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  1. Just what we wanted to hear! Many thanks for the constructive reply, we plan on continuing our performance stuff as our better paid gigs are in the Middle East which is just as easy to get to from Melbourne. Plus he's a trained hairdresser and I also work in television. It's just the credit crunch has really hit our business this year and with no real prospect of it improving in the near future. His Mum has also offered to be an AOS if need be.. Thanks!!
  2. Hello all, My civil partner is Aussie by birth and we intend on moving to Melbourne in the next year or so. He would be my sponsor for my Partner Visa. However, our self employed work as performers has almost dried up. These last 6 months has seen us work just 5 days in total. So money is very tight, and therefore we're thinking of claiming some UK benefits, such as Housing Benefit, Job Seekers and Council Tax. But reading Form 47, we need to declare if we're CURRENTLY claiming benefits. (Question 34, I think) Reading between the lines, we don't want to come across as potential high users of the Australian social security system. Neither of us have claimed benefits before and it would be just a short term claim, finishing before the visa application. We have no plans on claiming anything when we get there. The savings we have are allocated towards the costs of moving and setting up down under. Basically, should we claim to keep us afloat? Does DIAC have access to what people have claimed (NI records)?? Any help/advice regarding our dilemma would be most appreciated!! Cheers in advance;)
  3. southtate

    Will we really be WANTED Down Under?

    Just read this great article on Melbourne's The Age newspaper website: Beyond the straight and narrow Lots of food for thought, including involvement in the community and dealing with teasing from other kids at school. As a gay couple ourselves we would like to have our UK civil partnership recognised when we move to Oz. Some progress has been made, I'll be applying for a Partner visa rather than the old interdependant visa. Also, my Aussie husband's family are far more accepting of our relationship than my own UK family. Best wishes!
  4. southtate

    New changes affecting panel doctors,important

    Hey Les et al Knightsbridge clinic website says £220 for medical+x-ray and HIV test. More prices and info at Knightsbridge Doctors Visa Medicals Hope this helps?! ps this is my first post..!!