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  1. chippy2

    RETURNING with an extended family

    meant to say,have to apply for a visa for my son as ours is still valid,just wanted to know once we returned would we have to leave again to validate my new sons visa.thanks again paul
  2. hi guys,just looking to see if anyone can give me some advice on returning with an extended family,we are hoping to move back to australia in the next month,due to pr visa running out,so its a question of now or never,my query is since been back in the uk,me and the wife have extended the family,and have been told we will have to apply for a visa when we return as it would take time to process from this end,just wondered would we have to leave aus to activate there visa when it is granted,any advice would be greatly appreciated.regards paul
  3. chippy2

    UK skilled migrant jobs to be cut

    i didnt hear a no:swoon:
  4. chippy2

    Will my kids be better off????

    would recommend you look deeply in to the aussie schooling system as it is terrible and had we knowned would never have made the move,yes when you get there you will find your child does very well,or even top of the class this is because the schools are so far behind it makes the mind boggle,will get a lot of negatives replys,but you dont know untill you get there:mask:
  5. try chess removals,we found them a good price and a great set of lads,hope this helps :jimlad:
  6. chippy2

    Leaving after one week

    hope your having a laught,oz is full of idiots.please keep them with you over there:idea:
  7. chippy2

    Leaving after one week

    should have tried marmite 10 times better than that crap try call vegemite:tongue:
  8. chippy2

    good old england

    good luck with the move,for me the best bit of australia was leaving:laugh:
  9. chippy2

    good old england

    thought you were advoiding me hahaha:goofy:
  10. chippy2

    good old england

    saint georges day enought said :notworthy:
  11. chippy2

    good old england

    hia arg,iam a chippy heance the name.could not find work at all in oz,only worked as a painter and then got ripped off,got work back in the uk and no way will we ever return to oz either to live or holiday as were very dissapointed with lots of things.if you need clarifications on any point please pm me as cant post on thread,regards paul:wink:
  12. chippy2

    good old england

    hia wishfull,thanks for agreeing.how come your stuck there for 6years,dont get that for murder hahahaha:cool:
  13. chippy2

    good old england

    think its not till youve been that you appreciate what a great country we actually live in,wish you all the best in your future decessions regards paul:tongue:
  14. chippy2

    good old england

    .hello kirsty and alan,as me you saw oz as a better lifestyle,but to be honest you cant beat the uk.i found out there was no continuity and lower wages,after spending 7 months in oz with no work came home and started after 3 days.home at a good hour evey day and spend quality time with the wife and kids,as you say been there tried it got the tshirt,wish you all a safe journey and good fligth all the best paul and family:yes:
  15. chippy2

    Poms Going Home to UK (register)

    ment to post on here before now,but lots to do since coming back home,definatley wont be returning mate rule brittania:tongue: