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  1. zdr1

    We have arrived!

    Hi there. we are just in Rockingham, myself Zoe 34, Dom 36 and three kids, Oscar 4 Nicole 3 and Dominique 1. We have been here about 4 weeks now from Manchester and absolutly loving it. We have made a few friends but always looking for more. It would be good to meet up when you get settled. PM me if you fancy it. All the best and enjoy. Zoe x
  2. Hi Michelle, Forgot I set up this forum, I am now in Oz and I am sure I have also seen your name on the 'So who's moving to perth forum'. Where are you up to? I have just come on to do a little research as my plan is not to go into schools this year. I am going to do all the registering and stuff and then see if I can pick up some hours as a private tutor as young kids and OH is working only. Thought this would also lead me well into a job when the time comes as I would then be familiar with the Oz science curriculum, but what I have read of it so far, it is very similar to ours. How are you getting on? Zoe
  3. zdr1

    175 - how long?

    Yes I did, I bought an IELTS book for £15, but to be honest it was fairy easy and I would not bother. There were four section if I remember, or could be 5 but I can't remember the other. 1. Listening - you listened to a tape and wrote answers down to questions on a sheet. 2. Writting - I was asked to write a letter to an employer about a position I would be suitable for - so I just wrote one for my job. 3.Reading - reading lots of text and answering questions about it. 4. Speaking - I spoke to a lovely elderly lady who asked me about my family, job and why I wanted to go to Australia. I though it was fairly easy, I think really the only place an English native may struggle is the reading bit if they were slow at reading. I am a fairly fast reader and I remember just finishing this in the time, but the questions were easy just lots of text to get through. Oh and there was a bit of a wait when i got in touch to book it, I think the wait was about 9weeks so be prepared for that, then it took two weeks for the results to arrive. It was like being back at school waiting for my GCSE's to come through It cost me £110 I think at Manchester Uni - which is local to me, hope this helps. All the best with your application Zoe
  4. zdr1

    175 - how long?

    Hi, we submitted our visa 175 in 9th Nov 2009 and we got asked for medicals and Police checks Jan 210 and recieved the visa March 2nd 2010. We were amazed as thought would take 18 month. Flew out xmas day 2010 and absolutely loving it. Did not have an agent and I thought the process was fairly straight forward. I am a science teacher so maybe thats why, Im not sure! Dont think this helps you any but feel free to get in touch if any ques. Zoe
  5. Hi Liz and Steve, We have just arrived in Rockingham and absolutely loving it. We are in temp furnished rental and just secured a long term unfurnished rental. Your kids will love it. We have a 4,3 and 1 and its like they have lived here all there life already. My 4 year old starts school in feb in Safety bay primary. Keep in touch and hopefully we can meet up when you arrive. Where is your furnished rental? we are in Newell Place. Zoe and Dom
  6. Hi we are from Oldham, would love to meet when you get here, PM us to arrange. We are Zoe 34 Dom 36 and three kids 4,3,1. Let me know when you arrive Zoe
  7. Hi Nando and Jane, Yes it would be great to meet up. Where are you living at the moment, we are in Cooloongup, could meet at Rockingham foreshore with parks for kids. Do you have kids? Either way it would be great to meet some new people. PM me with possible dates. We are fairly flexable at the moment. Look forward to hearing from you. Zoe Dom and Kids
  8. All went well on flight, all kids slept right through second leg as it was our night time and woke just in time for breakfast and landing. We however did not, so when the kids were raring to go we were very tired. A few days of jet lag and we are just about back to normal. Absolutely loving it up to now, although a little stressfull a times, the joys already outway the small stresses that come with moving anywhere. We are just in the process of exploring and deciding our final destination. We were tied between safety bay for the beach and settlers hill for the community feel. But Rockingham town itself with the lovely beach has now also been thrown in to the mix. Looking forward to meeting some new people. Zoe
  9. I am coming over Xmas day, originally from Scotland, now live in Manchester. 3 kids, 4, 3, 1. Where are you? We are moving to rockingham. How are you finding things?
  10. Moving to Rockingham in three days( xmas day), myself, OH, kids 4,3,1. cant wait - got short term rental and eldest enrolled in school. The ideal time to be leaving cold snowy manchester. flights seem to be going on time up to now. Very excited.
  11. zdr1

    Australian dollar update 16/11/2010

    Hi John, We want to transfer about £15,000 to AD in the next three weeks. What is the procedure? What is the transfer rate and fees ect. If we give £15,000 to Moneycorp, what is the final amount that will be in our bank account. Thanks Zoe
  12. I have 175, we submitted skills assessment in May2009 - took nine weeks to come through. We then submitted Visa application in Nov 2009 ( waiting for baby to be born). It arrived 16 weeks later march 2010. We could not believe how quick it came through. So wait if in no rush, because the visa itself takes less than the 18 month guide line time. Off to Perth Xmas day - cant wait. Zoe
  13. I just read all the info and seemed to qualify for 175. Done the paperwork and sent it off. Very straight forward. Recieved skills assessment in June sent application off Nov and it arrived March. As long as you do the online points assessment and qualify I think you should be fine. What makes you think you are not elligable for the 175? How is the 176 different?
  14. zdr1


    Thats exactly how long Ive got till I leave England for OZ! Thanks
  15. Moving to Perth in Dec, I am not planning to work the academic year 2011, prob will start 2012. However i would like to know the process that I need to go down to work as a science teacher in perth. Got a 175 visa and done skills assessment all good there. I may want to do a little supply this year if need be, how do i go about doing this? any advice on teaching welcome Thanks Zoe