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    90% sure I want to go home!

    Hi I've been here 5 months 28 years of age I'm a bricklayer and came out on a work sponsor with my partner 27 and 2 kids 5 and 8. They love it and r so happy my partner got her self a really good job and loves it, kids love school and have fitted in so well.... Me I hate it what I have been doing in the uk for the past 10 years I am no good at it over here I don't fit in at all and never get 2 go out 2 meet people as I'm always working. I want 2 go home to my mates and to what I know and do best. Its hard 2 talk 2 my partner about it as she happy. I have no one to talk to no one to turn to all I hear is u have to fake smile it for 2 years I can't do that it's hurting to much.
  2. Hi I havent been able to find a thread for 'ENS visa's lodged in June'.... I have created this for people to update there process/outcome. Our family visa was lodged June, we are going on an ENS 121 visa. Is there anyone else who is at a similar stage to us, same visa different job....... Have you heard yet or still waiting or when was your visa lodged....? Laura
  3. plus4holmes

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Hi, Our family's 121 ens visa was lodged 20th june (Perth).... OH is a bricklayer..... Can anyone give us a estimate timeline as we are still waiting!!! Thanks, Laura :unsure:
  4. plus4holmes

    Visa update

    Brad 27, Laura 26, Faith 7 and Charlie 4 ENS visa, lodged in june this year..... still waiting :arghh: Perth
  5. plus4holmes

    Bricklayers (Western Australia)

    Hello tony, Myself and OH are over at the moment for a holiday in Perth we are currently going through are visa process on a 475 regional sponsor. My partner has 10 years work experience as a bricklayer and is city and guilds qualified. I understand that you require people to use your immigration company and we have worked/paid so much already but wondered if there was a way if you are interested perhaps you have some bricklayer vacancies for Perth? Regards Laura & brad
  6. plus4holmes

    475 now or 176 Later

    Hi Darren, Yes either state sponsor or relative sponsor will give you 10 points, as far as I'm a where I don't think you can put through for both? With being a "sponsor" that person has to have enough fundings to cover you if you was to either full ill or have an accident at work. Read more up on a relative sponsor but neither state or relative sponsors have a guarantee of getting visa. Hope this helps Regards Laura
  7. plus4holmes

    475 now or 176 Later

    hi, seems you may be in a similar situation to us... we orginally planned to go on a 176 visa, but sadly we were 10 points short.... so r option was IELTS, but my OH is dyslexic so that really was an option for us!!! we are now in the process of collecting 10 years work experience for my partner who is a bricklayer, if we can prove the 10 years that will give us the 10 points for state sponsor for 475 visa. my OH is a bricklayer and has moved around in jobs, but we are slowly getting there!!! if we had a choice 176 visa would of been our first choice, but sadly it isnt and its the case of the next best thing! we have had such a rocky road so far and it doesnt seem to be getting any better! there are big difference's between 176 and 475 which you need to consider... ie health insurance, you cant claim medicare, need to be employed for at least 12months out of 2 years to apply for PR. you can have your 475 visa extended if needed but its a massive risk to have for the future! regards laura
  8. plus4holmes

    Regional 475 visa

    Will bare this in mind. Thank u Laura
  9. plus4holmes

    Regional 475 visa

    hi, oh dear not good at at all.... we have had a rather rocky road, and another spanner in the works. we are trying to apply for a 475 state sponsor visa for perth! :em4600:
  10. plus4holmes

    Bricklayers (Western Australia)

    Hi Tony, I am looking for a company to sponsor me, i have City and Guilds qualifications, I have worked as a bricklayer for the passed 9 years whilst also doing other trade jobs. I have passed vetassess skills assessment so now looking to log my 457 once we have our sponsorship. I have a experience in all aspects of brickwork/blockwork, paving and internel and externel. I would be more than happy to send my CV and vetassess assessment certificate. Thank you Bradley Holmes
  11. hello, I am emailing building/construction companies in Perth to ask for sponsorship. My family and I are in the process of applying for a 457 visa then apply for PR once we have sponsorship. My OH has passed Vetassess and has a good 9 years behind him in the trade, he is also multi skilled and can do other various jobs. Would anyone happen to know any companies that might be willing to sponsor. I have sent CV and cover letter to companies I have found. thank you laura
  12. plus4holmes

    HUGE DILEMMA! please read and help me....

    Keep*** ( iPhone predicted text)
  13. plus4holmes

    HUGE DILEMMA! please read and help me....

    Hi dyanne, Every year new laws are Keats coming into migration so waiting could end up us never making our dream! At least the years help count! :-) Let's just hope there's not a huge wait for these visa's! Thank you Laura
  14. plus4holmes

    HUGE DILEMMA! please read and help me....

    Thank u for your post, it's so frustrating being 10 points short, plus we're such a young family (me 25 OH 26) making this massive decision and people say we're young enough to start it up later on but we will still cross this path maybe even worse! I truly feel our only way out is 475 visa as OH can't go through that test situation again as he just panics. Having children I'd rather of had the stability of a permanent visa but hopely that will come in time (fingers crossed) Regards Laura
  15. plus4holmes

    HUGE DILEMMA! please read and help me....

    Thank u all for your help on this matter. In regards to ielts my OH was given only extra time 25% and a room on his own which us something but sadly doesn't resolve the reading and writing part. Does anyone happen to know ur sponsored by a family member what's the criteria, brother in law works in police force does that go against him being able to sponsor us. Thanks again