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    Citizenship Ceremony waiting period

    Hi everyone, anyone knows the ceremony timeline for city of Canada bay council? Could not find much information . Cheers Najah
  2. Dear, I have a short question. I have seen that onshore applicant needs to submit form 815 (Health Undertaking) after they have pre-grant visa but with the offshore applicant when they need to sign it? Is it after a decission is made or before even a CO is assigned? I just want to know the process. If anyone knows please let us know. Thanks and regards
  3. all your documents are met? thats great. From when you have all docs met? Can you please let me know the time and the team you are on? Thanks a lot
  4. all docs met on 2-Dec-09 except PCC and med. Med finalized on 8th-Jan-10. Health undertaking form submitted 3 weeks with all met. No update. No nothing. The indecision is creating huge pressure on me. Pressure is becoming stress. Patience is the key but I can't handle it. How much time I have to wait. By the way I am on CSL HR country applied on 17th Aug-09. If any kind hearted person can shed some light
  5. Dear, I have a questions to the agents and users 1. When is the points test points calculated by CO? 2. In the documents checklist if the status is met what does it mean? the documents are validated or the points regarding that section is provided. 3. How much time is needed after all the status is showing met? (previous experience) 4. When do co ask for medical undertaking form (if required)? If all the requirement is finalized? Please give me an answer. Thanks and regards, Shoinik