got 2 packs of great towels less than $30 each, lovely wool duvet $49, full set of queen bedding under $60. We buy longlife food when it's on offer - lovely pasta sauce just over $1 a jar, $20 for 48 cans of Pepsi - and meat is fairly cheap but I've seen ads for even cheaper meat in some butchers, so we'll go this weekend. Even bananas are $1.49/kg now haha! Rent is not so cheap, we pay $440/week but it's a lovely detatched house with aircon etc. I don't think we'll buy a house at all, it was a waste of time & money in the UK, we'd have been better off renting! Pubs are fairly expensive but we mainly drink at home on the patio - best beer garden in town - and should break even on the homebrew next time we make a batch :oD</p></p>