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  1. mickjthom

    How long did you rent for before buying?

    The big problem is finding a decent rental in Perth. On the other hand, a lot of indicators are pointing to a slowdown in the mining boom so that will have an obvious impact on housing demand, both rental and purchase.I've rented for two years and I'm thinking of buying. However, I work in property so get exposure to all the stats and sentiment from housing market (Housing insiders always tell you its a great time to buy no matter what the market conditions are but privately they are worried). From what I can gather, there's further correction on the horizon. Not talking significant falls, just stagnating or declining prices. I'm only going to proceed in buying if I think its a good deal.Good luck whatever you decide
  2. mickjthom

    Scottish Family's in North Perth

    Hi Nikki, Sent you a PM. I'm originally from Glasgow but grew up in Livingston though stayed a few more years in Glasgow when I was at Uni. My wife Dawn is from Edinburgh. Drop us a note and we can catch up with the families. Cheers
  3. mickjthom

    Scottish Family's in North Perth

    Hi Nikki, We are fellow Scots. I'll send you a PM with contact details. We in Woodvale at moment but thinking about moving up your neck of the woods. Know how it feels, everyone is lovely but its sometimes good to hear a familiar accent!
  4. mickjthom

    Rental Availibilty NOR

    We've rented 2 different properties, both from West Australian. We got sick of going to viewings arranged by agents and seeing 10/15 different folk filling out applications. There seem to be less people viewing properties let privately but the standard of property is no better in most cases. We've seen properties via agencies that I wouldnt let farm animals inhabit. Some real sh*tholes. Advocado bath suites are ridiculed in the UK, here it seems compulsory
  5. totally agree with Lexylou. We've been in Woodvale since arriving in Aug 10. Love the area. Close to everything and a great suburb. We're heading back to Scotland for a visit soon. Looking foward to it (except for the cold). Good luck with the move
  6. mickjthom

    woodvale, Edgewater and Kingsley

    Hi Sharon, I also in Woodvale. We never saw any furnished rentals in Woodvale at all and we looked for a month back in August. Its all unfurnished here from what I can see. There were some furnished apartments in Joondalup, but thats all we saw. Good luck. I'll keep an eye out too. Presume you've checked www.realestate.com.au? Mick
  7. mickjthom

    Are house prices set to tumble in Oz?

    I work in property and alongside some folk who know the business inside and out. Several of them have sold recently and stuck the money in the bank. They're renting now and dont think they'll go back into the market for several years. Plus the US/UK hedge funds are shorting Oz banks, property companies. These guys saw (some also say caused) the GFC coming and made billions out of it. They're rarely wrong. The bubble will burst, hopefully its a slow process rather than an overnight thing:cry:
  8. mickjthom

    To move from Melbourne to Perth

    I'm past it now as well so cant really comment on the nightlife though I get the impression its not that bad from the young folk in my work. Everything's relative though and if you've been used to Melbourne, its going to be a bit of a limiter. Good luck anyway and congratulations
  9. mickjthom

    Help Help Pregant and no Health Insurance

    Thanks for the responses guys, you dont know how much relief I feel that having the baby in Oz is an option now. We seriously thought that we'd have to go back to the UK otherwise our meagre savings would be decimated. Ultimately, its a decision for my wife where to have the baby. This is one area where a pig headed scotsman just has to do what he's told! Thanks for taking your time Mick
  10. We've literally just heard my wife's pregnant with our 3rd child. We're still in shock and not had not planned this. We've only been in Perth for 3 months and took out private health care in last 6 weeks. This wont cover us as there's 12 month waiting period. Does anyone know how much a maternity costs are in Oz? Whats the maternity care like in a public hospital? Me and the wife are just staring, speechless into the distance at the moment and are too shocked to speak. Suppose I should know how babies arrive by now and be more bloody careful! Help, we dont know whether we'd be better going back to the UK, albeit hopefully on a temporary basis, before returning in a year's time or so. Mick
  11. mickjthom


    Hi Annette, My wife and I and our two kids live in Woodvale. We like the area, there's plenty local shops, schools, health centres, a local library and good bus links to Joondalup and Whitfords train station (20min ride into town). There's a british style pub and variety of restaurants/take aways. In the centre of Woodvale there's about 3/4 adjoining parks. There's also tennis courts near the high school and one side of Woodvale is surrounded by national parkland. There's 3 primary schools (one catholic private) and Woodvale senior school which has a good reputation I understand. We're not too enthused by the primary school our kids go to and are considering changing though. Overall, I'd recommend it. We drove round plenty suburbs (basically every suburb north of Padbury, south of Joondalup) and this was the best on appearance for us. I'd like to stay in the area in the longer term Cheers Mick
  12. mickjthom

    Newby needing to settle quickly

    Hi Jade, Thought I'd share my experience with you as it has some relevence. We moved over in August and initially stayed with friends in Tapping. Within a couple of weeks we secured a rental in Woodvale which is south of Joondalup and north of Greenwood/Duncraig. In hindsight, we would have preferred to spend a bit more time looking for something and kind of jumped at 1st half decent place just because we didnt want to impose on friends for too long. Basically, if you're not too fussy over decor/pool/price you can find somewhere pretty quickly. We werent too fussy imo but have to say you seriously would not believe the money some landlords want for some houses. Dont be surprised to see advocado toilet suites and cork/pine hellholes below a certain price bracket. I commute daily to CBD. We're just off a main road in Woodvale called Trappers Drive. In the morning and evening, there's buses every 10/15 mins or so that take you 5 mins to Whitfords station (one stop up from Greenwood). Trains are every 5 mins or so. Door to door I can be at work in 45 mins which isnt bad considering bus/train/walk from Perth station. One thing to watch is that not all train stops have linked bus stations (dont think Greenwood has but could be wrong) but buses will pass nearby I'm sure. For me, the commute is easier than UK. I used to travel similar distance into Edinburgh and its a more pleasant journey save for a few flies, occasional bogan and a bit of overcrowding. Hope info useful. Anything else please ask and hope it all goes well for you Michael
  13. mickjthom

    The Glasgow Curry House

    They look disgusting. Feel sorry for you
  14. mickjthom

    The Glasgow Curry House

    Can see from a later post that you work there. Perhaps you should have clarified that from the start, your opinion is hardly objective if you work there! I've seen and heard enough, will be giviing this place a bodyswerve
  15. mickjthom

    The Glasgow Curry House

    I heard it was rotten. And thats from two people used to eating in a number of Glasgow's curry houses