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    Has anyone moved from Canberra to Adelaide?

    Yes we did! Lived in Canberra for nearly a year and decided it just wasn't for us, a bit like your husband found it small & rather boring. Have now lived in Adelaide for 3 years and love it, we live south of Adelaide and just 10mins drive from some fantastic beaches (better than driving 2 hours to Batemans Bay!!), McLaren Vale (10mins away & the Barossa Valley (1 hour) if you enjoy a glass or 2 of wine. Housing is cheaper here than Canberra, obviously you don't get paid as much as you would in Canberra so swings & roundabout's, we rented for a year when we first came here and then bought as we knew this was the right place for us. Adelaide city is great, plenty of shops, restaurants, bars, things to do, yes it is small compared to Sydney & Melbourne but with a population of over 1 million its not that small. We settled here easily and both got jobs within a month of moving here, that was 3 years ago and I know the job situation in Adelaide has changed since then but there are jobs out there. It was a scary thing to do after moving from the UK to Canberra and then a year later moving to Adelaide but so glad we did it, come for a visit first if you can to check out the suburbs and areas. Any questions more than happy to help. Rich
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    thanks it is - I can't wait - doesn't seem the same without the dog here.
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    Can I just be clear on this...for annual innoculations etc you would usually just shop around or do you mean you tend to use the same one every time? Sorry, its just very different from the UK - we had to be registered with one and they kept all the animal's health records.
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    Hi Our dog is due out of quarantine in a week, and was just wondering about vets over here (Canberra). Do you need to have your pet registered with a vet over here like you do in the UK or can you just use anyone. Thanks in advance Rich:biggrin:
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    One Month In Canberra -Report (long post)

