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  1. cheel

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    I've been waiting for my P5 176 to be granted for the last 5 years. I would prefer not to be associated with anything you think may help. I don't believe it will do anything but blow smoke up people asses! Think we all have waited long enough and will continue to wait as there is no way to move this forward apart from waiting. When I applied I didn't qualify in any other area apart from P5 so understood it would not be processed quickly. Wait....... Wait........ Wait.......... I applied May 5th 2009, I look forward to moving to Australia as soon as possible!!!
  2. cheel

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    I'm May 2009 176 applicant and I also have this message available. Don't want to be the negative one but I feel this maybe what the updates and outage of the system may have been. Looking at the bottom of the allocation table -
  3. cheel


    Thanks!!! Clears it all up. Am not on schedule 3, will go have a look at the SS side see if i can get promoted that way.
  4. cheel


    Hi Folks, I would like to if possible get some clarification on my situation. I applied on 03/05/09 176 family sponsored with occupation on the SOL list. I had previously thought i was Priority 4 and haven't looked at any new changes for some time. Had a look today and i see that those with occupations on the SOL list would be Priority 3 now. Does my occupation need to be on a new SOL list that i'm missing or does this apply to previous SOL list i was assessed initially under. Thanks for any advice given, Cheel
  5. Hi Folks, Am same as all of you. Non-CSL and family sponsored. I applied early May 09. My online status changed at start of October to Application being processed further. I was a bit sceptical this ment a CO. Got email from agent few days later with what diac had sent them. 'The department has considered the nominated occupation that is listed for this General Skilled Migration (GSM) application and determined that it is not one which is listed on the Critical Skills List (CSL)' 'As a result, this application must now be considered in line with the priority processing arrangements set out in a new Ministerial Direction, effective 23 September 2009.' Basically what i already knew...... Cheers and goodluck all cheel
  6. cheel

    Application being processed further ?

    No, well at least i didnt think i was. My ACS came back as NEC so no MODL no CSL. Also i'm not SS either. I am a little surprised if not dumbfounded .
  7. my status changed on the 1.10.09 to Application being processed further , does this mean a CO is allocated??
  8. cheel

    Victoria SS

    Hi Folks, Just lookign for advice/opinions. I am debating to try and apply for Victoria State Sposorship. I have a positive skilled assessment from ACS 2231-79 but no specialisation so no MODL. I understand that there skills list says specialisation but it also says it will take into factors such as family and previous visits both of which i have plenty of. I am thinking might as well try. Just wonder if it may be awaste of time and money. I am currently lodged with family sponsored 176 non modl/csl so looking for a bump up the list. Cheers, Cheel
  9. Thanks Tony. I'm sure i have read before about 1-3 prcoessing then the same applying to 4 and 5 i just didnt add it to my logic. Could you email or post on here Appendix A. 'If your nominated occupation is Accountant, ASCO code 2211-11 or Computing Professional (nec), ASCO Code 2231-79, see Attachment A.' This applies to me and would be good to see. Cheers, Cheel
  10. Am just thinking out loud. But since the changes on 1st of January i think a lot of people on CSL and MODL would have jumped to state sponsored 176 to move themselves up the list. From the state lists i looked at i think they covered the majority of CSL. So am thinking there will be a lower number of CSL's to be processed. Am sure there are still plenty on CSL/MODL to be precessed but maybe less than would have been ?? Again this is just in my head. I did have an email form one agent who thought that non MODL/CSL might be handed CO's in the next 3 - 4 months i would have thought thats folks from 08. Just my thoughts no actual fact behind that. Cheers, Cheel
  11. cheel

    ACS Advice please?!?!

    Stump it up when you apply for visa and for ACS assessment.
  12. cheel

    Working for UK company in OZ

    No problems Karin. More info th ebetter it all helps me out as well. I will be sure to ge tin touch if i find anything of interest. Cheers, Cheel
  13. Hi Folks, My current work in UK have been asking if i would like to continue working for them when i move to OZ. Obviously this will help big time as will continue to have cash straight away so pressure of job hunting is off. I'm just wonderring if anyone knows how the tax is handled in this case? Would you suggest being paid into OZ account or continued in to UK account, doe sit matter? Any ways any help much appreciated. Cheers, Cheel
  14. cheel

    ACS Skills Assessment Help

    thanks Ozcans, thats what worried me. if thats what it is, will just have to sit tight could be a while.
  15. cheel

    ACS Skills Assessment Help

    i think i was bout 6 weeks. it was a few months ago now. i cant actually remmeber what i put down on the visa form i think it may have been NEC. My degrees in Software engineering but job is more a general IT. From MODL list this is waht worried me as well about skills assessment - * Important: If you nominate one of the above specialist computing occupations, you will only be awarded MODL points if your skills assessment from the relevant Australian assessing body – the Australian Computer Society (ACS) states you have met the criteria to be recognised in one of the above specialisations. Skills assessments provided to successful applicants will state: the ASCO Code for Computer Professional not elsewhere classified (nec) with the specialisation stated in brackets - for example, 2231-79 (SAP) and the statement: 'Based on the provided certified documentation, it is my opinion that the applicant has 12 months experience in (name of specialisation, for example, SAP)'. Note: If you have a skills assessment which only states the ASCO Code for 'Computer Professional nec 2231-79', you are not eligible to be awarded MODL points. A new assessment with the above information will be required if you wish to claim MODL points. What you guys think? cheel