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  1. kuching

    Taxation Uk to Aus

    Hi All, this is a very informative post. I'm currently a PR, and just made my first visit last September, and already gotten TFN ready. But now back to Malaysia to settle my business. And will only be moving to Canberra next year February. We had just gotten 50% business shares sold, and we will be transferring the cash to Oz. Will this amount be taxed? Please enlighten me .. thanks a lot.
  2. kuching

    accommodation issues

    Thanks again, that's really helpful. I think we will have no choice but have to get a holiday accommodation for the first few weeks then..
  3. kuching

    accommodation issues

    Thanks p182. Would love to get some advice, is there a way for us to secure a long term accommodation before we actually arriving in Canberra? Or we could only go for a short term on arrival and slowly sort out for the long term?
  4. kuching

    When to head for Canberra....

    oh dear, after reading this, we start to get worry, as we are arriving on 7 February. Knowing the rental market is going to be horrible till end of Feb. What should we do ? :confused:
  5. kuching

    Moving to Canberra - The Reality Check

    yeah ..agree .. and sometime I checked on SUPABARN in the center too. :biggrin:
  6. kuching

    Arrive next week 6th October

    hi, my husband and I reached Canberra on 26 Sep but for this round, we will only stay for one month. Staying in Reid. nice neighbourhood, walking to Canberra Centre .. We hired a car and drove to Newcastle and Moss Vale, meeting friends. And we have done, bank account, tax file number and medicare. But seem we can't do the knowledge and driving test this round. They need us to show them the tenancy agreement for the residence proof. Hope everyone is doing great ..
  7. kuching

    Advice from ladies living in Canberra

    May I know is the price range for color + treatment + cut + wash + blow .. $150 - $250 ?
  8. kuching

    Current Address

    thanks! it's a relief to know that:) yahoo! :wink:
  9. kuching

    Current Address

    That's help. Thank you so much. Maybe I could get a PO Box for while I'm away. But will have to figure out for driving licence.
  10. kuching

    Current Address

    perhaps, I should get a long term rental, even though I might be coming back for a month or two yeah.. any ideas ?
  11. kuching

    Current Address

    I haven't mentioned that, we might be coming back for 1 to 2 months. Wonder if we could get a PO Box for the period when we are away .. and can PO Box be used as the postal address for TFN, bank, driver's licence ..etc. thanks
  12. kuching

    Current Address

    Hi All, I'm in a confused state now. Really need your advice here ... Well, first of all, we will be flying in to Canberra on the 27 Sep. We booked the flights early this year and was thinking that we would be able to settle all the business here back home. But we are wrong, looking at the situation now, we might need to fly back after the 4 weeks stay in Canberra. So will be leaving Canberra after 24 Oct for awhile. For the 4 weeks we have had a furnished apartment booked at Reid. We would try to sort out TFN, Medicare, Bank, Driver's Licence, etc.. during the 4 weeks stay in Canberra. Now our questions are: 1) Can we open TFN with the temporary holidays apartment address? 2) How about Driver's Licence, do we need to proof our current residency ? can we use the temporary address? 3) Bank .. we had registered online with NAB, and started transferred fund into it when rate is good. When we reach we will go to activate the account showing our passport, do we need to also provide them with the address? Please advice .. Many thanks!! :hug:
  13. kuching

    Proof of your Medicare eligibility

    thanks Cat4er, yes you are right about it, I just checked and confirmed that I have to be in Australia for the application. But I don't know about the 1.5% to pay from my income taxes. How does it go about? Does the payment starts even if I have not yet started working and total zero income?
  14. kuching

    Proof of your Medicare eligibility

    Hi, sorry if my question sounds dump.. Is it that we can enrol for Medicare even if we haven't move to Australia? And do not have a permanent address in Australia? I have gotten my PR last December and will only be moving to Canberra for good this September. Does that mean that I can register myself via the internet now? http://www.medicareaustralia.gov.au/public/files/3101-medicare-enrolment-application.pdf Please advice. Thanks heaps! :biggrin:
  15. kuching

    2 weeks in Canberra - Our thoughts so far

    Suzanne, thanks for your informative post. It really give some ideas and feel of how the move is going to be for us. Thanks