    Hi I think the next pio meet up is on the 2/10/11 at Tidbinbilla, but I think there could be one before this as well not to sure, just keep an eye on this forum and you will see. The meet ups are just people from this site who have either just recently arrived to Canberra or have been here a while and they are a great source of info if you have just arrived as we found out, plus you get to meet some great people and have a laugh for a few hours...plus a drink as well if you fancy it,defo recommend going if you can Rich
  6. Hi, having been here for a month now, I thought it might be useful for those of you getting ready to come over if I noted down a few tips/observations which might be helpful for you in the first few weeks. These are obviously all my own opinion, and others may disagree, but hopefully it might help a bit...here goes! Accommodation: Compared to the UK, renting and buying here is expensive. Most people seem to get a short term furnished let for a month or so and then try and secure a longer term unfurnished. That was what we did: got a furnished let in Ainslie which is inner North (about 10 mins walk from the city centre). Staying in the city was handy for banks, shops etc, especially if you don't have a car organised. However, most of the suburbs have pretty good shops and nowhere is really that far from a supermarket - so don't feel you have to stay in the city if you don't want - Canberra is not really that big a place, so if you have a car, you are 20 mins at most from anywhere unless you are right on the outskirts. Word of warning -it is cold here at the moment at night and if possible try and get somewhere with ducted heating or at least plug in radiators - you will need them. I have already posted re longer term lets - try and get on to this as soon as you get here - viewings are generally very quick (15 mins) and you will not be the only people looking. Again, I would warn you that there are some shockers out there - we saw quite a few properties with original (1950-1970s) kitchens!! At least 2 we viewed were bascially uninhabitable. Depends on what you want and what you are prepared to pay - we have ended up in Weston Creek which is about 10k west of city - nice area and nice house too - not ultramodern but good roomms and good size yard for our dog. A lot of people say that the newer developments up North (Forde, Gungahlin) are better equipped and modern as they are new builds - but they are on smaller plots and tend not to have large grassy gardens - depends on what suits you I guess. Now is a good time to rent - competition is not so fierce - we put in for this house we are in and got it, maybe lucky. If you are not working, make sure you provide agent with a bank statement with plenty cash in it if possible - they are ultimately interested in who can pay the rent! Shopping Ive read quite a lot about prices here - a lot of which isn't true. Some things are a bit more expensive whereas others are definately cheaper. For example, microwaves are for some strange reason more expensive than in the UK - bring yours if you can; whereas TVs and laptops are cheaper - I bought a pretty high spec laptop for about 400 quid - would have been more in UK. If you are buying electricals, barter with them - and try and buy as much as you can at one time as you will get a better deal if you are buying 2 or 3 items at once - the Good Guys in Belconnen or Fyshwick were very good and were prepared to do a deal. Supermarket shopping is different from UK - the two main supermarkets, Woolies and Coles tend just to sell food, not everything like Tesco or Asda. Also, the alcohol is sold in adjoining liquor stores - dont spend ages looking for the wine aisle like I did!! If you are going in to buy Heinz beans and other UK brands you will pay more, but shop around and buy bulk when you can as you get a better deal. Meat prices here are really good - steaks and chicken are very well priced - especially if you buy a lot. A kg of chicken breast cost us about 10 dollars - thats maybe 6 quid - pretty good. There is a Costco opened out at the airport - some of our new pals here have joined it and say that it has great savings on household products etc. again, if you buy in bulk - I think its about 60 dollars to join. Veggies and fruit can be bought cheaper outwith the supermarkets - most shopping centres have vegetable/fruit markets - plus there is a farmers market just north of the city at the Canberra Exhibition park every Saturday morning from 8ish - we got good prices on great frsh vegetables and meat there. For kitchen, bedding etc. i can't see past K Mart, Target and Big W: especially when you first get here because they are cheap and if you are waiting for your shipping, there is no point in spending a fortune. They are basically all like Matalan in the UK. There are also quite a lot of "pound shops" which are great for dish cloths, kitchen basics etc. - they also sell some brand toiletries and cleaning products cheaper than the supermarkets. We got a set of plates, cups, mugs and cutlery from K Mart for 19 dollars which was great. They also sell microwaves, irons etc and have pretty good prices. For furniture, Fantastic Furniture in Fyshwick was great - modern stuff but reasonably priced and really quick delivery. Cars OK - basically second hand cars are more expensive (by a lot) than in UK, but new cars are reasonably priced - I bought a second hand toyota and actually wished Id paid another 4 or 5 thousand dollars and bought a new one! Buying the car was the same as UK - haggle with them and if they don't budge - walk away - they will chase you!! The system here is that a car has to be registered in the State you live in - each state has its own numberplates! If possible, try and buy a car registered in ACT as then you don't have to change the registration and the plates (if you buy one not registered in ACT bring a screwdriver - or get one from K Mart as i did!) You have to go to 'Canberra Connect' to register a car - there is one in Dickson, inner North. You need proof of residency to register - they basically needed a passport, bank card with your name embossed on it, a medicare card (or the temporary receipt if you don't have it yet) and a lease agreement. The lease agreement has caused some people problems, particularly if it is a short term arrangement and not a formal lease - if possible try and ensure you get a formal lease if you are intending to register a car. The folks at Connect told me they will take a short term lease as long as it is for occupancy of an entire unit - e.g. a standalone house. I could go on forever about cars and drivers licences - so if anyone has any specific questions please let me know - I've just been through it all and happy to help! Misc Medicare - go into Medicare centre in city asap after you have filled out the form, which you can print off from internet - just search for 'Medicare'. They give you a temporary receipt - you can then use as a proof of ID. Medicare cards arrived a few weeks later. Insurance: get home insurance asap - renters insurance is pretty cheap here. Tax number: go online asap and apply for this - it took about 4 weeks for ours to come through. Banks - make sure you get a visa debit card asap - NAB seem to give you a basic card if you organised an account from the UK, but you can go on to their internet banking and request a visa debit - took about 10 days to come through. We are so far enjoying Canberra - its a really nice location and the folks are all friendly. Great wildlife on your doorstep and good weather to see it. The first 4 weeks or so will be hectic - ours have been, but just try and sort one thing out at once and remember that some things take time to organise. Oh, and i would recommend the PIO meet ups - we went along to the last one and met some nice people who we are now friends with. Good luck and enjoy the experience!! :wacko:
  7. Hi We used SevenSeas to ship over 2 tea chest boxes full of clothes (upto30kg in each box) to Canberra, cost was about £150 for both, but also need to pay about $90 when they arrive for customs and quaratine clearance, SevenSeas where very efficent and they supply everything you need and its a door to door service and we got our boxes delivered this week in perfect condition. Rich
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    Rental Success!!

