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    Help with Citizenship Application

    Yes, that may be what I have to do.. I have found a company that will transfer funds to Zimbabwe so will see what happens with that.
  2. Melchizedik

    Help with Citizenship Application

    Hi I'm ready to apply for citizenship and have a problem concerning my birth certificate. I was adopted as a baby and have a British birth certificate showing my birth surname. Shortly after I was born my adopted parents moved to Rhodesia. I have a photocopy of my Rhodesian birth certificate showing my adopted surname. (I lost the original cert somewhere in my travels). Anyhow I called the Zimbabwe government agency who deal with births and deaths and they confirmed having a record of my birth certificate. They wanted US$ payment and this is where it all goes awry. Australia have sanctions against Zimbabwe and will not allow transfer of funds there. I have called and emailed the office explaining the situation and have not got anywhere. I called the Immigration helpline and they said that I have to show some evidence of how I have 2 surnames. Unfortunately I'm nearly 60 and do not have the adoption papers. So I thought that I won't disclose on the citizenship application that I was adopted, but I don't have an original Rhodesian/Zimbabwean birth certificate, and I don't know whether they will accept the photocopy. I don't remember whether I disclosed that I was known under another name when we originally applied for PR - if I didn't then I guess that I could do the same on the citizenship application. I have kept a record of my email to the Zimbabwean govt. as evidence that I have been in contact with them, but since I have not had a response it may not hold any water. Does anyone have any suggestions to what I can do? Thanks TOny
  3. Melchizedik

    Waitrose type supermarkets in Brisbane???

    Thanks to all for the info. We'll try James street Market this weekend as it is the closest, then venture out!
  4. Melchizedik

    Waitrose type supermarkets in Brisbane???

    Thanks for the info Michele. Like you we don't go for readymades, but we do miss the variety and choice that was on offer in the UK. Fruit and veggies were of an excellent standard and not matched in NZ or Brisbane from our experience so far. I think that we will have to go to a number of shops to get our groceries. We live in Hawthorne and are not aware of any local markets. We would be particularly interested in organic meat and vege shops. If anyone can recommend somewhere close that would be great, also good deli's. Thanks Tony
  5. Hi all We have just been in Brisbane for 10 days, from the UK via 3 years in Auckland. Can't find a decent supermarket :mad: In Auckland we accepted that we would not have as much choice as in the UK, but Brisbane is even worse than Auckland! Where will we find Waitrose and M&S quality and variety of food? Please help!
  6. Melchizedik

    Help! Where to live?

    Hi everyone We arrive in Brisbane on Wednesday, after living in Auckland for 3 years (before that in Bucks). Will be renting for a couple of years and are looking for somewhere within reasonable commuting distance to Ipswich and SouthBank. Initially decided on Paddington and surrounding areas as that would mean about 40mins car travel to Ipswich. However we have the opportunity to live right on the bank of the river in Bulimba (nope, no flooding!) or a house in Spring Hill. Clearly the Spring Hill house will be a great commute both to Ipswich and Southbank, but what about from Bulimba? I checked out the ferry and it could take an hour door to door to southbank! I means that's ridiculous! Does anyone have an idea as to how long the commute from Bulimba to Ipswich would be. How 'inner city' is Spring Hill and are there any benefits living there aside from close proximity to the city? Thanks Tony