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  1. TraceyandAlan

    Moving to Daylesford

    Thanks for the reply I work at a concrete yard about 5k past Bacchus marsh which takes about 40 mins from daylesford so not too bad ,we were actually looking at a house in hepburn springs which is much the same time wise. our budget is 400,000 and I was very surprised to see a lot of of places for that price on good size blocks. Ido agree with you that you may have trouble selling at the moment as there dose seem to be a lot for sale around there but then we would commit to country live for a few years and there is always the option of renting it out if things were not for us. the problem with melbourne for us and I am sure with so many others is 400,000 is not a lot of money here and will get you a House very deep in the western suburbs which having spent several weekends driving around them dose not appeal to us so they country might be a good option,anyway thanks for your time as you probably figured out we are very undecided so feel free to sugest a few places if you like. thanks again
  2. Hi all i was an active member of this site all through my visa application,that was 4 years ago now. we have been living in Melbourne since April 2010 had our first baby 6 months ago and loving every minute of it but we now would like to buy a house and find prices out of our reach . we were looking around daylesford/Hepburn springs and really love it out there and was wondering is there anyone out there already that could give us a heads up on life there. thank you
  3. TraceyandAlan

    Fancy a race ?

    Hey Cam, Thanks for the reply,i've been looking online for some running clubs there is one called VRR (Victoria road runners) which sound like my kind of thing mainly just looking to hook up with like minded people and keep a bit fit at the same time. Congrats on the new baby and if you start training for sydney Marathon let me know.cheers
  4. TraceyandAlan

    Fancy a race ?

    Hi all, i"m a 37 year old irish man living in Collingwood, Melbourne with my wife and was looking to enter a few local runs. my training is a bit sporadic but i run about 3 to 4 times a week and am aiming for the melbourne or Sydney marathon and a few Half's on the way. I do most of my running in princes park in Parkville and a few in Studley park when i,m feeling brave! anyway i'm looking for someone or a group to run with as my wife is getting fed up with all the running talk. Talk soon Alan
  5. TraceyandAlan

    Shipping from Ireland,who to use?

    No idea where were going to go !we have to enter by April 24th so better get get a move on, we lived in parkdale before as i was sponsored with a company in Frankston so we chose Parkdale as it was halfway between city and work and sitting right on the beach! Not much to Parkdale itself but has most of what you need and is close to motorway so easy to get places and i remember saying if i we had kids it would be a nice place to live i imagine prices might be a bit high there though. Will check out aachener never heard of them.Cheers
  6. Hi all, we are looking for shipping companies to ship from Ireland to Melbourne,has anyone had good or bad experiences with company's they would like to share? I got what i think is a good quote from Careline but not really sure what the going rate from Ireland is? Having worked it out approx. it would be around 2.5 or 90 cu/ft so it would be a shared container. Thanks
  7. TraceyandAlan

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Thanks alot to all your well wishes, this forum has been priceless to us from the start we did'nt have a migration agent that you would pay to answer all your questions (Some of them quite difficult to answer i might add !)so without this forum we would have struggled i think so a big thank you for all the help , And a special thanks to Connie for this thread we always got a bit of hope with the turning to pink and the ultimate purple !fair play to you.
  8. TraceyandAlan

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh my God, oh my God .......Happy Christmas Eve to us. Our Visa granted email arrived this morning. We actually can not believe it...Happy Christmas to us la la la. Entry date 24th April and we are getting married on April 8th. Roll on 2012 I say and keep the faith all of you POI in waiting, we truly never thought it would happen for us. :yellow_guy_smiling_:santadance::anisanta::anisanta::anisanta::snowman6::christmastree::elf::reindeer1::santa1::reindeer2::gingerbreadhouse::candycane: wooohooooooooooooooo :candycane::gingerbreadhouse:
  9. TraceyandAlan

    Am i resticted on moving state on a 176

    Hey Paul,Not sure when you applied for your visa ,but for us it's been 2 years and numerous changes on D.I.A.C s behalf i have'nt felt much "moral obligations" coming from there side so sorry if you think i'm not play fair with them.. no offence intended though! Having said that the Q was purely hypothetical.Cheers
  10. TraceyandAlan

    Medical dates resricting entry date

    Hi all, CO assigned 176 pending and trying to get married. We frontlloaded our meds last march not realising that we would then need to enter Oz before they expire. We are hoping our visa will come through soon, fingers seriously crossed. So the question is..what is involved (assuming the visa is granted) in getting an extension on the entry date. Is there a list of circumstances that determine an extension eg. funeral, pregnancy...wedding. Also i'm contracted with work until April would that be a good enough reason for DIAC for an extension. Has anybody on the forum done this previously. Can't find info on the DIAC website. Any advice would be appreciated. :eek:
  11. TraceyandAlan

    Am i resticted on moving state on a 176

    Hi all, I know there was a tread about this before and the general consensus was that by law D.I.A.C could,nt intervene if you chose to move from the state in which you had been granted your 176,but with the release of the S.M.P s for a couple of states is there anything in it to say that this has changed?
  12. We are of to Victoria due to the 176 ss ,originally it was a 175 and we intended to move to Sydney as Tracey's sister and best mate are there and my mate also but as with the messing on DIAC behalf we'll have to live in Melbourne for two years, we lived in both before for a while and would prefer Sydney more, I'll tell you what though i would move to Mars tomorrow just to get a break from this place! It,s tough on the ears!!!!
  13. Hi Maria, If you call to your local Gardai Station they will give you the form it is just one sheet of paper that you can fill in there and then and hand it back to them,which is handy, Another thing to notice if you had a one year work hoilday for oz ,nz etc; you will need that also the oz one costs money (35 euro) and like the rest is valid for a year. I thought it would be a good idea to do meds in march this year thinking that i was bound to get a case officer within a year which i did thankfully on the 1 nov, but heard if i do get my visa soon i have to enter the country before the meds expire! not sure if thats 100% right i think it is though, knowing that i would have held off on the meds until i got the case officer just to give me a bit of room after i got the visa but police check is free in ireland so what harm.
  14. TraceyandAlan

    80 & 1022 am i being thick???

    Hi Sophie you will have to print ,fill out and scan asumming your app.is an online one, not sure what you do for paper app. Some people have figured out how to fill it out online, not sure how it's done but you will still have to print and scan it to upload it. hope this helps
  15. TraceyandAlan

    New Category 3's - Where are you now?

    congratulations simon and deb!!!!! we wish you all the best for the future!