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  1. Hi I currently hold visa subclass 176 and will expire by 2014. However, I've been pondering to take up citizenship in another country. even after taking up my new citizenship, if I decided to go to Australia Would this have any adverse effect to my OZ visa that i'm holding? Please advise.
  2. shihalv

    Victoria State Sponsorship

    i have gotten state sponsorship before.. you can visit the state websites.. as for me.. i applyied both for victoria and NSW and websites are as follows: www.liveinvictoria.vic.gov.au www.business.nsw.gov.au for victoria its free, for nsw i have to pay 200+ aud. the requirements are stated in the websites.. job offer is not required.. i dont remember how long.. but you will get acknowledgement email once you apply... i think its just a few weeks to a month.
  3. i dont mind renouncing my current citizenship .. i'm just worried that by applying for another citizenship now.. it will affect the current aussie VISA i'm holding.. that they will invalidate it.. so right now i'm citizen of country A.. .i want to apply for citizenship for country B for now.. then i still plan to go to australia.. so as long as my visa will never be affected in any way.. i wil go to asutralia.. and just worry about applying for aussie citizenship from there..
  4. hi, i'm just wondering if this will affect my visa in any way. My visa got approved (subclass 176 under Victoria) last year and i already did my first entry early this year. However, i'm looking at applying citizenship in another country before I permanently move to australia.. because i only plan to do so maybe in 2-3 yrs time from now. Would this have any effect to my VISA? because i know i have to inform the oz government if i have any status changes.. is there any chance the government will revoke my VISA? any adivse would be appreciated. thanks!
  5. hi i ran into the same situation? was this resolved? thanks
  6. shihalv

    Victoria State Sponsorship

    thanks for all your replies... it was really helpful information
  7. shihalv

    Victoria State Sponsorship

    thanks very much for taking the time to look for the email.. i really appreciate it this means that i'm still good.. since i just emailed them last week... and you got aknowledgement after 2 weeks time.. thanks much
  8. shihalv

    Victoria State Sponsorship

    sorry, would u remember how quick was the acknowledgement response? its been one week since i sent my documents.. i was wondering if the PDF file i sent was too large or seomthing bec haven't heard anything.. i think the documents i sent is around 4mb
  9. shihalv

    Victoria State Sponsorship

    sorry just to check. will they confirm that they have received your application? i have sent my documents last week to the email address for state sponsorship.. but haven't heard anything yet from them...