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  1. I work for an international company and 2 jobs have come up in Sydney, IT Managers role and Training managers role. Funnily enough they are the exact roles that myself and wife are doing now in the UK. Perfect! Perhaps, my wife does not want to work if we go down under, she wants to look after the kids and ensure they are happy because of childcare and other stuff associated with not having any support over there. So I am now concerned that living on one wage would be possible in Sydney. I have managed to get hold of the incumbents salary, $105k+$20k car allowance. I hear stories of the high cost of living in and Around Sydney so I'm prepared to travel into the CBD which is where I would work, but where is good for a young family, good schools (ages 7 and 8) that I could commute from. Probably would need a local centre for the wife to be able to work to the shops etc OR a stones throw from the station and I'd even catch the train let her have the car??? My other fear is that her not being at work will isolate her hence I want her as happy as poss, whatever it takes All of our migration costs and medicare are paid for and judging by your forums it's best to rent initially but will have something inthe region of £70k capital when/ if we eventually sell the house My boss has said he would support me, but he is shocked and saddened by the sudden events, to the point that he has also tried to persuade my wife who now has second thoughts :-( it's the problem with us both working at the same place I suppose! He sees it as a backward step for me career wise but im looking at it from a different angle, a chance to slow down a bit and not run at the same pace that I have been for the last 10 years. I'm after any advice and also any reassurance that I'm doing the right thing Thanks John