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    Hi Our medicals arrived in Sydney over 2 weeks ago but we are still waiting the verdict anyone know how long they usually take.Our police checks and form 80 arrived in Perth about the same time Thanks Hazo
  2. hazo

    medicare prescription charges

    Hi AussieGold many thanks for info can you get card straight away?
  3. hazo

    medicare prescription charges

    many thanks jejuniper I'll have a look at that link
  4. Hello The end is in sight for our sub class 143 visa. We have just got our CO and medicals booked for next week. I wonder if anyone can explain how much you have to pay for prescriptions on Medicare. I am 71 my wife is 65 I am on medication for high blood pressure (rising by the day ) my wife needs prescriptions for coeliac condition. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Hazo
  5. hazo

    (subclass 143) visa

    We have recently applyed for a 143 visa .Has anyone out there got a 143 and if so what was the time scale? how long before you got a C.O, how long before Medicals and Police checks. Most of all how long did it take to get your visa.
  6. hazo

    Money and Finance

    Hi Mike Many thanks for your interesting reply ,it looks likewe wont be as well off as we thought Hazo
  7. hazo

    Money and Finance

    Hi, I am applying for a Visa 143,when I get it I will become an Australian Resident.In the UK I receive a BT pension of £13500 and a State pension of £6500.Could anyone tell me what income tax I would pay in Australia.I am 70 years old.
  8. hazo

    Migration issues

    Hi Can anyone help I have just completed form 47PA for visa subclass 143. Going through the checklist for main applicant it asks for certified copies of birth certificates of all your children, does this include step children or only biological children of the main applicant. The step child is not migrating but has been mentioned on the form and biological child is the sponsor from Oz.
  9. We are applying for visa subclass 143 and we were wondering how long after the application is submitted a medical health check will be required and roughly how long this takes to complete as we thought this would be a good time to put our house on the market? Is the wait for approval still two years?
  10. hazo

    Migration issues

    Hi Gill Our son is a Citizen but has only been back in Oz about 18mths can we apply now or wait for 2 yrs
  11. hazo

    Migration issues

    Many thanks Gill,unfortunately we cant apply till August but we will get everything filled in and ready by then
  12. hazo

    Migration issues

    Hi Everyone We are shortly applying for a Contributory Parent-sub class 143 visa.I am 70 my wife is 64.We would be very grateful for any hints or tips from anyone who is currently going through the process or has got a 143.Approximately how long does it all take? Hopefully we shall be heading to Sydney where our son his wife 15 month old Genevieve and a new baby due in July live.