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  1. Lauren82

    UK/AUS financial advice

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows of a person/company or website that can give financial advice about UK debts and their impact on us in Aus. I know this can be a controversial subject matter but I am hoping there is somebody out there that I can speak to about the facts and avoid too many more sleepless nights. Thanks,
  2. Lauren82

    Car hire - Melbourne to Adelaide

    OH's family are visiting in July. They are flying into Melbourne (flights were half the price into there) we are going over there to meet them and we want to hire a car to drive back here (Adelaide) along the Ocean road. Wondering if anybody knows of any hire companies with reasonable oneway rates? We were going to use our frequent flyer points to get to Melbourne but the oneway rates for car hire are really expensive so thinking its maybe better to drive both there and back.... unless anyone knows different? Unfortunately our cars are 2 small for all of us and luggage to comfortably do the long drive.
  3. Lauren82

    Nightmare property management (UK)

    The agent deals with the tenancy agreements on our behalf. We discussed how tenancy agreements would be 6 months initially so that sect 21 notice could be santioned if things didn't do to plan but this isn't covered in writing in the agreement between us. Never had reason to think it would need to be when this was her explanation of best practice. It was not until we requested the copy of the agreement that we saw she had given them a year and by then it was too late. She was obviously trying to secure her cut for the year as she knew we wanted to sell in the near future. Yes the 3 months notice clause is in our agreement but I have already said you are not delivering on this, that and the other and she is still refusing to give it up sooner. If I insist on the tenants stop dealing with her and only come through me they are going to cry harrassment again, especially when the the agent is telling them not to speak to me and only to deal with her. Its honestly the most crazy situation, but with them being my problem at the end of the day and not hers I don't want to create too much of a stir. And yes hindsight is a wonderful thing, these guys are not ARLA registered. Not that I think it would stop them they are actually quite a well known (locally) company with a good reputation.... until now.
  4. Lauren82

    Nightmare property management (UK)

    Thanks guys. Yes we know its a business arrangement and have been trying to not think of it as our home anymore... never want to go back anyway. But when they have painted it pink throughout it doesn't exactly fill me with confidence that they are doing us any favours in doing so. The house was immaculate and high standard before so it wasn't something that needed doing. They have actually breached 5 of the clauses of their tenancy in doing what they have done so far without permission so doesn't show much respect for us.... and as we are tenants ourselves over here I know I wouldn't even dream of doing what they have done to our landlords house. The estate agent knew that our first priority is to get the house sold so we just wanted to take tenants 6 months at a time so we could catch the property market right for selling. So to be honest I am more peed off at them than the tenants as it is through the agent misleading the tenants that we have ended up looking like the bad guys. Rupert, I have only contacted the tenants to advise them of our intentions to sell... and this was when we thought they were only on a 6mnth agreement so it shouldn't have been a 'problem' I was just courteous to let them know. The only other time they were contacted was when I had sacked the management and telling them the new management would call.... Now they refuse to speak to anyone, only the company that I have sacked. Its crazy. Don't worry I haven't made any more contact as I am very carefully treading. I am concentrating on how to deal with the management companys and yes thank you Littlesmiler I will contact tpos tomorrow.
  5. Having a nightmare. I posted before that our tenants (in our UK house) had redecorated without permission. They also have removed furnishing into ‘storage’ (her parents house) hung things from walls that they shouldn’t and are talking of ripping up the grass and putting down stones!!!! All breaches of their agreement. We decided we can’t be doing with all this worry so would put the house on the market, so I courteously let the tenants know our intentions and allowing them chance to make an offer before an agent wanted their cut. In the meantime I told the property management how annoyed I was that they had allowed all these breaches of tenancy to happen and she had not told us/ nor had she ‘told off’ the tenants (for want of a better term) So I requested all the documents with regards to the tenancy from her – although I didn’t say so it was so I could check up if they were doing their job properly (although I’m sure they realised this.) 3 weeks later despite almost daily reminders still no documents through. Only communication was accusing me of Harrassment because of my email to the tenants about wanting to sell l!!!!!!!!! WTF!!! After 3 weeks of waiting I rang the management and said I no longer want you acting as management you need to send everything to me immediately. I was promised it the next day... it arrived 5 days later... less the inventory. When the inventory did come it was poor to say the least. Numerous items missed off no mention of what was hanging on walls originally, no mention of colours or feature wallpapers; Basically a useless piece of paper. What also came to light was she had given them a 1 year tenancy agreement when we only agreed 6months!!!! Annoyingly this was a verbal agreement so difficult to prove. The management wants 3 months notice to ‘give up’ up their management. I told them to send me the 3 month bill but you are clearly not acting in our interests so I am handing over to new management immediately. No response. I again courteously rang the tenants and said new management are taking over is it ok to pass on your details to them. “yes, yes. Yes” also an agents want to come out to take photos for the property to go on the market for sale, again is it ok to pass on details “yes, yes, yes” ..... and then the line went dead. Giving the benefit of the doubt I assumed a bad line and tried again, no answer, then engaged, then rang and cut off.... so I sent a text ‘we appear to have been cut off, any questions or queries just let me know. Thanks’ A few days later the new property manager sends me an email ‘we have a big problem, can you call me.’ I rang, Tenants says current agent told him he is not to speak to anybody!!!Said he was throwing this ‘harrassment’ word around again. So I rang agent wanting to sell property, same story. I have sent current (sacked) agent a message saying why have you told them not to speak to anybody when we have requested you immediately hand over management. They repeated tenants are feeling harassed and are very upset about the situation. I will continue to manage the property for the next 3 months. She is creating a monster and we have no idea what to do. We have no control over what is happening. At the end of the day whats done is done (in terms of decoration) we just need to make sure it is managed properly so no further breaches happen - or if they do, that we know about them and appropriate action is taken. I guess if the rent comes on time for the next 3 months we will just have to bide our time. I have already formalised our complaint in writing to her saying we will want compensating. I just know these tenants are going to be trouble and suspect even at the end of their 1yr tenancy they are not going to leave. Just wanted to post on here for a little rant but also just wondering if anybody has any experience of challenging a property manager for compensation? I spoke to a solicitor but he was really unhelpful.
  6. Lauren82

