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  1. hawkwoodsonthemove

    House not selling

    We sold our last house last October. Zoopla put an estimated value on our house £100k less that it was valued by 3 agents! I would not go on the Zoopla estimated valuation as they have not seen the house or the area - nor can they see what work has been carried out by the owner since they bought it. Having said that, I would check Zoopla for other information such as the prices of other sales in the area as that is well worth while looking into. In our case it was difficult for them I guess because our house was different to the others on the street (i.e. most were terraces - ours was detached). But still I was horrified when a buyer was put off completely because of Zoopla's estimation - I wrote and told them this and they did actually update their records accordingly which was great service from them but also quite scary to think how many people were put off even coming for a viewing because of it in the meantime. Definitely expect cheeky offers, I nearly fainted a few times - we stuck it out and said no to silly ones and each time they came back with better ones so it's a bit of a gamble (and a test on your nerves!) but I hope you all manage to sell your properties and move on time :biggrin: - I'm dreading ever having to go through the selling process again!
  2. hawkwoodsonthemove

    Mechanical engineer looking for sponsorship

    Hi Victoriadownunder! How have you got on looking for an employer sponsor? Can I ask whether your husband has a masters degree in mechanical engineering or not? And how long he has been doing the job etc? I'm curious because my husband is currently studying for his masters (2yrs to go!) and we intend to move once he has qualified - I am not sure just how simple this whole new process will be! We can get 65 points (plus another 5 if we ask my Aunt to sponsor us) without any work experience but not sure if that automatically means you can get a visa (or which one we would be able to apply for).... :confused:
  3. hawkwoodsonthemove

    How up for Oz were you?

    I dont come on the Pomsinoz as often as I should (I guess we've put my dreams on hold for a while) but I came across your post and it is so nice to read that we are not the only ones who have a 5 year plan (which feels to me like it will take forever!), my husband too is going to Uni this September - 4 or 5 years to go and counting down!
  4. hawkwoodsonthemove

    No straight answers

    :arghh: Thanks for that post!! I've been considering doing CIMA as an option to get us over there to Aus, now I know it's easier to go down another route I might just pass on the idea of another 6 years hard work and then onto further exams after that!!
  5. hawkwoodsonthemove

    anybody been to the leeds expo??????????

    Hi Pebbles, did you go to the Expo? What did you think? We were actually really disappointed! We went with my sister & husband and found that only 1 stall was any use! We paid for a brochure which we couldve got online. I have to say though that it was nice to hear from the man on the visa stall that we should be ok to get a visa so long as my husband qualifies for an AQF, it's nice to speak face to face with people. However as for the rest of it a complete waste of time and we felt very annoyed that it was advertised as ALL Australia - until after we got the tickets which it then turns out didnt include anything about Queensland where we want to be! So we travelled in total 6 hours there and back up home to Leeds for the day to visit 1 stall. I guess we have now been - and wont be going again - and if we hadnt gone we'd still be thinking we should go!
  6. hawkwoodsonthemove

    Need a loving home for our dog.

    Hi, so sorry to hear you cant take Buster - dont be ashamed though it's one of those things you have to do when it comes to such a big move. We have 2 collies and we think that we might only be taking the younger one with us, poor Meg might have to stay behind with family over here because we feel it will be too much for the old girl to travel all that way by the time we come to get the visa - it is heartbreaking for us she's, a big part of our family but I would hate to think I was doing the wrong thing for her by putting her on a flight.
  7. hawkwoodsonthemove

    Office Manager 3291-11

    Thanks for that Gill, OH's accounts are very good we've been told. I'll start looking into the training side of things now!
  8. hawkwoodsonthemove

