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  1. hi, Should be at: http://reiwa.com.au/Buy/Pages/More-info.aspx?SearchType=BUSSALE&prop_no=1&listingid=10100127&listingno=3100451&puid=0
  2. Hi, congratulations on your Visa! The Cafe was taken off the market a while ago as we were planning to keep it. However our plans have recently changed and we now plan to move to NSW. It was only put back on the market last week! So this is good timing. It is on with Geoff Newby- Butt at Daveys you should find it on Reiwa. Let me know if there's a problem.
  3. twiglet

    "VISA" Business for sale

    160/163 Business Visa holder? Getting out of the UK, looking to take advantage of the Ozzie way of life in WA? (Perth Northern suburbs). Proven business to fulfill your PR Visa. This business is currently run under management and is capable of acheiving all the business visa requirements in the shortest possible time. It did it for us! A dream location with a relaxed way of life. Offered at a realistic price. Please PM me for further information.
  4. Hmmmm that's a tricky one. The perfect time to leave doesn't exist but kids & their education/careers obviously need careful consideration. These are decisions only your family can make. Our son was only 6yrs and took the whole thing in his stride. It took time to find our way here. We arrived in Nov and didn't buy our business until over a year later. There are a lot of businesses for sale but not many we felt comfortable with.We ended up in a business we had no experience of but felt confident in. Our cafe more than fulfilled the PR visa in 2years (so much so that we didnt go down the SS route) we now have it for sale. We used a different agent for this final stage. It took less than 24 days from start to finish. We sold everything when we left the UK. We just thought it could get too complicated. We are about to apply for citizenship and then will return to the UK for the first time. I hope you can find a way through the maze. Remember schooling here is a year behind UK - our son repeated his first year of school, in Australia they start at 6 yrs instead of 5yrs . Best of luck.
  5. Hi Chris, I agree 100% with Jon on this one. Agents do add to the costs but if you try it yourself and make a mistake you will create frustrating delays. I would go with an agent who has experience with this particular visa. It does sound like Jon has a good contact. We have been here over 4yrs now, it is all worth it, Good luck!
  6. twiglet

    Business for sale

    Successful Business which has already achieved Business Owners Visa in record time. Western Australian Cafe under management which more than fulfills all Permanent Residency Visa requirements. Over 5 1/2 years lease remaining. PM for more info.
  7. Hi, Yes, that was exactly what we had to do. In fact the SS part becomes the most important part. Once that is granted you are well on the way to the 163. Make sure you put forwards a really comprehensive application and have a good business plan professionally prepared. All the best.
  8. Recent news; The Shire of Wanneroo has just sent a City structure plan to WA planning Commission to develop 612ha of land into 'Yanchep City' -the area is really taking off , it is a great place to settle and begin your new life.
  9. Good luck with the Visa. Not desperate to sell quickly so you never know! Hope all goes well for you. I will update this forum with any more news. Thanks.
  10. Now actively selling our beachside cafe just North of Perth. It is a very lucrative, proven business for Business owners visa - state sponsored or otherwise. Knowing all too well how difficult it can be to find a suitable business I thought it would be worth letting others know that we are ready to move on & our business is now listed with an agent. Having entered Oz on a 163 s/sponsored visa our Permanent residency visa 890(non sponsored) took 27 days to be granted and had no problems what so ever.
  11. twiglet

    Cost of pet flights

    It really depends on the individual dog. We found that dogs don't seem to be aware of time and once they become familiar with the routine etc. of the kennel and familiar with the staff, they settle well. The hardest thing was seeing their faces and the disruption it caused when a member of the family came to visit and left again. What is unsettling is having strangers entering the kennels constantly - our own kennels were quiet most of the time, they were also full most of the time. I don't for one moment believe that the dogs who hadn't been visited were the ones that were howling and crying - that is just down to the individual dog! The quarantine staff said our dogs were absolutely fine and exercised daily, I rang on a regular basis. Our dogs were actually in Australia before we were! ...this is just my opinion I would do whatever feels right to you.
  12. twiglet

    Cost of pet flights

    I did all the paperwork and organised vaccines & blood tests for our 2 Dobermanns. I had to use an agent at the final stage as airlines won't accept booking from individuals. Almost 4 years ago our dogs cost around 3,500 pounds. Quarantine needs to be booked early as there can be waiting times of 6months for a kennel. There is only one in WA at Byford and the dogs have to stay for 30days. You can visit, but having run a boarding kennels for over 4yrs we decided it was best for the dogs if we didn't. They both coped well, it took them a while to adjust when they came out but nothing to worry about. I'm sure it helped that they shared a kennel.
  13. twiglet

    What is the suburb heathridge like???

    I agree Heathridge isn't the nicest suburb but is close to better ones. Remember anything closer to the Ocean gets quite a lot more expensive. Burns beach is new in parts and not too far North. Connolly/Currambine are nice, & near an excellent Golf course.
  14. Hey, try not to stress! Gaining State Sponsorship is a huge step forwards. Police checks and meds were the last part of the process for us. We waited only about 2/3 months for the second stage but that was about 4yrs ago. Thankfully we didn't have to attend an interview but have heard of others that did. One 'story' (2nd hand) was of a guy who applied as a business owner of a restuarant . Immigration became suspicious and it transpired in the interview that he meerly worked in his parents restaurant as a waiter and knew nothing of management skills! So I'm pretty sure if your application is legit then you will have nothing to fear from an interview. - you're well on the way, not long now!:yes:
  15. Hey Ian, How's it going? Just wondering if you've had any news. Boy it's hard work - all that waiting! At least on the forum you're with others who are going through or been through the same thing. I hope you have good news soon. :cool: