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    schooling in Newcastle

    Hi there, we've been in newcastle a year now and I have a 6 year old son who goes to Merewether heights school which I can't fault. There are some nice areas and not so nice areas as everywhere the areas I would definatley avoid though are Mayfield and islington. I live in adamstown which is really nice merewether and new lambton are close to me and there also good. Or you could go to warners bay area I have heard good things about there too. If you have any questions feel free to pm me hope all goes well with your move Pam
  2. Yes sorry it comes with rego if there is still rego left on vehicle but when you renew you have to get greenslip before getting rego so complicated!
  3. Hi Mike, It's all very confusing as it is so different so i'll try. You can get rego for 6 months or 12 months mine cost 120 dollars (i think) for 6 months i don't know if it's different for different cars sorry. To get a rego you need a green slip which is 3rd party insurance which is compulsory and you can have insurance on top of that which I do have but it's not compulsory. We registered our car with uk driving licence but if your a perminant resident you have to get oz licence within 3 months of being here. I think the stamp duty on a car is 2% of the purchase price of a second hand car which you pay when you get your rego don't know bout new cars. You need a saftey check on your car every year if over 3 years i think but not as strict as an mot. when i took mine in he looked under the bonnet, checked wheels and mileage and took it for a drive. Hope I have helped good luck
  4. We'll be there we should probably have a back up plan this time in case it rains again though!
  5. Hi Marial, Most pre schools here are pretty good, my sister has been here 5 years firstly on a student visa a now she has a bridging visa until she gets residency and she has found childcare fine she had to apply for government funding and get turned down to got a centrelink number though!. There is a nice pre school just up the road from new lambton called on date street in Adamstown my nephew goes to and he has learnt so much since he's been there. When are you planning on ariving? Pam
  6. Hi all hope your all well enjoying the cooler weather. As the get together on friday never happened due to the rain does anyone fancy trying again maybe somewhere indoors this time lol Pam
  7. Hi Marial, I agree the school system is different over here and confusing but no he wont be able to start school till febuary next year as his birthday is after July. From my experience with my son though I feel he has done much better starting school later and pre school education here is very good. I'm in the newcastle area so if you would like any information on the area feel free to pm me. Untill you have an adress or an idea of the area you want to live in it's hard to choose a school as there are lots of suburbs and lots of schools. Where were you looking at living? Pam
  8. Hi all, we'll be there too so that's defo a few of us, looking forward to it see you tomorrow. Pam
  9. Hi all, Sounds good really looking forward to it. hi lucy i'm just down the road from you in Adamstown my son goes to school in merewether heights. Home sickness does get better it's easier if you have things to take your mind off it like kids or work. What kind of work are you looking for? Pam
  10. Hi all, Don't know about anyone else but i'm a bit short on the babysitting front so kids have to come where we do! I think warners bay on fri night is a good idea we can drink kids can play, and we've been meaning to go up there on a fri to listen to the band. Hope to meet you all soon Pam
  11. Hi all, I'm in Adamstown and have been here 10 months I have 2 year old and 6 year old both boys boys. I've met up with a few people on here hi kas lol but would be up for a get together to meet a few more people. Hopefully meet you all soon. Pam
  12. Thanks for all your replies, we tried to use the equity in our house for a loan before we came over but got turned down as we got in a bit of debt before we came over which ruinned our credit rating. I was thinking we could use the house in england as security over here but that doesn't look to promising now. We have bank accounts with suncorp which we've had since we've been here and have recently opened one with the commonwealth. We are trying to save but have not been very successfull I have just got a job though so that should help. I'll contact HSBC and see what happens you never know, I don't really want to sell our house in england but I really don't like renting and paying someone elses mortgage. Thanks for your help Pam
  13. Hi everyone, I have been living in Australia for 10 months now and am starting to feel really settled now. As we couldn't sell our house in England before we left we rented it out and came to Australia with not alot but it's all worked out well. We're now thinking of buying and were gonna try and sell our house but someone said that we could use the equity in our house in England as a deposit for a house over here. We're with HSBC in England and as they have banks over here thought that may make it easier. I was just wondering if anyone had done it or could give me some more information. Hope someone can help.
  14. If you think drivers are too polite move to NSW i'm sure your'll change your mind lol
  15. pdr222

    Immunisations for UK kids?

    Hi Tracy T, mine have had to have Heb B which is 3 jabs and are suposed to have chicken pox jabs but have already had chicken pox so the doctor now wants a letter from my G.P in england to say they have had it. If you don't have to pay for hep B in england I would get it done cause depending on where you go over here your'll have to pay. Also if imunisations aren't up to date you can't claim childcare benifit. i'm in nsw so that's how it is here might be different in other states. hope this helps.