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  1. mgriffi

    Buying a house after PR

    Hi anyone know the answer. We have already bought a house on a 457 visa and paid the stamp duty. If we were to purchase after PR are we entitled to first time buyers grant? thanks griffi
  2. mgriffi

    Builder investment visa

    Thank you Alan. Big help will do- ill give him your details thanks martyn
  3. mgriffi

    457 renewed visa

    Yeah knew that was the case. Im seven months into it already and am just hoping immi revoke the ruling of being in the same job description for over two years even though new owners. Fingers crossed or 15 months head down!!
  4. mgriffi

    Builder investment visa

    Hi alan having looked quicky at that visa-the only one would be the business innovation scheme. Could that mean he could start his own business over here if he meets all the requirements?
  5. mgriffi

    457 renewed visa

    Adam. Im ona 457 visa under production manager (manufacturing) even though ive been in the screen printing and embroidery trade for 25 years and run my own business for half or this i have no formal qualifications for direct entry ens i think
  6. mgriffi

    457 renewed visa

    Blossom- The ABN changed
  7. mgriffi

    457 renewed visa

    Hi. last june i had to renew my 457 visa as my previous boss sold the business. I then had to Reapply for my 457 and commence the 2 Yrs again. Do any migration agents know if immi might revoke this rule and be able to apply for my PR as i have worked in the same job, same duties under the same position as a production manager for the past 2.5 years?
  8. mgriffi

    Builder investment visa

    Hi all, One of my friends back in the uk who is 43 is interested in migrating to oz. anyone have any advise which is the best way for a builder who has run his own business for 24 years.
  9. mgriffi

    200K house build

    Hi Anyone, Looking to build a house for $200K in Hills District. any suggestions? Designs or builders to recommend? Would prefer a Double storey Thanks
  10. mgriffi

    Shipping companies

    Dont go anywhere else - go with JOHN MASON - brilliant from start to finish
  11. mgriffi

    Dental Care on 457 Visa

    Hi Anyone know of a good dental care scheme on a 457 Visa. May have to have root canal, couple of crowns and fillings!! Any suggestions how to save some cash or just get dentures!!!! :biglaugh:
  12. mgriffi

    £50k to transfer/House Build

    Cal, I am also on a 457 visa and am just looking into this. Apparantely we can only buy a new build property or build a new house on a 457. Only can get an 80% mortgage and think only Commonwealth Bank do this. Thats all for now will keep you informed
  13. Got the above amount to transfer for a deposit on some land - any advice on who provides best transfer rates? Timescale to transfer ? and is this a good time to buy land and build and transfer monies? Building around Castle Hill area, Many questions i know - any advice appreciated
  14. mgriffi

    Student visa and 457 visas

    Weve e-mailed a migration agent today with the same question so should have more answers by this time tomorrow so will keep you informed
  15. mgriffi

    Student visa and 457 visas

    Hi, Would anyone know if my partner went over to Oz on a student visa and I entered on the back of that - would I be able to then , whilst im there, be able to apply for a 457 visa if I found sponsored employment?? Many thanks Martyn