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  1. Hi all, I am wanting to return to the UK with my Aussie husband. Does anyone have any experience of obtaining a mortgage while their spouse is a on a limited leave to remain visa? Is it possible? Any implications? All info welcome! Thanks
  2. Thanks all, seems like not having permanent residency doesn't affect things too much very surprising but its great
  3. Hi all, My husband is Australian and I am English- we are looking into returning to the UK and we would really like to buy a house within a year of returning. My question is though as my husband won't have permanent residency - is it possible to get a joint mortgage?
  4. i was referencing my own life rather than making a sweeping statement overall so I think you misunderstood that.
  5. Very different situation but very similar theme. On paper Australia offers a better life in so many ways but the heart wants what the heart wants. I guess it all comes down to how much your head rules over heart. No real advice except they do say you should only ever regret the things you haven't done. Think of it as an adventure and you always have the option of returning to Aus.
  6. Flake

    how to choose?

    currentlu yes but who knows what they will do next with the policy's, it's infuriating!
  7. Flake

    how to choose?

    thanks for your reply, do you like it now you are here? The hardest thing having family on both sides of the world! It poses so many questions of where to be. I do think you are right only I can make this decision, not sure if I'm ready yet though but it will happen at some point as it has to. Hope you are settled in Aus x
  8. Flake

    how to choose?

    Thanks Tink, hope it all becomes clearer moving forward. Right now I'm not changing anything in the hope of a miracle xxx
  9. Flake

    how to choose?

    thanks so much for your response. Gosh I just don't know, I would like my son to have extended family networks as that's something I never had. I do really like Aus now and feel settled in terms of what it has to offer and the only thing going against living here are the house prices. I feel like if I wasn't near family here I would probably want to live in the UK but I fear that I have become so accustomed to Aussie life that I may not re-settle in the UK. I keep hoping for a miracle because as it is I'm quite happy but just can't afford to buy! :-( thanks again for your response
  10. Flake

    how to choose?

    Hi all, well we we are in a conundrum. This is our back story: I'm English, DH Aussie and our son has dual citizenship. We have family on both sides of the world. We live in Sydney, and both have above average paid jobs, however we still cannot afford to buy a house in a reasonable area (reasonable defined as safe, tidy and within commutable distance to our jobs) in in order to buy in Sydney we will need to move much further out and in less reasonable areas resulting in very long commutes 1.5-2hrs each way as standard. Or we could move somewhere completely different in Australia and find new jobs etc but we would be away from our family who live here, but would own a property. Or we could move back to the UK and go back to our old lives and be able to buy a house and be close to the UK family. What would you do?
  11. Hi all, has as or is anyone applying for further leave to remain even though living and working overseas? My husbands UK visa expires in October this year and had we been in the UK we would have been applying to extend this for another 30 months in order to proceed with the 5 year route to indefinite leave to remain. We are now however, living and working in Australia. They have told me that his visa is still current and valid and we can still apply for further leave to remain but the application has to be lodged WITHIN the UK. so whilst they have stated this is an option for us they could not specify whether the fact that we were in the UK on a temporary basis (on holiday) would affect the outcome of the visa application. Our plan is to return to the UK at some point but we cannot at the moment due to work commitments. What I'm trying to avoid is starting the process all over again with visas but equally I do not want to invest the money to returning for a holiday and further application if they consider that our circumstances make our application null and void. Anyone ne else been in similar situation?
  12. Flake

    Feel like I'm trapped!

    thank you xxx
  13. Flake

    Feel like I'm trapped!

    thankfully I have made friends, have a good job and essentially everything on paper is 'successful' I just can't get past the feeling of wanting to be home. I will be here for the next few years though, I made that commitment and I don't take that likely, will just have to see how it all pans out, I guess I'm lucky in some respects that my husband is seemingly open to the idea of returning to the UK
  14. Flake

    UK Partner Visa Question

    Hi All, My husband has a Spousal Visa with limited leave to remain (on the 5 year process) we are now currently living and working in Australia and his current UK visa expires in Octoner 2016. The department of immigration has advised that the application for Further leave to remain must be lodged from within the UK. We will not be returning to the UK to live before this time but have enquired with them as to whether we can lodge the application while back in the UK on a temporary basis. They have advised that this is not against the rules, it is possible, however they have to state it is up to the case officers discretion on whether its granted. Has anyone else been in this situation and made an application For Further Leave to Remain while back in the UK on a temporary basis and if so what the outcome was?
  15. Flake

    Feel like I'm trapped!

    Unfirtunuely not an option for us, family and work commitments mean it's not possible