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  1. Hi All I am an Australian citizen (currently living in the UK) I have 2 children (18 and 15) who I will be applying for citizenship by descent etc but I wanted to know if we could enter Australia with the wife being on a tourist visa? Reason I am thinking is I wanted her to have some time over there to decide if she could settle there before I apply for her partners visa? Just didnt want to apply in the UK and then her get there and not actually feel like she could make the move permanent Thanks
  2. Thanks for the advice. Think will be better to get the applications submitted now as not planning on going for 12+ months as need to sell house and save etc
  3. Thankyou very much for the info
  4. Hi All Just after a bit of help/advise. I am an Australian Citizen and my 2 children will be registered as Aussie citizens but my wife is not, before we move to Perth do I need to submit her Partner VISA application before we leave the UK or can she arrive in Australia on her UK Passport and then apply for the VISA once in Australia? Probably a really stupid question but thanks all the same Cheers Ben
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    New To Iluka

    I used to go to Beaumaris Primary School (many years ago) and lived in Iluka (naturaliste blvd - overlooking the park) I lived there for 10 years and it really is a bl00dy lovely place... infact I cant wait to move back over
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    Blues in Perth

    hmmm not to sure about that :chatterbox:
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    Bit of advise..

  8. riggsy

    Bit of advise..

    OK here goes Im an Australian citizen who moved back to the UK 11 years, I hold UK and Australian passports and have now married my partner (been together 10 years) and have 2 children together. My question is: Do I register the children as Australian Citizens and get my wife to apply for a partner visa or Apply for the partner visa for the wife and put the kids on her application as dependants? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Ben :biggrin:
  9. riggsy

    Newbie - australian citizen moving back to Oz

    thanks all.. Im in the process of looking at registering the children as Australian citizens, then will start the ball rolling with the wife applying for her partner visa
  10. Hi All Thought I would come on here for some much needed advice. Im an aussie citizen as used to live in Perth for 10years (been living in UK for last 10), but me my british wife and 2 children are going to be heading back to Perth in a few years time :biggrin::biggrin: