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  1. kitty78

    ACECQA req.

    I will apply as early childhood educator.There are less restrictions.Thank you although.
  2. kitty78

    ACECQA req.

    I'm in touch with Aus. employer and i need to get my overseas qualific. ass. from acecqa.Hope i'm more clear.I'm interested in rsms visa, but this come later. My study had focus theory on children from birth to 6 years, but no practice work from birth to 11 months.Should be this a problem? The second thing i would like to know is, that i'm not sure to apply as early educator or as early teacher?The duration of Diploma in children's services, which is required for educators, is of 2 years , so one year less of my diploma. Requirements for early teacher are 3 year undergraduate+ 2 year graduate diploma.Before my undergraduate diploma i was studyng medical school year 8 to year 12, but this is not in corelation with early years. For which title will you apply on in my case?Please help. thx
  3. kitty78

    ACECQA req.

    Nobody knows anything???
  4. kitty78

    ACECQA req.

    Hi there, I am wondering about above requirements of teaching children of age from birth to 2 yrs.In my country we teach children from 11 months to 6 years .Has someone got positive experiences with acecqa assessment outcome about children's age?I don't have any work experiences in teaching babies younger than 11 months. Thanx.
  5. kitty78

    Official nurses thread!

    Freesia, do you understand the different between study and work experiences?I don't think so. By the way my study in Nursing was of 4 years.:laugh:
  6. kitty78

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi, there, I got qualifications in nursing, and they are equivalent to australian of enrolled nurse.I have read that ahpra requires 6 months ful paid work in last 5 years before application.So in my case is more than 5 years is 6 years.What happens now?Can ahpra refuse the positive otcome of registration?
  7. kitty78

    question for (enrolled) nurses

    Maybe i can get rsms or ens visa?
  8. kitty78

    question for (enrolled) nurses

    I'm asking exactly, if my qualifications are relevant to Australian? If to even go through the registration process.I wrote to our Ministry of Education, so i'm waiting for their feedback next days.
  9. kitty78

    question for (enrolled) nurses

    Hi all, I got one question abot that occupation. I know , for above occupation is required Certificate IV in Nursing, for which entry requirement is schooling year 10. I know Australian education system is really different from the most Eropean.The Australian study in Enrolled nursing is from 1-2 years.That mean that they finish study program at schoolin year 12, like me. I had mandatory schooling for 8 years (age 7-14), and than i was studyng in Secondary Nursing School for 4 years (age 15-19) and got Certificate in Nursing. I did the 6 months traineeship, so I got the licence too and i'm competent to work in Healthcare industry as enrolled nurse in all EU stetes. Australian enrolled nurses had the same duties and tasks like our. I have contacted AHPRA, but they cannot tell me more than i can read on their web site (standards for overseas nurses..). By the way, i found sponsorship for permanent position , but i need to be registered before.That way should be faster. Have someone any experiences about migration with that occupation? Please read the passage of AHPRA: "Waiver of Competency Based Assessment ProgramSome nursing and midwifery qualification may meet the requirements for migration. This means that these nurses will not need to complete a Competency Based Assessment Program.The Competency Based Assessment Program may be waived for: Nurses who have completed recognised program and have gained initial registration in the following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands (HBO programs). Nurses who have completed a nursing education program in a member state of the European Union is consistent with the European Union standard for the education of nurses responsible for general care (EU directive 2005 / 36 / EC)" I wanna tell yo that our Embassy from Canberra told me that my qualification in Nursing is a member of EU directive 2005 / 36 / EC. They told me as i am nurse, educated in EU Member State, i got the possibility that Australia can recognize my qualification for general care. But it doesn't sounds convinced. They sent me a link: http://www.australia-migration.com/page/Nurses_ANC/257 thx
  10. kitty78

    teachers agencys

    I know that.But i was interested to get my qualifications recognised by ACEQUA (if i get luck for 457 visa or rsms ) and i'm asking at which australian level of early teaching should be my qualifications seem like Australian?You must choose one of them, which are listed in the form (cert III, 3 year diploma in ECE, BEd..).
  11. kitty78

    Early childhood teacher salary...

    Gemstone, in which part of Australia are you?Do you know for any early teachers who went in Australia through sponsorship offer?
  12. kitty78

    Sponsorship for teachers?

    Hi, I'm early teacher, and i'm looking for sponsorship for rsms or 457 visa.Do somebody know where to start looking for?I have read, a lot of teachers are in high demand all across.Is that true?I preffer Brisbane city and suburbs, but other places are fine too. Have someone had positive experience? thx
  13. kitty78

    teachers agencys

    Hi, Do somebody knows which recruitment agency offers sponsorship for Eraly teachers in Aus?Have soemone ever got any experiences?Do you know if is a 3 year diploma degree (180 credit points) in Eraly childhood equivalent to 3 year Australian diploma degree? thx
  14. Do you think my 3 year diploma degree in Preschool education should be reconised by ACEQUA as Australian 3 year diploma degree in Early childhood? Someone have any experiences?
  15. kitty78

    labour agreement through ENS

    Thank you Freesia.I known all you've write and all the process of all sponsored visas.I have read requirements for each way of both visas.What i don't know is, if an employer must employ a recent number of workers or can employ only one (ENS, labour agr.).These are really just details from the booklet.This is releveant to labour agreement stream. I know once you are DU you have to dmeonstrate your qualifcations.But I can demonstrate them through dept. ACEQUA, which doesn't reqires 4 year full time study.I got only 3 year diploma degree and it's ok for them, bt no for AITSL.So with that document, if i will be lucky, my qualf. will be equivalent to australian and i'm able to get a job there. Hope i was clear. So we preffer to live and work in Brsb. region and no so much in rural areas.A lot of positions become offered in metropolas.Wi'll see which way will be the most available.I can't choose a lot.:wink: