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  1. Hi there, my partner and I are considering making the move to Australia from British Columbia (we've lived in Canada for over 3 years but are from Wales originally) She's a fully qualified Painter and Decorator (NVQ2&3) and has many years of experience working both in the UK and Canada. Please feel free to get in touch here if you or someone you know might be interested in sponsoring a decent UK tradie ?
  2. Placid Casual

    English Language/British Passport - IELTS Points

    I might request remarking on the writing exam just on the off chance another examiner might bump me up half a point but if not maybe I'll give the PTE exams a try next time. Thanks for the info anyway!
  3. Placid Casual

    English Language/British Passport - IELTS Points

    I got 3 9's in Listening, Speaking and Reading but only managed 7.5 in the writing test. I'm pretty gutted to be honest, after the test I thought my writing was the one I had done best in and only really worried about the results of the speaking test! I have an overall score of 8.5, but it's my understanding that the overall score doesn't count and you need a score of at least 8.0 in each exam to get the full 20 points. Very disappointing, that only puts me on 60 points now - not the 70 I was hoping for.
  4. Placid Casual

    English Language/British Passport - IELTS Points

    Thanks Richard, got it booked now so here's hoping I can get the 20 points and get myself out of Canada!
  5. Placid Casual

    English Language/British Passport - IELTS Points

    Thanks for the info, I booked the General Training test. So far on the mock exams I have had 8's so hopefully I'll get the full 20 points which would put me at 70. I'm an Electrical Lineworker and apparently there are 1000 invites every year - hopefully I can get one. I'm not in a huge hurry and if I have to re-take the IELTS then so be it.
  6. Placid Casual

    English Language/British Passport - IELTS Points

    Thanks for clearing that one up for me. So I have the option to book either the Academic or the General Training IELTS tests - will it make a difference on points or can I get maximum points for both categories of testing? (I'm assuming General Training will be easier)
  7. I'm intending to express interest in the 189 Skilled Independent visa and have a simple question regarding the points system. I will have 30 points for age, 10 for education and 10 for occupational experience so a total of 50 points. Will I get English language points by default as a British Citizen with a British Passport or do I still need to take a IELTS test to gain the extra 10 (min) points that I would need to qualify for invitation? I did try searching this forum and others but have found it difficult to get a clear response, I read somewhere that as a British Citizen I would be awarded 15 points for language by default. Is this correct?
  8. Placid Casual

    Oppertunities in Australia

    Thanks for the info - I'll definitely be getting my white card shortly after arriving, but I think my first priority is going to be completing 3 months of work in agriculture/mining in order to double my Visa time. Hopefully I'll be able to save a little in that first three months and have enough for a basic tool kit and my own transport - I don't mind what sort of work I'm doing really, I've seen a lot of shuttering/form work jobs advertised which is very basic and doesn't require a particularly expansive tool kit. There's also a lot of labouring/assistant jobs as well - at least according to SEEK - Australia's no. 1 jobs, employment, career and recruitment site, so hopefully I'll be able to sort something out. Does anyone here know what kind of opportunities are available in the mining industry in Western Australia? Surely there must be some demand for labourers/general assistants - anyone know what the main requirements are/what courses/qualifications I'd need to obtain to stand a chance of getting in?
  9. Placid Casual

    Oppertunities in Australia

    Can you change visa prior to the completion of the full 12 month visa? For instance, if after working for a company for almost 6 months, they wanted to employ me and sponsor me - they could pay the money and upgrade my visa? Or would I have to wait until my WHV expires?
  10. Placid Casual

    Personal Photos As Avatars

    I've joined in, but the quality is a bit naff - so my identity is still a little bit protected ha! How do you get such big and clear avatars - isn't there a limit?
  11. Placid Casual

    Oppertunities in Australia

    Have just applied for a working holiday Visa with Australia Working Holiday Visa, Skilled Migration Visa, ETA Tourist Visa, Sponsorship visa. New Zealand, UK, Irish Working Holiday Visas | Visa First £230 for the visa, bank account, tax number, sim card and an additional £30 for an Australian drivers licence. I asked him about the current opportunities available, and he seemed to think that Perth would be the best option for me as there's a fair bit of construction work and he seemed to think that I'd be able to find employment in the mines there easy enough - I said that I didn't mind working as a labourer, I'll work 70 hours a week as long as the pay is right. He also mentioned Melbourne, but said that the living costs were much less in Western Australia than in the big cities in the east. However, he told me that immigration is now more difficult for carpenters than it was - he said it would be unlikely that I'd be able to get a permanent residency visa, which has disappointed me a little. Though he did say that I should be able to find a sponsor in Western Australia that would allow me to stay for an additional 4 years - having been in Australia for 5 years then I could do a citizenship test or something - which would allow me to stay and work in Australia permanently. I'm aiming to be there by the end of August, does anyone know which airlines are best to fly with? Do many offer open or refundable return flights? I was told it's best to have a return flight booked because it means you can get through customs easier. (especially if you don't quite have the £3k in your account - I'll have at least £2200 after booking flights, depending on work in the next few weeks I might be able to bump that up a bit more) But there we are, it's nice to finally start sorting this move out having dreamed of getting out of the UK for so long! :cute: Any help/advice is much appreciated!
  12. Placid Casual

    Oppertunities in Australia

    Really? I was under the impression that the opposite was true and that having work experience in Australia would assist my application for a permanent Visa? My carpentry tutor told me that if I went over on a working holiday Visa, as a carpenter I shouldn't have any problems finding a company to sponsor me? How would a working holiday damage my chances for permanent residency?
  13. Placid Casual

    Oppertunities in Australia

    Can't believe it's been almost a year since my last post here - where did that go? :eek: But yes, I'm still planning on getting myself to Australia this year - and I should have about £5,000 ready to go in 3 months. How have things changed down there in the construction industry over the past 12 months? I've seen a lot of good opportunities on SEEK - Australia's no. 1 jobs, employment, career and recruitment site, quick question; I've seen a lot companies in Australia offering apprenticeships in areas like "Construction Management" and "Civil Engineering", they don't require applicants to be Australian Citizens - just that they have a permit to work in the country. Does this mean I could apply assuming I'm able to successfully obtain a skilled migrant visa?
  14. Placid Casual

    Oppertunities in Australia

    Thanks for all the advice people. I will be finishing my Carpentry apprenticeship towards the end of this year and I think that I shall make a go of it by the end of next year. I'll try doing it the way Pablo has suggested - by just getting out there and travelling not worrying too much about making a committed move to one particular place. I should be able to get the money together easily enough now that I've swapped my (money gobbling) car for a much more economical motorcycle. I have one more opportunity in this country, a mechanical engineering apprenticeship with N-Power. If that doesn't come off then I'll be focussing all my efforts on getting myself to Australia in 2010.
  15. Placid Casual

    Oppertunities in Australia

    Yeah, I've read through a few and it left me a little confused. Back here a lot of people go on about Australia and New Zealand quite a lot, could be a case of "the grass always being greener on the other side". I doubt it though, anywhere outside of Wales is likely an improvement (well, other than Baghdad or Palestine...) I can go on a working holiday, I guess that would be the best way to see for myself what it's like but I'm not so sure about the expenses. Flying back and forth is going to cost, though I guess I should be able to save a bit whilst working over there for 12 months. Thanks for your input anyway Pablo, hopefully with a bit of preparation nothing will be left down to luck!