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  1. Hi Bluzee, Its a little late to reply to your request for a painter /decorator , but i thought I would give it a shot , The Family and I are moving to Perth hopefully this year we have our visa granted just need to sell the house and business . We work in the UK as builiding restoration company specialising in fire and flood restoration empolying 5 tradesmen . My Trade and qualifications are a time served painter /decorator with 29 years on the tools having worked on new builds and domestic and also public areas so have plenty of expierience and variety . Many Thanks Bitzy 66
  2. Hi Guys , My Family and I have received our Visa back in septmber 2010 we are looking to move over to Perth this year providing we can sell our family home and business . We have built up over the past 10 years a fairly successful building repair company specialising in fire and flood restoration . My trade is Painting and decorating and have worked on a wide range of works including new builds , private work or domestic work and public buildings and offices , having produced work to a high standard in all of these areas . Please drop me a email if you can help . Thanks Bitzy 66
  3. Bitzy66

    growing veg in Perth

    friend of ours gave me some raspberry canes last year they did really well lots of smal fruit just forming until the gold finched decended we were left with one raspberry :biglaugh:, I suppose there is always something around to nick your grub , I tend to collect the slugs at night and feed them to the hens for breakfast they love them . Thanks for the forum site I will have a look on there are there any predators for the hens as in the UK with the foxes ? I will have to find a friedly riding school to get some muck from to improve the sandy soil Im sure they would like to get rid of some of it .
  4. Bitzy66

    growing veg in Perth

    Hi All , I was just wondering if anyone who is living in Perth has any information about growing veg down under . Being a bit of a keen grower and planning our move to perth within the next 12months , I am hopeing tp carry on doing this but all the houses we look at on the net there are no signs of anyone growing there own produce . Thanks Bitzy
  5. Bitzy66

    worry over selling the famiy home

    Thanks Pint pot for you reply , Our house is a large old one not apparently ideal for renting although it is a fantastic solid old place . We have spent years renovating it and I suppose we will have to drop the price eventually but reluctantly Ideally we would take a small drop , sell the house , get over to WA and start earning the AU$ as soon as possible . Fingers crossed and well done for selling your house at least some houses are selling .
  6. Bitzy66

    worry over selling the famiy home

    Thanks for the feed back guys sounds like we are all up the same creek , our house is a big old police house really beautiful and up for sale for a fairly high price , the estate agent has said renting would not be a option as people wouldnt want to pay the fee , We have been told we have to make first entry by September 2012 so not in a blind pannick yet just need to get rid so that we can get off like you all . good luck to you all on your selling .
  7. Hi Guys , we have just had the best news Visa granted for western Aus yey !!!! It seems to have been a real slog with one thing or another , At first we applied for Canberra only to have the rug pulled from under our feet by them wanting evidence of funds up front, Like most people we have money tied up in property but not in cash . However Emigrating Solutions quickly sorted us a application for W/A and within 4 days we had the sponsorship approved . My main concern now is selling the family home it has been up for sale for 3months and no-one has even been over the threshold Agghhh . I no there must be many worrying about the same thing but does anyone have any advice or tips . We have come so far and wont be scuppered at the last hurdle . Thanks Bitzy