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  1. Thank all, really helpful to know its not just us. I guess we have have had a heavy week, I got a tummy bug in the weekend, then my daughter then my wife! Then family have been calling in and shedding a tear etc.. its hard but I've done it before (South Africa 11yrs old to 24 years). My kids seem fine although I've noticed them noticing us blowing up at the silliest things! We have a leaving do at the local pub on Saturday and breakfast with everyone to say cheerio. Once thats over, I'll be looking forward to the flight and our new life. We have friends to stay with for the first 3 weeks so that should help.
  2. We leave for Sydney on a 457 on Monday. We are leaving everyone and everything we know behind. Excitement soon turns to stress and low mood.. We are all dreading the family "goodbyes" on Sunday. Any survival tips? Cheers Paul, Sally, Samuel and Rosanna
  3. Hi, We are looking for temporary furnished accommodation in the Manly, Freshwater, Fairlight etc areas from July 1 (ish) for 10-12 weeks until our "stuff" arrives. We need 3 beds and parking and want something smart - our budget is $1000 p/w. Any help appreciated. Thanks Paul
  4. Hi, thanks, our budget is $1000 p/w.
  5. Its quite difficult to get a full appreciation of the these areas whilst still in the UK, but it would be good to to get a view from you lot! We are a family of four with 2 kids (8 and 4) and are looking for (probably what everyone else is looking for!) a community "feel", good local shops, eateries etc, reasonably close to safe beaches, smallish "community" schools, not too remote, quiet on evenings but something always happening during the day etc etc. any thoughts?!! Cheers Paul
  6. Hi, I'm trying to get a feel for what things will cost when we get over there. We are expecting to be paying $1000 p/week is rent to live where we want to (Manly for the first year anyway) and will of course enjoy LAFHA on a 457. My basic salary is in excess of $150k per annum but as we are not selling our house in the UK, we are not taking much capital (circa £10k). Can anyone give me a breakdown of likely monthly costs assuming $4500 for rent? We have two young kids (8 and 4). We would probably want decent TV (foxtel) and Broadband although I'm working for one of the telcoms operators so might be able to get something free or at least subsidised. Thanks very much
  7. Hi, I have a dilemma and need calming down :-) I have a great job offer from a big telco corporate based in Sydney. They want me to get there for the end of June - with wife and kids. They are not paying anything towards the move but the job and salary are very good. The job is in strategic marketing, something I have a lot of relevant experience in (lots of years), but I do not have formal qualifications. I'm in position now where both my wife and I have resigned due to the sheer volume of stuff that needs doing but of course, we do not yet have the 457 visa as yet. This is causing me to despair as I'm now without income and eating up our savings, I'm reluctant to book flights, accommodation etc as I cant be certain the visa will be approved!! I have just been allocated a Migration Advisor and will be talking to them soon, but having looked at the forms, I'm just worried that my lack of formal qualifications could complicate this!! Tell me I'm being silly and that it will all be ok .. please!! :-)
  8. stevopaul1

    Medical Insurance

    Hi, can anyone advise me taking out medical insurance for my family? Its listed on my contract as a must have. The cover level required is the equivalent of "Medibanks Private Essential Visitors Cover". We are not moving until the end of June and I dont want to pay upfront for a whole year.Any advice? Thanks
  9. stevopaul1

    Short term accommodation needed

    stevopaul1@aol.com - look forward to hearing from you.. you will learn a lot in a month!! Good luck with it all..
  10. stevopaul1

    Short term accommodation needed

    I expect she will work at some point.. hope the flight goes well, stay in touch! Cammeray - not heard of that - what do you know about it?
  11. stevopaul1

    Short term accommodation needed

    Yep, 2 kids (8 and 4) wife.. I'm 39, wife 38.. I'm going to be working in telcoms - in a specialist marketing role - basically helping the business better understand its customers and pulling together improved products and services. Its North Sydney based so anywhere around northern beaches is good. I'm looking forward to it, tired of the UK really although I know i'll miss lots of things.. especially friends and family. Sounds good for you.. you can sort out a job later on if need be.. when do you leave?
  12. stevopaul1

    Short term accommodation needed

    should be out end June - I;ve only just received my offer of employment so loads to do to get the house over here rented! what are you going to be doing? just you/kids etc?
  13. Hi, can anyone offer advice around finding short term, fully furnished accommodation to see us through the first few weeks? Sydney, preferably north shore - Manly and upwards, thanks, Paul
  14. stevopaul1

    School Recommendation + Fees

    forgot to mention, we are on a 457 visa