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    Calling any Poms in Peth

    Hi we a couple in rocko. Can relate to what you looking for. We been in rockingham since 2010 have settle here. Shaz is 44. Carl is 45.if you passing be good to say hi.that for any one.
  2. Sounds good. We free most weekends. But hubby is away for 3 weeks. My no is on here if anyone wants to meet up befor. 0449855918.
  3. Hi we in shazncarl. We been here for 2yrs. I'm 43 wife is 40. If u like to meet up 0449855918. Text or ring.
  4. Hi. Yes all settle in good. 0449855918. If you want to meet up. If you want to call. Just say it is of here. Been here 2years now. Be happy to pass on info. Thanks for replying. Hope catch up. Shaz n Carl.
  5. Hi. Yes be good we in Waikiki. If I give u my hubby no maybe could meet up PM ME.name is Carl. Let him no it is off here. He be expecting yr call. Thanks for replying. Shaz n carl.
  6. shaxncarl

    Visa Approved at last

    Hi All Just wanted to let you all know that our visa 856 was approved on the 21st April. We are now permanent residents. It was a very long slog, (approx 2 years) and very expensive. Many disappointments along the way, and many periods of just waiting, waiting, waiting. For those of you that are having second thoughts, please bare with it. AUSTRALIA IS THE PLACE TO BE. Wanted to say thankyou to all those on here that give people advise and guidance on how to get through this very tricky process. We wish you all well in your journey. Best wishes and a big thank you. Sharon and Carl :hug:
  7. shaxncarl

    Is there a limit on how many employees you can sponsor?

    Hi My employer at the moment, has 7 457 running and 3 employers in the process of gaining a 856. I think they just have to prove that they cant get local's to fullfill the positions available. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi Everyone Any information or help would be greatly received. We moved here on a 457 and then we were lucky enough to have an employer that was willing to transfer straight to an 856. We have been on a bridging visa now since sept 2011 and been told that we now have been allocated a case officer. However, last week out of the blue we had a visit from DIAC, this was called a 'compliance visit'. They wanted to talk to me and my employer asking lots of questions regarding what I do, on a daily basis. Then spoke to my employer without me there asking about their finances etc and wanting more detailed information. Has anyone experienced a 'compliance visit' and if so what was the outcome. Just really panicking now that they will find something and send us back to the UK. Oh how stressfull this all is. Makes you think was it all worth it. ANY info would be helpful. Thanks sharon and carl.
  9. shaxncarl

    onshore timeframe for 856

    Hi All Has anyone been recently granted a onshore ENS (Employers Nomination Sponsorship). 856. We are living the dream in Australia already, but waiting for the visa to come through. Would love to hear any information from anybody.
  10. shaxncarl

    Rockingham, south of the river

    Hi All Its typical that when you are all meeting we dont look on the site for replies until after the event. We would love to meet with everyone that is willing. We will surely make the next get together, as we need adult company. Just give us more notice if possible.
  11. Hi My family, (hubbie and two boys, 13 and 15) emigrated in September 2010. We have settled now and live in Waikiki, however we are missing the socialising and friends. We are in our early 40's and young at heart. Looking for likeminded people that understand friends, and family are important. Shaz n carl:cute:
  12. Hi All Just a quick update to let you know my time frame for the onshore 856. We are living in Western Australia. We lodged our 856 from a 457 in September 24th 2011. We have just been told last week that we have been given a case officer and will now take approx 3-4 weeks to complete. So all together the process from lodgement has taken approx 6 and half months. We have therefore been on a bridging visa for this amount of time, which kind of leaves you in the land of limbo, not really sure what is happening. Just thought this information might help someone. Knowing how stressfull the whole move overhere can be. Dont assume this process will be a quick one, because it really isnt. Shaz n Carl
  13. Hi We emigrated to Australia in September this year after a very long and anxious process. We had a very good network of friends in England that we have regrettably left at home. We lived in Portsmouth (south of england) So we are seeking friends in and around the area of Rockingham, Waikiki. I am 40 hubbie is 41. 3 kids, 21 year old daughter, that is still in england, coming over after she finishes her degreee. Two boys 14 and 13. We are very social just trying to adjust to the australian way of life. Any meet ups or get togethers we would be interested in. Cheers. Sharon and Carl.
  14. shaxncarl

    ENS 856 Onshore - Timeframe

    Hi Has anyone have an idea on how long the 856 ENS Applications are taken. We lodged ours approximately 4 weeks ago. Not heard anything if we have a case office or anything. Any information would be appreciated. Sharon and Carl
  15. Hi Bennyboy, Our process was a lengthy one and we changed our options of visa when we realised that we had a very long wait with our orginal route of Regional State Sponsorship. I came over to Aussie in March 2010 and applied for jobs the usual way but was stating that I would require a sponsorship from the employer on a 457. I was extremely lucky that I was successful and then went home and started the process of applying for visa's etc. We didnt do this on our own and had the experience of a agent (John Mumford) From Visa Unit, based in Hove, Sussex. Anyway, we thought things would take a while and by the time I had negioated contracts, money and hours with my prospective employer we eventually lodged our application in August 2010. This took approx 4 weeks to process. And then I had a start date of 13 Sept for work. Our initial 457 was only for one month and we are now on a bridging visa waiting for DIAC to process our Employer Nomination Sponsorship (856 ENS),. This has been estimated that it is going to take approx 5 months as we are onshore, so apparently is a quicker process as we are already living here. Once this has been completed we are permanent residents. We are now living in Lakelands, with my parents, looking to move to Waikiki in the next few months. Our boys 12, and 14 start school on Monday, which is a private school and costing us $4k each per year. So we are now living the dream. My hubbie took approx 4 weeks to get a job, but that was taking his time and only really looking in the last 2 weeks. We class ourselves to be very lucky and realise that to do this you need to know everything there is to know about visa's as they change so often and times frames always get longer. We would just like to take this opportunity to recommend John Mumford as an Agent. Kind thougths Sharon n Carl.