    UK assured shorthold tenancy T&Cs

    Yes I am trying to compose myself before i actually speak to them, I think some choice words may come out if not. I am going to put something down in writing as its probably the safest bet but will definitely be ask for a copy of their signed agreement. I know we discussed that the house wasn't to be touch/changed and we left it in a really good condition anyway... but it just wasn't pink enough for them obviously! Apparently their friend is a professional decorator so Mum says they have had it done very well - its the without permission that gets me. I am going to have to get rid of the agent. Can't justify paying them anymore, feels like we have squatters, its like somebody has stolen our house.
  7. Hey guys, Just wondering if anybody happens to have a copy of the T&Cs of a standard UK shorthold tenancy agreement? tried googling but they all want paying and i'm sure I have a copy somewhere just can't lay my hands on it. We couldn't sell our house in the UK before moving over so left it in the hands of a 'trusted' property manager. The first tenants didn't pay on time, in full or sometimes at all so they were evicted. Grrr! So a new family moved in a few months ago. The agent had done an inspection and said everything was great with the new people and payments have been good so far but yesterday my parents went over to remove some things the last tenants had left and we had arranged at the same time for them to also do an inspection. Turns out the family have completely redecorated the house!! and without our knowledge or consent. My parents say its done nicely but not to our taste (its now Pink and glittery).... Not that it matters because we have no intention of going back but I am still actually really annoyed about it. Especially with the agent (assuming they knew of the redecoration from the last inspection.) Sounds pathetic really but we had some quite expensive feature wallpapers up which I was quite precious about and they have all been removed!!! I couldn't bring myself to ring the property manager last night I was so annoyed but will be ringing today to vent some steam and probably tell them they are no longer managing it. So yes, just wondering if anyone knows if tenants can redecorate without permission??
  8. Lauren82

    Vietnam Airlines - Ho Chi Minh City

    Had a quick scoot about the interweb. A lot of the websites related to the topic look a bit suspect so I will have to look a bit harder to make sure we're not lining a scam artists pockets. I read that you can get a visa on arrival but queues can be quite long and chaotic. I also found this website http://www.myvietnamvisa.com/ which suggests it will probably be about £55 for them both to have entry... but in my opinion that would be money well spent. I think I will probably ring the airline and/or travel agent to check what they say too. I wish it was me traveling through there - hoping they get as much enjoyment out of the experience, I am concious that they are wary travellers so it may be a bit much for them... but hopefully they will venture out rather than sit for 13hours in an airport!!! otherwise we will be picking up very grumpy/tired parents from the airport. Lol!
  9. Lauren82

    Vietnam Airlines - Ho Chi Minh City

    Yes, we thought it would be fab to go to. They land 7am and leave 8pm so could make a good day of it.... Just hoping they are allowed out. :-)
  10. Lauren82

    Vietnam Airlines - Ho Chi Minh City

    Hellooooo, Hope everyone is well!? We have family coming over to visit in July. There flight is with Vietnam Airlines and they have a lengthy lay over in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon.) Has anybody flown with the airline before? How were they? And does anybody know if they will be allowed to go outside of the airport for the day as they have a 13hr layover!!! I know in Singapore you can but don't know about the visa requirements here hoping somebody on here may be able to enlighten us. Thanks, Lauren
  11. Lauren82

    Identify the Insect!?!

    Thanks. Just glad to know its harmless.... and luckily my books are still travelling over in our container. :-)
  12. Lauren82

    Identify the Insect!?!

    Thank you. Do you think they could be coming out of the plug holes? or could they have a nest somewhere? We are only in this house another 6wks so maybe I'll just leave them to it.
  13. Lauren82

    Identify the Insect!?!

    Anybody know what this is? We have (baygon) bombed the house but in the mornings we always find 3 or 4 of these dead in the bathroom/laundry areas. They are not really bothering us just have no idea where they are coming from or what they are. Never see them during the day.
  14. Lauren82

    Singapore airlines - visa proof

    ok. will do thanks. x
  15. We are flying over with singapore airlines. We have unused 176 visas so are entitled to their double baggage allowance. My concern is they don't check visas until you are at the check in desk. We applied for our visa online so does anybody know, if we print the DIAC approval emails and online visa status will this keep them happy? or when they scan our passports is it all linked?