    Office Manager 3291-11

    Hi Gollywobbler, I've been reading through your post above and can see that you know alot about most things! I wonder if you could give me some advice, I am a Practice Manager for a firm of Accountants, I deal with - Accounts payable/received, payroll, general admin, HR, health and Safety, dealt with the office move, currently developing new systems and overhauling the way in which we deal with budgetting staff time on jobs, plus all other general office duties (have 3.5 yrs experience as manager, 6+ on top of that as a Legal Cashier). I am 28, my OH and I are wanting to move to Queensland. My OH is a 25yr old Landscape Gardener with his own business, he has 6+ years experience but has not employed enough staff over the years to qualify a business visa. Neither of us have qualifications to support what we do (other than an NVQ 3 Association of Accounting Technicians qualification), and we are completely unsure which route we should go down. We feel (like many others do im sure) as though we are going round in circles and just not actually getting anywhere, we just want to know if we should be applying for a visa or doing a qualification. I've been considering doing the CIPD course over here but have seen another post which says it's not recognised in Aus, OH has been wondering about doing an NVQ in Landscaping but that will take ages to complete and even then would need a skills assessment, and we just want to be on our way to Aus so that we can settlle down properly. Sorry to throw all this at you but your advice would be much appreciated! :unsure:
  9. hawkwoodsonthemove

    Tradies - Job Leads

    Hi JP, thanks for the reply, that's quite a shock really because we were told by my Aunt (who lives in Bundy) that they were desperate for Landscapers, maybe she meant general maintenance then? Thanks for the advice, we'll look at the city then (or at going another way!!)
  10. hawkwoodsonthemove

    landscape gardener

    Hi Bluenose1969, my husband is also a landscape gardener and we are also wanting to move to Brisbane area (or further up the coast Bundaberg way up where I have an aunt). We were told that although my OH has been self employed with his own business for 6 years we still cannot apply for a business visa because he needs to have employed so many people for so long which he hasnt, nor has he any qualifications, they've told us that the only way to get to Aus is by Employer Sponsored visa, which is now starting to drive me potty hunting online! My Aunt says they are desperate for Landscape gardeners in Queensland (not so much for lawn mowing though because the mines have been making people redundant and so they are all getting into the mowing business). To say that they are desperate they are great at hiding all the vacancies, I've found that most of the websites recommended have been wanting people with the right to work in Aus, obviously we would be able to if we could get the employer sponsor first, then the visa but not the other way around like they ask. So now Im looking into my options to get a visa which is still causing as much hassle. So, the point of my reply in short is - yes if you can get to Aus to work then you'll most likely find work but no it's not easy and you'll need alot of patience.
  11. hawkwoodsonthemove

    anybody been to the leeds expo??????????

    As far as I know she and her partner went to check it all out and left their info there, they're primary teachers. They managed to get sponsors straight away and visas apparantly were easy. They couldnt understand why we were having problems.
  12. hawkwoodsonthemove

    anybody been to the leeds expo??????????

    Hi, she went to see them early last year and moved over there in November time - very quick! I hope it all goes well for you!
  13. Hi Adam, I've sent you an email with our C.Vs on it but wanted to check that you have received it. I am a Practice Manager for a firm of Accountants and my Husband is a Landscape Gardener, neither of us have full qualifications but have plenty of experience and we are desperately trying to find an employer sponsorship in Queensland. Thanks for any help/advice you can give us.
  14. hawkwoodsonthemove

    Tradies - Job Leads

    Hi all, I'm new to this so my apologies if I've added to a thread in the wrong area! We are hoping to find a sponsor for my husband who is a Landscape Gardener (no qualifications but has been self employed for 6+ years so knows what he's doing). We are looking for Bundaberg - or to be honest anywhere between there and Brisbane!! Is there any chance do we think or have you got enough gardeners out there?!
  15. hawkwoodsonthemove

    anybody been to the leeds expo??????????

    Hi Pebbles, I haven’t been myself but a friend recommended that we should go because she went and found employment straight away through some agents there; she's now in Perth the lucky thing! My Husband & I are going to go next week, it's £15 each so we decided that for £30.00 it might be the best spent money we have if it answers our questions and helps find an employer sponsor - which appears to be a nightmare!