    Hi Guys, first off, just like to say how nice it was to meet those of you who attended the meet up. Just had to post to say that we heard today that we got our long term rental in Weston Creek - exactly where we wanted to be - made up!! First one we applied for too, and its my birthday today - how good is that?! As far as the applications go, word of advice - bank statement with as much $$ as you can muster - especially if you are not yet working - I'm sure that's what swung it for us. Apart from that, the previous advice on this forum site was invaluable re application pack - we went for as much ID as we could find as you need 100 points (passports, Medicare cards, driving licences, birth certificates) along with reference from UK landlord, letter of introduction and the copy of an Oz bank statement - oh and we put in a mortgage statement from the UK to prove we are responsible payers. Oh, and be nice to the agent showing the property - ours definately knew who we were after the viewing - might have helped a bit. Anyway, happy to share letters etc we provided if it would help anyone - PM only. Richard & Steven:smile::biggrin:
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    Visa granted!!!

    Just wanted to add my congratulations as well Tasha..its been a long time coming, hope you enjoy the rest of the journey. Rich & Steven
  10. Richste

    Canberra Beer and Burgers meet up 31st July

    Thanks Nik for arranging this, it was great to meet everyone, especially as we are the newbies in Canberra it was good to get some tips and advice from you all. Look forward to the next one. Cheers Rich & Steven
  11. Hi Helen, I applied for the 176 State Sponsored (ACT) Visa as a 'Contracts Manager' - my role in the UK was as a 'office manager' of a team in a University - a lot of HR, staff management, appraisal etc, as well as carrying out a specific legal/contracts function. There wasn't really any category in the skills list that fitted my post exactly, but i would advise reading through the detailed descriptions carefully as I bet some of the categories will have requirements that you do/can do in your UK post. Have you checked with the ACT Business and Migration Dept. If you are using an agent, check with them as our agent gave us great advice as to what job category to apply for based on asking me lots of questions about my UK job role: it was worth it using the agent for this alone. Hope this might help you a wee bit. Steven
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    Help With Cars!

    Hi everyone, now that we have been here in Canberra for 3 days and are starting to get things sorted out, the time has come to start thinking about buying a car. been looking through PIO for advice re this and there are bits and pieces in there, but it seems that the situation is different in each State. If anyone doesn't mind taking the time to help, can we ask advice on the following please: 1. What do you have to do when you buy a car - registration etc. 2. What paperwork should the seller provide with the car - something called a 'Road Worthy'?? 3. Any recommendations re dealers in Canberra and what they should be offering for the price - i.e. warranties etc. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!! Steven & Richard
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    Canberra Beer and Burgers meet up 31st July

    It was Telstra who we had the problem with for the mobile broadband, took from 3.00pm to 11.00pm to get sorted out last night, but its working fine now (touch wood), and for all the hassle they gave us 5gb extra credit..bonus!! so quite like them now!! Rich
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    Canberra Beer and Burgers meet up 31st July

    Hi guys, yes we arrived ok yesterday thanks, a bit tired but feeling good today, until trying to sort out mobiles and broadband what a nightmare!!See you for beer and burgers. Rich & Steven
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    Canberra Beer and Burgers meet up 31st July

    Hi Cal, yes plenty!! If you are staying in the city the taxi in is about 20 singapore $, great service, takes about 25 minutes. We are staying at Changi which is not in the city - a bit quieter - Changi Village hotel. A good (cheap) day trip is the boat trip from Changi ferry point in Changi Village to the island Pulau Ubin - its 2.50 each way and on the island you can hire bikes and ride around in about 1 hour - great wildlife - lizards, monkeys etc. and plenty places to get a drink and a snack. If you are planning on going to Universal Studios on Sentosa island take your wallet - it is expensive! The cable car ride over to Sentosa is great though - $26 return per adult. In the city you will find western style supermarkets in the shopping malls, they sell all the essentials and you can get beers/wine there cheaper than the hotel prices which are pretty steep. Night safari is worth a look if you like animals in the dark! Actually its a really good trip. Use the SMRT (underground) system to get around - it is really easy to use and cheap. They have automated ticket machines where you select your destination on a touch screen, so pretty easy. Hope this helps - any specific questions let me know. Steven and Richard