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  1. Hi Thanks for your reply and sorry I didn't get back to you earlier - we've been away over the weekend and very busy. My OH is 38 so I suppose we could try again in 3 to 5 years depending on when they get themselves sorted into changing the health requirement. I have read the report - well some of it and it is interesting reading - I just hope it does some good in making them change how things are done now. We don't really know what we are going to do now - possibly thinking of trying to secure employment and go down that route or maybe just waiting to see when it changes. Will keep you posted on what we decide. Thanks again Julia
  2. Gollywobbler Any chance that you can give your advice on this or are we wasting our time? Thanks Julia
  3. Hi We have already used George Lombard, he helped us gather together more evidence to show to MOC and now the final decision has come back with the info that he still doesn't meet the medical requirements. Unfortunately, the medical people from George's team didn't seem to think he did either so I was really just asking if there was any last ditch things we could do or if we just have to face reality :arghh: Julia
  4. Hi Unfortunately today we have found out that DIAC have refused our 175 visa application on the ground that our son who has developmental delay does not meet the medical requirement. We were just wondering if there is any last ditch attempt we could make to try to overturn the decision or if that is the end of our fight? I did read about somebody phoning the medical people to try get them to change their decision - not sure if this is worth the effort. Our main points that we can see that we could fight on are that our son does not have a permanent condition as DIAC have stated in their decision to refuse us - his condition is not diagnosed so noone can say whether it is permanent or not. Also, as we see it we have looked at the recommendations that are to hopefully come in on the medical requirements and we think he would meet the requirement if these recommendations are made - do you think this is true? I just know that other people have managed to get a visa with similar circumstances so am interested if you know how they managed it. Julia
  5. JulesFox

    Paperwork to teach in Oz

    I do have a four year degree - it's a BA(Ed). I'm sure 3 year BEds didn't exist when I did my degree 20 years ago. I'll need to contact the college for all the transcripts as I certainly don't have that detailed info at the moment. Do I still have to get my skills assessed even though I'm not applying for a visa? My husband has had his skills assessed for the visa but do I still need to do that to register? Thanks Julia
  6. Hi We are hopefully going to get our visa in the next month or so, so I decided it's about time I updated my CV and got together any other paperwork I will need for teaching in Oz. We are not getting our visa on my job and I haven't worked in teaching since 2003 when I had my first child. Therefore, I haven't needed a CV since then so it'll need a lot of updating. If there are any teachers out in Oz who could tell me what I will need to register to teach in Australia. Are the CVs written in a similar way or do I need to change it? Also, when you register what else do you need to obtain to do this. We are thinking of moving to Adelaide if that makes a difference. I just think that if I get sorted out as soon as we get there then if hubbie doesn't manage to get a job at least I will be able to bring some money in instead maybe. Thanks in advance for anyone's help Julia
  7. JulesFox

    Child doesn't meet medical - need prof advice please!

    Thanks Gill for your detailed reply. I will email Dr Million as we did use him. Hopefully George will reply tomorrow too which should give us some idea of what to do. We will be shouting if we need more help.:smile: Thanks Julia
  8. JulesFox

    Child doesn't meet medical - need prof advice please!

    I have sent George a message to see if he can help us. We have just been told by DIAC that my son doesn't meet the health criteria because he may be a significant cost on the community because of his developmental delay. And then they have asked us to make any comments within 28 days but only those of a medical nature would be considered. So, as you can see we are a bit unsure about who we should get to comment. Julia
  9. JulesFox

    Child doesn't meet medical - need prof advice please!

    Hi Stuart Not sure if I have read your threads - I have read so many over the last few months but will look them up. We were asked for reports right after the medical which was at the beginning of February and we gave them a school report and a letter from his paediatrician. What we are not sure about is whether they just need a more detailed report from the paediatrician or if we are just wasting our time. Julia
  10. Hi We have just heard today that my son, who is five years old and had general developmental delay does not meet the medical requirements for the 175 visa we are applying for. We have been given 28 days to submit further medical info but are not sure what information we could submit to help them change their mind. We feel now we need some professional advice as so far we have done our application on our own. I have read on here that George Lombard is experienced in this field so wonder if anyone could give me any advice as to how to contact him to see if he thinks he is able to help us out - or if maybe it is just a lost cause :sad: Thanks Julia
  11. JulesFox

    New changes affecting panel doctors,important

    The north of England list has definitely been updated as there was one in Huddersfield and it's gone. We are booked in with Dr Million in Manchester on 2nd February and they said they are definitely still doing medicals and are on what seems to be an updated list to me.
  12. JulesFox

    Priority Processing Groups 1-4..Where are U now?

    An update from us. We have found out today 19//01/10 that we have a case officer and now have 28 days to sort out medicals and police checks. The medicals are booked for 2nd Feb and we are sending off the police check forms tomorrow. Can't believe this is really now happening!!! Wasn't expecting it for another month at least. Julia
  13. JulesFox

    Priority Processing Groups 1-4..Where are U now?

    Name: JulesFox Occupation: IT - C# specialist Type & Date Visa submitted 175 17/10/09 Date medicals & P/C's uploaded: not done Priority Processing Number (1-4): 4th priority Visa Granted: Not yet Additional Info We haven't really posted much as yet but been reading threads to gain info and wondered if we could join in.
  14. JulesFox

    Child with global developmental delay and medicals

    Thank you to all of you for your replies. I think it might be helpful to us if we do talk to an agent - any ideas if it'll cost us much to ask them advice? I will have a look at the guidelines for the docs to see if it gives us any info. Thanks again for all your advice. Julia
  15. Hi We have just joined and are in the process of getting my husband's skills assessed. We are now a little worried since I have read some posts on here about it being difficult to get a visa because of a child's condition. We have talked about it and decided we still want to go ahead but feel we need to do all we can to make sure we have the best possible chance. Therefore I wonder if anyone can give us any advice. Our 4 year old has global developmental delay, he has a statement of educational need and is about to start at the local special school as that is where we decided was best for him at this time. He has no medical needs and his main needs at the moment are speech and language and understanding. He is probably about a year and a half behind his peers at the moment in these areas. He continually makes good progress and we hope in the future he will attend a mainstream school with little support. What I would like to know is what we can do to make sure when he has the medical that he passes as it were? Also, we were wondering if people think it is worth front loading the medicals so once the case officer is assigned then there may be less problems as they will have been sorted out - or will this not make any difference as the problems only come up once the case officer is assigned? We are going to apply for a 175 skilled visa. Once the case officer is assigned do they give you a limited time to do the medicals or is it up to you? We were just thinking that it might be worth doing it before so we can spend time making sure we find a sympathetic panel doctor. Thanks Julia