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  1. KangarooJack

    Bricklayers Attention.

    Living in Queensland was the worst year of my life. as a tradie. Never again.
  2. KangarooJack


    Give me any Australian in any state over a Pom every time. We have lived in Australia now for some time and have only Australian friends by choice.
  3. Ship everything. Even your car. I love Australia but it is the most expensive place in the universe. I always say think of a price and then double it.
  4. KangarooJack

    Work in Queensland

    If its work your after don't go to Queensland. To many people want to go there because of the weather and the beeches. Fact SE Queensland has the highest Unemployment in Australia. Be WARNED
  5. KangarooJack

    Removals and Storage to Brisbane

    Hi Just don't what ever you do use Angelo Horrific. REAL BAD - I REPEAT REAL BAD Don't make the mistake. Your've been warned.
  6. KangarooJack

    soccer u12

    hi my name is sam i am 11 and i am looking for a really good football team thanks for your reply
  7. KangarooJack

    Trades job situation in Oz???

    Hi Not sure about wheather there is any truth in this but from my exerience on this forum don't alway's believe what you read. Im sure there are some people out there that are posting sh?t info just to put people of going. Also until Christmas I was busy, and since I have'nt had one job come through. In my opinion this year will be the worst year of the recession, i think in reality it will only start to recover next year. So don't worry to much about finding work at first as long as you have a cushion to get you by. I think you will be fine. GOOD LUCK TO YOU MATE
  8. KangarooJack

    Wanting to make new friends

    Hi Jo, Thanks for your reply. Definatley will meet up once i arrive. Colud you give me some advise on Kindy and how it works over there. My 3 year old goes to pre-school at the moment everyday from 9.30 - 12.30. Here we only have to pay for lunch club as it is funded, how does it work there and what is the cost? Also can you advise me on state schools in pac pines for my older two children. Thanks Sharon
  9. KangarooJack

    soccer u12

    Hi, We are comimg out in March to Pacific Pines and my son would love to join your team. He is 11 years old and joining a soccor team would help him to settle and make friends. If you could pm me with the details that would be great. Thanks Sharon
  10. KangarooJack

    Soccor Teams

    My son is 11 and will be desperate to join a soccor team when we arrive on the gold coast in March. Can anyone tell me of any soccor teams in Pacific Pines for his age group. Thanks.:cute:
  11. Im moving to the gold coast, probably Pacific Pines at the beginning of March with my oh, 11 year old son, 8 and 3 year old daughters. I will be looking to meet up and make some new friends when we arrive. I also would appreciate any advise on playgroups and mother and toddler groups in that area. All recommendations and advise welcome.:laugh:
  12. Hi All Has anyone had a problem contacting ACTS TradeTrain in Australia? because I read a thread recentley suggesting that there maybe a problem with the company, some people have had problems getting replies from them. I used ACTS and had no problems I paid £3,750 when they first started, then they dropped there prices by half (Thats Life). Im now due to arrive in Aus in March and have paid them for a Business course and for them to obtain my licence for me. I have left messages with Peter but had no reply. Has anyone else had problems. Thanks
  13. KangarooJack

    Don't be afraid to barta

    Hi Kate I just love your profile pic. He looks like he needs a name?
  14. KangarooJack

    Don't be afraid to barta

    Hi all We got quote for Shipping 530 cubic feet to Australia in Octobe 09 of £2,053. I decided to put some pressure on them telling them that since then I've had some better quotes quite a bit lower, they then came back to me with a price of £1777.00. Hope this can be helpful
  15. KangarooJack

    Accomadation in Singapore

    Hi all We are moving to Aus in March and we are staying 2 nights in Singapore to break up the journey. Can anyone please give me any names of good inexpensive accomadation in Singapore.Don't need all singing and dancing just clean and comfortable please Thanks very much