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  1. mchugh1980

    Northerners happier than Southerners...

    Just moved from Harrogate to Hampshire! There are so many great places to live north and south I reckon.
  2. mchugh1980

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Oh my god you are waiting 15 years, are you crazy! I was in oz but left to apply for permant residence so I could work and further my career. By being on a temp visa you are not consdidered for promotions or pay increases and may miss out on training and career development. Not something I am comfortable with. Can you get bank loans, mortgages etc? Doubt it. Your life is on hold. At the time my choice was based on the facts given by diac that my skill was needed and processing would be 1 year. I think that's reason to complain to some extent, but I also pity the onshores and I can't imagine getting sick of hearing them complain..what a strange comment!
  3. mchugh1980

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Well same sh#t different year so far diac! As a 176 FS December 2008 applicant my patience is well and truly exhuasted. Maybe next update...maybe next year... Some guy said next summer... Some guy said next decade we are defo getting processed! I didn't realise I would have to practise voodoo and fortune telling in an effort to get into Australia! Ah well... what will be will be and I guess they haven't said no yet. However at least that would offer closure and I could really do with the money refunding right now! I just hate all the lies and the lack of professionalism on their part. Not giving people clear facts and dates or expectations is criminal. How funny that Diac consider having a family network in oz waiting to help and support you in your new life a negative point when choosing who to process! :wacko:
  4. mchugh1980

    Case officer after 4 years and 2 months...there is hope

    That's great news! I'm really happy to finally see movement in the CAT5 mess! I'm a CAT5 176 who has been waiting for almost 4 years! It really is good to see people getting CO's. I hope you get a speedy grant, good luck!
  5. mchugh1980

    CAT 5 OFFSHORE Family Sponsored where are you now?

    Hi everyone, well sadly we have to agree with you all! The new update isnt looking good for us FS We were just travelling back from a little holiday this morning and thought we would check if the update had come, kinda wish we hadnt now as we were instantly gutted to hear their 'statement' about FS visas and I then felt awful and cried most of way home, this put a dampner on the holiday!!! I think it is like Arshad says above, we may see some movement end of next financial year, but we cant all sit around waiting for DIAC to give us a break so I dont know about you but were gonna carry with life and put our thoughts of oz to the back of our minds! Claire
  6. mchugh1980

    CAT 5 OFFSHORE Family Sponsored where are you now?

    hi all, glad to see you have joined the thread, and thanks for agreeing that it was much needed! I was hoping there may be some news by now, but that's just wishful thinking! Fingers crossed we may know our fate this week! Claire
  7. mchugh1980

    CAT 5 OFFSHORE Family Sponsored where are you now?

    Hi Vincenz, there should be no problems with your passport, you can just add your new details using a change of circumstance form, I have changed my passport twice due to expiry then marriage! Claire
  8. Hi to all the CAT 5 OFFSHORE FAMILY SPONSORED people Well Im sure as like me you have been religiously following the 'New Category 5's - Where are you now?' thread (sometimes more than once a day!!!) Just thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread for us Family Sponsored OFFSHORER's as the majority of the other thread has been predominantly based around the ONSHORE peeps This thread will just give us an idea of how many there are of us out there awaiting our visas and will give us the opportunity to track the progress of any new updates and issues that arise, aswell as a place to vent our concerns!!!!!! We've got our fingers crossed that come Monday any changes or updates work in our favour and that they begin to process the 176 visa class Our timeline is as follows 176 Family sponsored visa applied Online 16th December 2008 business and info professionals (NEC) Feel free to add your timeline too! So come on peeps lets stay positive and keep our fingers crossed over the weekend that 2012/2013 will be our year!!!! Thanks all Claire, Liam and Baby Joey
  9. mchugh1980

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Amazing!! Great news, really pleased for you VB!
  10. mchugh1980

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    I think we have to show some respect to VB, he has waited far too long. He has had a CO, then the rules changed,and many years later he is still waiting. I have never seen DIAC process so quickly as they have been recently, I think this is due to not hitting tagets and therefore the boss has told them to process CAT5 until the quota's are met. What happens in July when the rules change again, who knows? All members who have got CO's but no grant by then, may suffer a similar fate to VB, then how long are you prepared to have patience! I have been waiting since 2008, and I have seen DIAC change the game many times. I understand his frustrations, having faith is hard when the rules change so often, and the wait is indefinate. I really hope they continue to process all us CAT5, and I like to think having faith will pay off! Good luck everyone!
  11. mchugh1980

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Arrgghh!! Pushed to the bottom again!! I guess it's only 2 months until the new financial year, then the picture will be more clear and us family sponsored peeps may find out more. I sometimes find it hard to belive what DI-CRAP say though! My application was to take 12 months to process, that was in DEC 2008 ha! Congrats to all that have CO's, good luck!
  12. mchugh1980

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    I really hope they start off-shore CAT5 processing soon, we have waited long enough now ha!! I was a lot younger and slimmer when I put the application in! I think this is the closest we have ever been to actually being processed since the tables turned in 2009. I wish the best of luck to all members who have been waiting so long, I think we have earned our visa's for sure!
  13. mchugh1980

    change of circumstance - new baby

    Oops meant to add agent also said to just wait until get CO to add baby, is it worth adding before or not? Thanks
  14. mchugh1980

    change of circumstance - new baby

    Hey Everyone Just got a query re adding my 6 month old son to our visa application We are cat 5 Dec 2008 offshore applicants and we are remaining hopeful that one day we might get our visa so we have got our son a passport and we want to add him to our application I have been given the 1022 change of circumstance form by my agent and have been told to add my baby's name, dob and passport number on the form and to then post along with relevant evidence copies (passport page, birth cert) etc to Adelaide processing centre, I queried if this could be added online but was advised I can only post the docs manually Just wondering if anyone has done this and if so how they went about sending the info Thanks for your help Claire, Liam and baby Joey.