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  1. missshelly

    Shipping car

    Has anyone had problems getting speedo changed on car to ship back to UK we have a Prius and cannot get the speedo changed not even Toyota will do this it's only a year old and bought before we decided to move back we want to ship back rather than lose so many $$$$$ any ideas british customs will not accept into country unless speedo changed from KMs to MPH
  2. missshelly

    Moving From Melbourne to the UK

    Hi kms we are also leaving Melbourne for UK early 2015 ish we just sent a move cube back with all the essentials we had the small move cube $750 that includes insurance will send a container nearer the time
  3. missshelly

    South of England

    Chortle puss I wish I was going sooner too just have to sell house etc we came from West Sussex but will be moving back to Surrey Hampshire area hopefully hope you find work Paul also my husband who is an occupational therapist has to find a job we were originally going back around July ( summer time ) but I convinced my hubby to go back earlier
  4. missshelly

    South of England

    Anyone moving back to the south of England in 2015 would love to hear from you and how the move back planning is going
  5. missshelly

    Shipping pets without a transport agency?

    We have been quoted approx $4000 with jet pets melbourne to Heathrow for 3 cats they do everything so takes some pressure off the big move back
  6. missshelly

    Securing rental

    Thankyou for replies all our family back in UK one of our reasons to return we will be in a position to buy a house quite easily (hopefully) but want to rent so we make sure we buy the right house this is dependent on where hubby gets job hopefully south of UK as children are in Surrey
  7. missshelly

    Securing rental

    We are returning to UK in new year and want to rent before buying a house please can anyone give advise on how they went about securing a rental . documents required etc paying 6 months advance rent is not a problem any comments greatly appreciated .
  8. missshelly


    After 7 happy years here we will be returning to UK in New year was not an easy decision Becoming grandparents was our turning point as they are in UK in fact all our family is what has amazed me is how negative our English friends are towards our move back we all have our reasons and it's not a cheap easy decision to make i am very excited and scared at the same time but I remember having the same feelings when we started our journey to Oz this time will be harder as we have to sell our house here and OH has to find employment but I know it's the right decision for us and we are looking forward to the new phase of our life with our family
  9. missshelly

    Not the only one

    Hi we have been here 7 years are citizens but are returning to the UK as we have become grandparents children still in uk i know there will be a lot of told you so,s but I can suck it up and enjoy my family I know I am following my heart
  10. missshelly

    Hello all

    Where are you planning on heading too my husband is a community occupational therapist if you want info pm me
  11. missshelly

    Working in Deerpark (west melbourne), where to settle?

    Hi Karen did we meet for coffee once in werribee ? I come from Eastleigh too michele
  12. missshelly

    Some help with western suburbs??!!

    Hi we live in Wyndham vale and its very nice, not industrial at all buses and train links good and good local amenities good luck
  13. Yep we did 4 years ago and havnt looked back:mad:
  14. missshelly

    Wills - UK or Aus?

    We recently made a will here in Oz after alot of shopping around we have a lawyers firm that do wills that are valid here and in the Uk we have assets in both countries hope this helps
  15. missshelly

    Victoria or Queensland??

    Has to be Melbourne:biggrin: