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  1. I’ve just started to look into this and not that clued up on mortgages and stuff! Was just hoping for any pointers, who to speak to, who not to speak and any advice from anyone that has recently done this. Anything on this at all would be greatly appreciated, Thanks a lot ?
  2. I’ve just started to look into this and not that clued up on mortgages and stuff! Was just hoping for any pointers, who to speak to, who not to speak and any advice from anyone that has recently done this. Thanks a lot ?
  3. That’a what I thought, thanks AJ
  4. I’ve been out the country for around 7/8 months on and off in the last 12 months due to helping look after a terminally family memeber at home. I was just wondering or rather hoping if anyone knew if there was any leeway given for these kind of circumstance as when applying you can only have been out the country for Max 90 days but I really need to get this application in ASAP? Any info or similar situations would be fab ? thanks
  5. Ash123

    Panel Doctors in Oz???

    Ive been requested to do my medicals but cant find a list of panel doctors in OZ anywhere! Please help!!!!!!:arghh:
  6. Ash123

    carpenter october test

    My OH passed wooohoo!! So we are off to perth on 5th October on a WHV until our Permanant visa comes through. Cant wait. My OH had also never done roofs so he bought some timber and practiced in the back garden. If he hadnt done that he would have failed!!! Hope all goes well for everyone. x
  7. My OH did the carpentry test on Monday 20th July and we had his results on 24th!!! Good luck! x
  8. Ash123

    carpenter october test

    Hey Lilliy mist, Just to say good luck, my OH done his test on monday too so i know how yous feel. The wait is agonosing!!! x
  9. Ash123

    carpentry acrington

    My OH is going to Accrington on 20th July!!! Ive book us a wee holiday for the 23rd as he is a nervous wreck and has been for month!!! Good Luck! x
  10. I dont know how or if you can attach docs to these things lol. But if you want the drafts i have pm me your email and will happly send you them. Nothing worse than not having a clue x
  11. Hey purplelady im am in the process of doing mine at the moment and its not as east as i first thought but i managed to get examples of how it should be layed out and what ti include. Iam new to all this so i will try and PM you the downloads that my agent sent to me. Hipe you find them as useful as i did. x
  12. Ash123

    Joint statements!!! Help!

    Ive just recived an e-mail from my agent regurding proof of my relationship, what evidence is need etc, but as we arent married and are living with his parents the only things we have are our joint bank acc, holiday itinarys pictures and things like that. But they want us to put into writting how we met? How the realtionship developed? How we support each other emotionally, physically and financally etc I have knowen my partner sine i was about 2 yrs old been together as a couple since we were 14!! So im struggling to narrow my life story down lol Was wondering if anyone has a template or have already done this and would be willing to share with me as we have to get another 6 letters from friends and family as well as our own version of events!!! Any help or advice would be much appreciated x x x
  13. I think everyone has been thinking the same thing with mess of things over here at the moment! We are hoping to lodge our visa in August then going out there on a working holiday visa in Oct so we will be going with practilly nothing:shocked:!!! But we have family over there and my oh will have a job when we get there. so we are just going for it!! Why not eh! And hopfully by the time we get our visa granted we will have saved up enough. Plus you can claim your tax back on a working holiday visa!! Dont give up!! x
  14. Ash123

    Super quick Visa!!!!!!!!

    Congrat!!! That was really lucky. All the best x
  15. Ash123

    Anyone from Glasgow????

    Thats great news:yes:!! Hope all goes well, keep us posted on the house sale. I cant wait till the day i open my e-mail or get that call telling me Im in!!! x